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The most visited sites in the world: social networks, information search, entertainment

Today not a single person can imagine their life without the Internet, but do you know what the most visited sites in the world and whether your favorite page is included in this list? A number of Internet portals annually compile a rating of the most popular sites in the world, which includes resources for different areas.

Top Most Visited Websites in the World

  1. Google. It is the undisputed leader among users from around the planet. For the year there are about 27 billion unique views. And, as shown by studies, actively go not only to the main page of Google, but also to its versions in individual countries, and also use a number of services.
  2. YouTube. The most popular video hosting service, also owned by Google, with about 23 billion unique visitors per year.
  3. Facebook. The leading social network and also the leading messenger for mobile usage, with up to 22,000,000,000 unique visitors per year.
  4. Wikipedia. Informational content has always been popular with people of all ages, with about 16 billion visitors a year.
  5. Twitter. Another social network with 9 billion regular users.
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The 100 most popular sites. large version by click.

In the top 100 most visited portals in the world are various marketplaces like Amazon, Taobao, eBay and others. Among messengers and social networks, Vkontakte, LinkedIn and Instagram are distinguished.  Erotic portals are not left out of the ranking, for example, the most visited porn site in the world is XHamster and PornHub. For all movie buffs, it's probably no secret that the most visited movie site is IMDB.

Самые популярные сайты мира 2024 года по категориям

The most popular sites by category

Most visited sites by category. Source:

An interesting rating compiled by Statista in 2018 (still relevant today) ranks the most popular portals by category of information posted there, based on users who visited a particular page at least once a week.

  1. Search engines (like Google, Yandex, Baidu, etc.).
  2. Social media (Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  3. Web portals (Yahoo).
  4. Posting various content (YouTube, Pinterest).
  5. News and Information (CNN).
  6. Weather.
  7. Shopping (Amazon, Taobao).
  8. Auctions (eBay).
  9. Announcements.
  10. Online Music (iTunes).

Thus, we see that the most visited resource in the world is Google. No wonder, because it is with the help of search engines to find the necessary information and access to those resources that we need at the moment. It is likely that the search engines, as well as social networks will long hold leading positions in such rankings.

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"Twitter. Another social network with 9 billion regular users."
The world's population is 7 billionaires, of which only 2 have the Internet, and Twitter has 9 billion users!!!!

This is the same number of visitors per year. 1 person can count as +1 visitor every day.

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