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The most powerful pistols in the world - Glock 17, Beretta M9, QSZ-92, SPS | The most powerful pistols - technical specifications

Killing Giants: The World's Largest Guns

Big guns have always attracted attention, because they show their power with all their appearance, can stop an elephant at full throttle and at the same time are quite compact for easy carrying. The latter, however, can not be said about all handguns of the "small arms" family. And they are not always handguns.

About Desert Eagle

This large-caliber pistol is known to many. It can often be seen in Hollywood action films and computer games.

It is very popular due to its very spectacular appearance and high weight. The weight of this shooting model even with an empty magazine exceeds 2 kg. Of the entire line of ammunition for this weapon, it is recommended to use "Magnum-50" AE 12.7x33 RB mm caliber cartridges, which are considered the most powerful. As the weapon experts say, since the 12.7 mm ammunition belongs to the machine gun caliber, the muzzle energy values of the Desert Eagle and AK-47 are approximated.

The Desert Eagle was designed not as a semiautomatic pistol but as an automatic rifle. The Desert Eagle reloads by venting the powder gases. According to numerous owner reviews, the advantage of large-caliber pistols is their high power and kill rate, but the Desert Eagle is not without some drawbacks. Its weaknesses include too much recoil when fired and muzzle flames that prevent rapid aiming and pointing the gun at the line

About the Sokolovsky model. 45

This pistol is considered the most expensive in the world and is produced in small batches. It is characterized by the absence of all protruding parts. On the surface inspection it does not show axles, screws, safeties and breech blocks. The gun is equipped with special cocking block damper, which slows the firing rate and indicates that the gun is ready for use. Weight of the Sokolovsky .45 is 1630 g. magazine is designed for 6 shots of 11.43 mm ammunition.

About AMC Auto Mag Guns

This model is considered a serious competitor to the Magnum-44 revolvers. The ammunition is based on the 7.62x51mm Winchester 308 rifle.

The muzzle velocity of the bullet is 512 m/s. It emits an energy of 2000 J. According to the owners of the gun, it has a very strong recoil. It is fed by single-row magazines, which hold 7 rounds. According to the owners, the gun is of very high quality and has a high accuracy. In addition, it can be equipped with optics. The disadvantage of the model is too high recoil.

Therefore, the owners of such a weapon have to hold it with two hands when shooting. At a distance of 25 meters the bullets are in a circle with a diameter of 3.5 cm.

Shooting product from Freedom Arms

Casull: A .45 caliber Magnum revolver with high lethality characteristics based on the cartridge case of the .454 cartridge used to fire the Colts. This ammunition had such a powerful powder load that the gunsmith decided to design a revolver with a special construction that could withstand high pressure, and so the Casull revolver. The gun is made of high strength steel with a muzzle energy rating of 2000 J. Because there are no moving parts, the revolver has no muzzle energy at all.

About the California Hand Grenade Launcher

The city of San Ramon, California, is the birthplace of the powerful Gyrojet revolver. American designers originally created a weapon that fired small rockets. They were stabilized in flight by rotating around their longitudinal axis. Later, a special hand-held launcher was developed, which became the Gyrojet revolver. Unlike other models that use bullets, the operation of this weapon involves special rockets. Their diameter is 13 mm. The ammunition is equipped with solid warheads and tubular stabilizers

According to experts, the Gyrojet has a low accuracy compared to a conventional pistol. At a distance of 10 yards, the bullets are scattered to a diameter of 11 inches when fired.

About Thunder 50 BMG

The weapon is manufactured by Triple Action LCC, an American company. In an effort to create the largest-caliber pistol ever, the designers decided not to use pistol ammunition. The experiments were done with conventional ammunition used for the 50 BMG sniper rifle. The cartridge size: 12.7x99 mm. The resulting weapon is called Thunder 50 BMG and was first presented at the SHOT Show in 2004.

The pistol is a single shot pistol with a muzzle brake and a hydraulic recoil system, rare for such weapons, which decreases the recoil during firing by about 20%. The muzzle energy value is 15,500 J. A drawback of the gun is the flames that are discharged through the compensator slots. The range of flames discharged during firing can reach five meters. This makes it difficult to point the gun quickly at the next target.

About the TRR8 revolver

This revolver is a Smith Wesson revolver, which was designed for the Special Forces and is equipped with a scope holder and a place for the flashlight under the barrel. The Smith Wesson can hold 8 rounds of Magnum 357 ammunition, which is much more powerful than standard 9mm pistol cartridges.

The TRR8 is a very accurate, semi-auto pistol, but like all revolvers, the Smith Wesson has one drawback: the reloading is too time-consuming.

About the Perfect 10, Colt Delta Elite and Glock 20

Judging by numerous owner reviews, the Perfect 10 large-caliber pistol has high killing power and a stylish design, traditional to the Colt 1911.Perfect 10 is equipped with a classic adjustable sights.It fires 10 millimeter cartridges, which are contained in a magazine that holds 7 rounds.Another is located in the gun barrel.Unlike the Colt Delta Elite and Glock 20, Perfect 10 is more ergonomic and has a modular design.Although less expensive, Glock 20 is not equipped with electronic sights.According to gun


In Klimovsk, the designers of the Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering designed the Russian "Udar" large-caliber revolver. The weapon features a rather outdated reloading scheme: to load the revolver with ammunition, the shooter must remove the drum. The weapon was first presented in 1993. The basis for 12.3 mm cartridges for this model was a 32-gauge hunting cartridge. The brass casing of the model is equipped with a powder charge and primer-igniter KV-26. Klimovsk gunmakers produced a line of cartridges for the "Udar" revolver. Ammunition

About the Tula large-caliber weapons

In 1994 the designers of the Tula KPB released a new large-caliber revolver, also referred to as the "Udar". The gun features a one-piece streamlined frame, a double action firing mechanism and a left-handed, hinged barrel. 12.3x40mm cartridges are based on the 32 caliber hunting ammunition. The drum of the Tula large-caliber model has the dimensions 172x44x136 mm. When filling the cylinder the shooter used a special magazines.

About the Tula modification

Tula gunsmiths made a service model of the 1994 Udar large-caliber revolver, which fired 12.3x22 mm special cartridges and used a soft lead bullet as the ammunition. The gun has low penetration and high stopping power, and is also used as a training weapon for personnel training. In such cases lead bullets are replaced with special marking ones.

About Dog Revolver

The gun designers of the Russian company "Titan" created a similar model on the basis of the Klimov large-caliber revolver. Manufacturer of the weapon: Vyatsko-Polyansky machine-building plant "Molot". Reloading is done by removing the drum. However, unlike "Udar", no extractor is provided for this pistol. "Dog" is used as a service and hunting weapon.

About the Assault RSh-12

New models of small arms for special forces have been designed by developers under the Vyhlop program. One of the very effective large-caliber pistols in Russia is considered to be RSh-12. The weapon is designed for SC-130 12.7x55 mm ammunition. According to experts, RSh-12 is the largest-caliber gun in the world. According to owner reviews, this weapon is light, compact, very powerful and quite accurate. In these parameters RSh-12 surpassed other small arms models of similar size available in the civilian arms market. for a pistol provided

In addition, the revolver is equipped with special Picatinny bars, which can be used to mount flashlight, laser designator, collimator or optical sights. According to experts, killing qualities of this gun are not inferior to the most powerful hunting rifles. High performance with low weight and dimensions are considered strengths of the RSh-12.

Giant Record Holder

The biggest gun that made it into the Guinness Book of World Records is an enlarged copy of the Remington 1858, created in 2002 by Richard Tobis. The length of the revolver is impressive - 126 cm, but so is its 45 kg weight, and it is, by the way, quite a workable copy, which has a chance to hit the target located at a hundred meters distance. This monster shoots 28 mm bullets, each weighing 138 g.

Remington 1858 and its large copy

But this is just a homemade "souvenir," so it has some serious competition, which can also be called the biggest.

The largest production caliber is the Bland Price Revolver

If you're interested in the largest caliber of gun, you're here.

Production of this monster began in 1877. Its caliber - 577 - was adopted by the British Army in the 1860s as standard for the rifle. But then cartridges of this caliber were also approved for the revolver, which gave Wellby the opportunity to go down in history as a manufacturer of the largest caliber pistols.

Bland Price Revolver

This monster owes its name to Charles Price - the creator of a new type of joint, which was used in this revolver. The weight of the giant is 1.3 kg, the barrel length is also "modest" - 16 cm (total length - 29.5 cm). This, of course, is no Tobison gun, but when you look at the caliber...

The best guns in the world

When firearms first became known, they changed the world forever. When muskets appeared, there was no knightly army as such because of its ineffectiveness against firearms. The armor used at the time only protected against blades, swords and daggers, but bullets penetrated them.
Many years after the first prototypes, firearms have changed significantly.Relevant today are conventional pistols, which are versatile in difficult environments.To understand which pistol has been the best in history, the top the best guns in the worldwhich were current before or are in use nowadays.

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Stechkin pistol (APS)

  • Country of manufacturerUSSR
  • Developed by: 1951
  • Mass: 1.22 kg with ammunition (without holster-cover)
  • Length225 mm (without holster) and 540 mm (with holster)
  • Barrel length: 140 mm
  • Initial bullet velocity: 340 m/s
  • Magazine capacity: 20 rounds

This rating opens with a pistol of Soviet production. For many years it was used in the army due to its simplicity. Nowadays the weapon is extremely rare and is the property of collectors. The total number of produced copies is small.
In the world the Stechkin pistol was not as relevant as many other models of the time. For several decades it was successfully used by soldiers and agents. In 1958 it was discontinued. Too high cost was the main reason to remove the weapon from production. Among the drawbacks - large dimensions, which made the gun poorly suited for concealed carry and not very high combat power.

Heckler and Koch USP

  • Country of manufacturer: Germany
  • Developed by: 1989-1993
  • Mass: 0.667 to 1.08 kg (depending on version)
  • Length: 173 to 240 (depending on version)
  • Barrel length: 91 to 153 mm (depending on version)
  • Initial bullet velocity: 270 to 350 m/s (depending on caliber)
  • Magazine capacity: 8 to 18 (depending on pistol version and caliber) cartridges

The gun was developed by a German manufacturer in 1993. Relatively good reliability, well-known German quality and good accuracy made this gun a top nine participant.
The manufacturer offered nine different modifications. The main drawbacks are the huge size, as well as uncomfortable bolt. Despite this in the list of the best pistols in the world this weapon got its place.

Desert Eagle Mark XIX


  • Country of manufacturer: Israel, USA
  • Developed by: 1983
  • Mass: 1.7 (aluminum) to 2 (steel) kg
  • Length: 273 mm (with a barrel length of 152 mm)
  • Magazine capacity: 7 to 9 (depending on caliber) cartridges

The Desert Eagle with the .50 Action Express has a muzzle energy of 2,500 J. That is why it is one of the most powerful handguns in the world. of the most powerful pistols in the worldThe gun itself is positioned as a weapon for hunting, as well as for protection against beasts and criminals.
Thanks to the Desert Eagle (Desert Eagle or Desert Eagle) beautiful design, name and acceptable size, the gun was actively used during the filming of films and in the development of computer games in the shooter genre.

Walther P99

  • Country of manufacturer: Germany
  • Developed by: 1994-1997
  • Mass: 0.7 kg
  • Length: 180 mm
  • Barrel length: 102 mm
  • Initial bullet velocity: 375 m/s
  • Magazine capacity: 10 rounds

The manufacturer of this gun has long been considered an innovator in the world of guns and pistols in particular. This model was first released from the assembly line in 1994, after which it became widespread. The manufacturers tried to create a weapon that would incorporate the latest technology and excellent quality.
After its release, the Walther P99 became a real sensation, because the company was previously engaged in the production of classic pistols. These all advantages enabled the Walther P99 to enter the top 10 best pistols in the world and to be placed in the seventh position.
Optimal weight, pleasant and comfortable grip and balanced dimensions make the gun comfortable to use. During the production period the gun has received several modifications.

Ruger Super RedHawk

  • Cartridge: .454 Casull
  • Barrel energy: 2,700 Joules

The highest accuracy of this revolver and its popularity among fans of long guns led it to the seventh place in the list of 10 most powerful pistols in the world. Based on the 1987 model, it absorbed its best features, such as reinforced strength of the frame around the cylinder, which, by the way, is also highly reliable. Experts position Ruger Super RedHawk as a gun for revolver hunting, which has been gaining popularity lately, but it is also widely used for sport shooting at long distances.

Thompson Center Contender Government .450

  • Cartridge: .450 Marlin
  • Barrel energy: More than 3500 Joules

This model dilutes the abundance of revolvers with its single-shot capability. Some will consider this a drawback, but the lack of a drum allows you to significantly reduce recoil and, as a result, improve accuracy. When you install additional optics, you get the ability to kill targets at distances up to 300 meters, but you should remember that the volume and bright flash will immediately give your location, and it takes about 10 seconds to reload.

FN-FNP 45. Belgium / USA

The most powerful pistols: FN-FNP 45

Source: Arielnyc2006 / CC0
In service since 2008
Weight: 919 gr.

The FN-FNP 45, a joint product of Belgian and American designers, has enough power to pierce the usual body armor.

Private security companies and the police prefer this model because of its reliability and lightness. After looking at the reviews, editorial staff concludes that FN-FNP 45 sits perfectly in the hand, which contributes to the aiming.

Automatic safeties ensure safety, and prevent spontaneous firing.

Colt M1911


  • Country of manufacturer: U.S.
  • Developed by: 1911, modification M1911A1 - 1926
  • Mass: 1.12 kg
  • Length: 216 mm
  • Barrel length: 127 mm
  • Initial bullet velocity: 252 m/s
  • Magazine capacity: 7 rounds

The legendary and at the same time one of the oldest pistols of our time, you could say a weapon with a history, which is already a reason to include the weapon in the rating. For more than seventy years it was actively used in the U.S. Army, but it was replaced by a pistol from the Italians called Beretta 92.
For all time it is considered one of the most mass-produced, and experts note the presence of a large number of fakes. Not a roomy store and a relatively large weight does not allow it to go beyond the sixth line in this ranking.

TT pistol

  • Country of manufacturerUSSR
  • Developed by: 1930
  • Curb weight: 0.94 kg
  • Length: 195 mm
  • Barrel length: 116 mm
  • Initial bullet velocity: 420 m/s
  • Magazine capacity: 8 rounds

This pistol is known for its good power and ability to penetrate various obstacles. Its small size makes it possible to conceal its carrying. It was developed in 1930 and for many years was actively used in the Soviet army.
It is very easy to handle, which was one of the reasons of its popularity. The main negative feature of the gun is unreliability of fixing the magazine with cartridges, due to which cases of self-shots were registered.

FN Five-seveN

FN Five-seveN
  • Country of manufacturer: Belgium
  • Developed by: 1993-1998
  • Curb weight: 0.744 kg
  • Length: 208 mm
  • Barrel length: 122 mm
  • Initial bullet velocity: 520 to 650 m/s (depending on ammunition)
  • Magazine capacity: 10 (limited), 20 (standard), 30 (increased capacity) cartridges

Designed and manufactured in 1998, this pistol is the fourth best pistol in the world and has been used successfully by various units and groups of the NATO military alliance. Easy to use in difficult situations, extremely light and versatile. And if you use special cartridges, you can increase the combat power, which will allow to pierce the armor.

Glock 17

  • Country of manufacturer: Austria
  • Developed by: 1982
  • Curb weight: 0.905 kg
  • Length: 186 mm
  • Barrel length: 114 mm
  • Initial bullet velocity: 350 - 360 m/s
  • Magazine capacity: 17 (standard), 19 or 30 (high capacity) cartridges

The Glock 17 is in the top three and is successfully used by armed forces in several dozen countries. Various modifications allow to use it for different purposes. Optimal weight and uncomplicated construction (assembled from 30 parts) are the main advantages. With the help of a simple nail, specialists disassemble the gun in less than 60 seconds.
The Glock 17 is one of the most reliable pistols in the world. It can fire up to half a million rounds. There is no trigger as such. There is also no safety flag, which allows you to quickly remove the gun from the holster and fire it.
The Glock 17 does not fit the classic idea of a firearm. Structurally, many of its parts are made of a strong polymer that is not afraid of impact and mechanical effects. Many police officers in the U.S. use it. Some 40% police officers surveyed consider the Glock 17 the most comfortable of all time.

SIG-Sauer P226

  • Country of manufacturer: Germany, Switzerland
  • Developed by: 1981
  • Curb weight: 0.802 or 0.867 (depending on the cartridges used) kg
  • Length: 196 mm
  • Barrel length: 112 mm
  • Magazine capacity: 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 20 rounds (depending on the cartridges used)

This gun has a unique history. The high position in the rating is deserved, because the gun was approved by various armies and special services of the world. As a result of cooperation between SIG and Sauer in the market appeared Sig-Sauer P226. Back in the middle of last century was made model P220, it was used as the basis for the production of the P226.
Gunsmiths note the thoughtful design and excellent quality of execution of the smallest details. If you need to use a small gun, this model will not do. If you look at the photo of SIG-Sauer P226 may give the impression that it is light, as if made of plastic. This is far from reality. In fact, the gun is quite large and heavy. In the hands of professionals relatively large dimensions and good combat power make the weapon indispensable.
The manufacturer of the SIG-Sauer P226 has been creating excellent quality weapons for many years. The use of new developments is the main key to the success of the company.
The pistol was created back in 1981 as a competition piece for the U.S. Army. Perhaps the most important disadvantage of this pistol is its high cost, which prevented it from taking the first place in the list of the best firearms.

Beretta 92

  • Country of manufacturerItaly
  • Developed by: 1975
  • Curb weight: 0.95 kg
  • Length: 217 mm
  • Barrel length: 125 mm
  • Initial bullet velocity: 390 m/s
  • Magazine capacity: 15 rounds

The Italian firearms manufacturer, which is considered the oldest in Europe, has created a pistol that is unique in every way - the Beretta 92. Today it is the best gun in the worldToday the Beretta 92 and a large number of modified models are successfully used by armies and special forces of many countries.
But, even the leader of the rating has disadvantages - it is too big handle, as well as a significant weight, compared to other guns of this class.

Firearms with a large number of rounds

If you've always wondered how in Hollywood action movies the hero manages to outgun an entire enemy army without reloading, here's the answer. In today's selection of species firearms with a large number of cartridgesThe real weapon for those who are not used to saving bullets.

Frommer Stop M17, converted for use as a machine gun

Frommer Stop M17, converted for use as a machine gun

Mariette Brevete Pepperbox capsule gun

Mariette Brevete Pepperbox capsule gun

Latvian SerLea submachine gun

Latvian SerLea submachine gun

AKMS assault rifle with an 80-round magazine attached to the barrel

AKMS assault rifle with an 80-round magazine attached to the barrel

Large capacity magazine for Glock pistol

Large capacity magazine for Glock pistol

Spanish Ascaso of 1921

Spanish Ascaso of 1921

Mariette Pepperbox Colt Defender Mark I

Mariette Pepperbox Colt Defender Mark I

Saiga assault rifle with an underbarrel...Kalashnikov assault rifle

Saiga assault rifle with an underbarrel...Kalashnikov assault rifle

Philippine M-16 with a bent magazine

Philippine M-16 with a bent magazine

Or shoot out of ten at once

Or shoot out of ten at once

Better yet, 16 barrels.

Better yet, 16 barrels.

8 drums, 48 shots

8 drums, 48 shots

Double-barrelled, 30-shot

Double-barrelled, 30-shot

M134 "Minigun"

M134 "Minigun"

Carlo Tarauletti, 1979

Carlo Tarauletti, 1979

Russia's Best Guns

Makarov pistol

Top 5 - Makarov pistol
Makarov pistol with magazine and cartridges (9×18 mm PM)

After World War II, the Soviets were engaged not only in the development of nuclear weapons, but also in the development of new, more advanced pistols designed to replace the 1933 model TT and the Nagan revolver. The designers worked simultaneously on two versions of weapons:

  1. The more compact one, which shoots only single shots, is a means of self-defense for military personnel who are not entitled to a carbine or automatic rifle, and for law enforcement personnel who value the option of concealed carry;
  2. With a longer barrel, which fires both single shots and bursts, it is designed for combat and special forces firefighting operations.

The first pistol was developed on the basis of the German Walther PP, which first appeared in 1929. Initially two caliber models were designed - 7.65 mm and 9 mm. As a result, Nikolay Fedorovich Makarov, "father" of the famous PM, also created his own 9 × 18 mm PM cartridge, which proved more powerful than the Walther's 9 × 17. This cartridge and caliber were preferred. The pistol won the competition in 1948, and three years later it entered into service with the military.

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On the basis of the Walther Makarov, he managed to create a weapon of simpler design by reducing the number of parts and combining their functions, while increasing their strength and virtually eliminating the possibility of the cartridge bumping into the chamber, which leads to delayed firing. The pistol has a very high range (effective range is 50 meters) and accuracy for a compact weapon. The magazine holds 8 rounds.

Even today, the PM is the best Russian pistol remaining in the arsenal of the Russian law enforcement agencies.

Stechkin automatic pistol

Top 5 - Stechkin pistol
Stechkin pistol with holstered buttstock

It was the second pistol to win the competition for military officers and soldiers of several special units, and entered into service in 1951. Later on, due to disadvantages revealed by its use, it was withdrawn from production, but after the USSR collapse it was again in demand as a weapon against terrorism and organized crime. In those "wild nineties" under the leadership of Igor Yakovlevich Stechkin improved modifications were developed:

  • OC-23 Dart;
  • UC-27 Berdysh;
  • OC-33 Pernach.

The disadvantages of the Stechkin automatic pistol were considered to be its excessive bulkiness, particularly in combination with the holster-butt and insufficient power due to the unfortunate choice of cartridge. The ideal for the "native" Makarov 9×18 mm PM gives too short an effective range (no more than 100 m) and penetration for the APS.

Important advantages of the APS are its low recoil and negligible rebound, which allow the gun to fire quickly and accurately, which is very good in close combat. These advantages of Stechkin's brainchild, combined with excellent accuracy and reliability, make it one of the best Russian-made pistols.

Today Russian pilots on combat missions in Syria are armed with 20-shot APS as their personal weapons.

Tula Tokarev Pistol (TT)

Top 5 - TT
This is what an authentic wartime TT looks like

The TT is the most legendary of the pistols of the USSR and Russia, created in 1930, which went through the war, was used after it, and has not lost its popularity to this day. TT sports and signal modifications, pneumatics and traumatizers, sold under various brand names, are produced and in demand.

Designed by F. Tokarev on the basis of the 1903 Browning cartridge 7.63 × 25 mm Mauser, it is loaded with eight rounds of 7.62 × 25 mm TT ammunition and has the same effective range as the PM (50 m). 195 mm long, it is quite concealed. It has a number of design features, the most notable being absence of a safety, replaced by a cocking safety. It has high power and accuracy.

GSh-18 pistol

Top 5 - GS-18
GSh-18 is used as a service and award weapon

It was created in modern Russia and has been in service since 2001. The letters in the name are owed to the designers Gryazev V.P. and Shipunov A.G., and the numbers tell about the capacity of the magazine.

It is currently on the list of award weapons and is in service with the following national departments:

  • DOJ;
  • FSSP;
  • Ministry of Defense (along with the PM);
  • Prosecution (along with Beretta 92);
  • Interior Ministry (as a weapon for a number of categories of employees and partially for special forces).

The 9×19 mm 7H31 armor-piercing cartridge was specifically designed for Gryazev-Shipunov, but other ammunition, including 9×19 Parabellum and 9×19 NATO, is also suitable for the gun.

The length of the gun is only 183 mm. 50 m range, but it has an option to supply luminous capsules for firing in low visibility conditions and quite comfortable for the shooter due to its low weight (up to 800 g with a full magazine), thought-out shape of the grip and partial absorption of recoil.

Gurza gun

Top 5 - The Viper
The Gurza pistol magazine (SPS, SR-1) holds 18 rounds of 9×21 mm high efficiency ammunition

"The name "Gurza" is given to the Serdyukov semiautomatic pistol, known as SPS and under the designation SR-1. The Gurza was created at the Central Research Institute of Special Forces and has been in production since 1996.

It was designed to fire 9x21 mm ammunition of enhanced effectiveness, developed at the same institution, and features extended effective range (100 m), ability to engage human targets in "armor" as well as non-armored vehicles. It holds 18 rounds and weighs 1110 g together with them.

The best revolvers in the world

Colt Python

Top 5 - Colt Python
Colt Python with a "royal" finish

This six-shot .357 Magnum was produced from 1955 to 1996 in several variations, with different barrel lengths, with attractive finish, and was popular with rich and famous people, especially the monarchs.

Taurus Raging Bull 454 and Taurus Raging Bull 500 revolvers

In our country, we prefer to hunt medium-sized animals with shotguns, but in the U.S. hunters like to use things like the Taurus Raging Bull.

Thanks to its caliber, this revolver can replace a shotgun. If you load it with a 454 Casull cartridge, you can safely go hunting even an elephant, although with a shotgun still somehow calmer.

Some Taurus models have a rubber grip and a 7- or 8-round drum that will be very useful for hunting - who knows how many times you will hit. Ammunition used in the gun: bullets, pellets, buckshot. For more accurate shooting, the gun can be fitted with an additional sight. It weighs from 1.5 to 2.2 kg, depending on the model design.

Smith & Wesson Model 29

Top 5 - Smith & Wesson Model 29
Smith & Wesson Model 29, with holster

Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolvers, along with the Nagan and Colt, are among the most famous revolvers in the world. It was produced in 1955, but unlike the Colt Python, it has never been phased out. It often appears in movies and computer games. It fires almost all .44 caliber revolver cartridges.

Colt 1909

Top 5 - Colt 1909
Colt 1909 was in service with the U.S. Army and Navy

Manufactured between 1898 and 1940, the Colt New Service was used as a service weapon by U.S. Army and Navy, including both World Wars, the Korean War and even Vietnam War, but the double action trigger assembly gave high rate of fire.

The main cartridge is a .45 Colt.

Smith & Wesson Model 19

Top 5 - Smith & Wesson Model 19
Smith & Wesson Model 19 - an evergreen classic

The first revolver to use the .357 Magnum cartridge, which significantly increased bullet velocity and penetration. Reliable, accurate, and at the same time, relatively small in size. Still in production today.

Ruger GP100

Top 5 - Ruger GP100
The Ruger GP100 is reliable, accurate and not overpriced

Developed in 1985, the .357 Magnum 6-round drum, flawless quality of materials used, adequate reliability, accurate shooting at a reasonable cost are the advantages that made this revolver popular.


The most powerful air pistols

We all got used to pneumatics since childhood. Shooting at a shooting range and homemade "air guns" in any representative of the stronger sex for life leave an interest in weapons. Today the market abounds with professionally made pneumatics. It is no longer necessary to limit yourself to a rifle, chained to the table top in the range. No need and rape yourself with unsightly crafts - modern store products and more powerful, and beautiful. Many of them look like duplicate well-known firearms models.

Weapons based on the operation of gas, very different power. Accordingly, it is designed for different purposes. Of course, almost everyone wants a weapon more powerful. But it is important to understand that pneumatics, the energy of which exceeds 7.5 J, is subject to licensing, which means that it is not suitable for everyone.

Theoretically, there are no limits to the power of weapons that work thanks to the power of "wind". A couple of centuries ago our ancestors seriously considered switching from firearms to pneumatic guns. Skilled people are able to modify purchased "toys" to a state that allows not be afraid of any punk. The most powerful at the moment pneumoweapons - rifle, characterized by energy over 600 J. Of course, with such indicators can fearlessly go on a boar and a bear.

But we live in a state of law, so it is much more important for us to understand what is the most powerful air gun without a license. Below are the top 10 most powerful and reliable air guns. The list is based on the ratio of power characteristics and reliability.

General guidelines for selecting

When choosing a gun for hunting small game, you should give preference to a gun with a stock and the longest barrel, because the longer the barrel, the better the trajectory of the bullet. With the stock it is easier to aim. For hunting, of course, it is better to choose PCP type gun, since products of this type do not have strong vibrations when shooting (like spring-piston ones, for example) and the scope (without which hunting is impossible) will serve long and will not be knocked down.

For recreational target shooting, any type of air gun is fine. In order not to depend on an air cylinder or compressor, it is better to choose a spring-loaded piston air gun.

If you want a gun that most closely resembles a combat pistol, you should consider a gas-operated air rifle.

It is important to understand that any type of weapon, even with energy not higher than 7.5 J, is dangerous and requires strict adherence to safety rules. And a bullet of 4.5 mm caliber at 265 m/s pierces through a steel bath. For self-defense you should not use pneumatic guns. The law does not provide for that. In addition, some multi-guns have characteristics similar to those of military firearms. For self-defense is better to buy a gas or trauma gun, or taser. More about how to choose a stump


Briefly about features

All existing weapons are divided into certain types, which differ in many characteristics. The power of airguns should be measured in Joules. But we'll cheat a little this time. For the average buyer it is better to be guided by one figure - the bullet speed. Let's agree a little: a powerful air gun produces a bullet speed on the chrono more than 140 m/s. The figure is taken from the ceiling, but that is where hardball players start to get a little "afraid" and nervous paranoia about overestimating speeds.

You can try to look at Joules as well. Anything under 3 Joules is a toy, but you should look more closely at the category up to 7.5 Joules.

Powerful air pistols will be considered out of the box, as even the most harmless air pistols in the tuned versions can easily accelerate half-gram bullets far beyond 200 m/s. If even that is not enough, pay attention to hunting samples. For example, the Hatsan 135 recently showed 353.6 m/s on our chronograph. But buying such powerful air pistol requires additional gestures.

So what to buy?

Indeed, enough chatter, let's move on to recommendations. Let's take a look at the most popular examples in the "Powerful Air Pistol up to 7.5 Joules" category.

✅Leading manufacturers

There are a large number of air gun manufacturers in the world with a wide range of different models of pistols. Among this variety, the leaders always stand out:

  1. A+APopular brand for the manufacture of air rifles, pistols and accessories. The products are distinguished by a thoughtful design, the assembly of each model is carried out individually and only under the supervision of specialists.
  2. Crosman. powerful airguns without a license are the products of the company "Crosman". The corporation is considered a major manufacturer and supplier of profile products in the U.S. and other countries. The products are aimed at young people, which is associated with unpretentiousness, low price and no need for a license.
  3. HatsanThe brand must be at the top, because the products meet quality standards and the technical performance deserves respect. The company is recognized worldwide, and certain types of products are in never-ending demand and popularity.
  4. GamoThe manufacturer is located in Spain and is considered a major supplier of specialized weapons in Europe. The company opened back in 1961, and during the entire period the model range has been expanded, supplemented by more modern, powerful rifles, pistols and optics.
  5. Baikal. manufactures the most powerful pneumatic pistols in Russia. The Izhevsk plant has developed a wide product line, which includes copies of real firearms. Some products are considered unique.

If we go further down the list of manufacturers, here stands out companies Umarex, AirSoft, Gletcher and Borner. Each representation can find a good version of air pistols.

Purchase Objectives

When choosing an air gun, you need to decide what purpose it is intended for in order to choose the right option. If as a sports gun, then you need a precise weapon that will fit perfectly in the hand and hit the target with the results we want. Against robbers waiting in dark alleys, it is optimal ... a heavy and strong piece of metal, so air guns for self defense in this regard can be replaced by something cheaper. And a powerful gun in this case is not always strong. For hunting ne

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And what about in hardball? And in hardball, after looking at a powerful air gun teammate, unwittingly begins to reach for something more powerful within the limits of the permitted (up to 180 m/c, up to 7.5 J.). Powerful air gun for hardball also perfectly suits the civilian average for the destruction of glass bottles. And on this excellent toy does not require absolutely no papers.

Procedure for obtaining a license

For citizens of the Russian Federation (who have reached the age of 18) there are two ways to obtain a license to purchase pneumatic weapons. You can get a license for sporting or hunting line. Accordingly, the list of documents that must be submitted to the licensing and permit department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of registration is different.

In order to obtain a license a citizen of the Russian Federation must:

  • undergo a medical commission, confirming the absence of contraindications to the possession of weapons;
  • undergo a medical examination in a narcological dispensary/department for the use of psychotropic and narcotic substances, with the issuance of an appropriate conclusion;
  • to undergo training courses in the handling of weapons with the issuance of a certificate;

If weapons are purchased for sports, it is necessary to submit an application (indicating the type of weapon sport) from a sports federation. In this case, the sports federation must have all-Russian level and accreditation in accordance with Russian law. In addition, to purchase a sport air gun, you must have a document from the sports organization (institution), confirming the sport. And to purchase a hunting pistol will require a hunting ticket.

The storage and use of air pistols with a muzzle energy of more than 7.5 J and a caliber of more than 4.5 mm outside sports facilities is prohibited by Russian Federation law.

Umarex Walther cp99

Many consider Umarex one of the best companies producing airguns. This model is a semi-automatic pistol that shoots 4.5 millimeter caliber balls at over 100 m/s. Despite its compact size, the gun is quite heavy - 800 g. This makes it pleasant to the touch and brings it close to a firearm in tactile sensations. Power - 3 J.

Umarex Walther

The stylish appearance of the weapon becomes a secondary consideration as soon as you take it in your hands. It is clear that it is not a toy, but a real help in sports or (God forbid) on the street.

The German model is equipped with a laser sight mount. Accuracy makes up for its not very high rate of fire. And, of course, it is necessary to note the highest quality of assembly - the Germans, after all.

Gletcher Brt 92fs

A pistol with a blockback system is a replica of the legendary Beretta. The imitation is in this ranking not only because of the power parameters, but also because of the presence of said system. The blockback is an imitation of the bolt movement of a firearm. Of course, it consumes additional energy that could have been used to shoot. But even so, the pistol is characterized by three joules.

Gletcher Brt.

The Glacier would be an excellent weapon for shooting entertainment. CO2 is used as a source of energy. 4.5 mm bullets are used as ammunition. Ammunition flight speed is 100 m/s. Weight of "Beretta" is 1100 gr. Length of the copy is 215 mm.

Steel Storm Umarex

Among other things, this model has an original design that makes it look more like a fantasy blaster than a blowgun, but the toy look does not make the gun less powerful and reliable.

Umarex storm

Characteristics of another Umarex:

  • energy - 3 Joules;
  • The ammunition velocity is 130 m/s;
  • The caliber of the bullet is 4.5 mm;
  • Length - 38 cm.

The model has a lot of advantages - excellent aiming, good shooting accuracy, fast reloading, small size and very high quality performance. On the other hand, the air gun has a not very comfortable fire mode switch. The body also somewhat lacks durability. However, this drawback is easily turned into an advantage - light and compact product becomes very convenient because of it.

Crosman C11

This model also looks a bit like a toy, but it has no negative effect on functionality. The gun features high rate of fire and a smooth steel housing with a silencer mimic nozzle.

Crosman C11


  • energy - 3.2 J;
  • The caliber of the bullets is 4.5 mm;
  • weight - 500 g;
  • length - 170 mm;
  • speed - 138 m/s.

This is probably the best air pistol with these design characteristics. It has good power, is relatively compact and inexpensive.


Walther CP88 Competition

One of the principal features of this gun is an elongated barrel, which gives the shot precise aiming and decent velocity. Other features include soft, smooth trigger and comfortable grip. As with other "licensed" designs, caliber is 4.5 mm. Weight is 1150 g, barrel length is 143 mm, total length is 230 mm. Energy is 3 J.

Walther CP88 Competition

Most of the housing is made of plastic. There are metal (high quality steel) and wooden (ebony) elements. This is a premium model, which is distinguished by excellent build, quality materials and considerable cost.

Umarex Beretta 92 FS 4.5

What is the best air rifle? This title is claimed by another Umarex, again imitating a Beretta. The German barrel fully justifies the considerable price - the assembly is very high quality, and the characteristics are on par.

Umarex Beretta 92 FS 4.5

Weapon Parameters:

  • maximum firing range - 250 m;
  • weight - 1260 g;
  • energy - 3 Joules;
  • Charge flight speed - 120 m/s;
  • total length - 210 mm;
  • The barrel length is 115 mm.

The casing is made of metal, and overall the gun bears little resemblance to pneumatics - the imitation is very similar to the original pistol. The product is comfortable to use. Accurate internal rifling ensures high accuracy of shooting.


This is one of the airguns that are made in Russia. It is inferior to the leaders of the rating, which are also made in our country. But still the MP is characterized by excellent indicators. Perhaps this airgun has the highest index of reliability - it is very difficult to "kill" the model. This makes the gun one of the most in demand in the Russian market.

MP-654K-32 pistol

Model Specifications:

  • Length - 169 mm;
  • The caliber of the bullet is 4.5 mm;
  • The charge speed is 125 m/s;
  • energy - 3 joules;
  • The capacity is 13 rounds of ammunition.

The gun is made of weapon steel and the handle is made of bakelite, which makes the handle even more comfortable to use - ergonomics, as well as many other points, are at a high level.

The Makarov imitation also has a disadvantage, because of the relatively short barrel, the shooting characteristics of this model are not the best. But for a beginner shooter, it may be the best choice, which indirectly proves the demand for the model.


Crosman C31

In our search for the answer to the question of which air gun is the most powerful, we have reached the third place. Crosman is one of the strongest and most powerful, but at the same time stylish and design laconic airguns. The gun shoots accurately and smoothly, lies well in the hand and looks like its firearms counterpart.

Crosman C31

The parameters of the gun will please both new shooters and experienced air gun users:

  • The muzzle energy is 3.5 Joules;
  • weight - 680 g;
  • length - 215 mm;
  • barrel length - 105 mm;
  • type of bullets - BBs (steel);
  • The caliber of the balls is 4.5 mm.

Skif A-3000

The Skiffs, as usual, are good as a whole, from the packaging to the grip. The revolver looks very stylish and modern. It has a built-in open sight, which is rare for such designs. There are notches on the grip, making the gun much more comfortable to use. The A-3000 is an imitation of the German Heckler & Koch.

Skif A-3000

As for ammunition, you can feed the Skiff just about anything. The omnivorous air gun accepts any option, except maybe long darts.


  • The charge speed is 180 m/s;
  • energy - 7.5 Joules;
  • weight - 720 g;
  • length - 185 mm.

Zoraki HP-01 Ultra

Zoraki HP-01 Ultra

The gun has many modifications, but the Ultra has an elongated barrel, which positively affects the power. Turkish company "Zoraki" is known for its quality. This model uses multi-compression system. The mechanics is that the more pumping you do, the higher the power. There is a safety valve so as not to spoil the tank with excess pressure during inflation. The model is sold in two calibers - 4.5mm and 5.5mm. The gun has two "Weaver" bars, for a sight and for a flashlight or a spotlight.

caliber 4.5 mm (5.5 mm)
trunk length 260 mm
barrel type rifled
ammunition type Bullets
magazine capacity single-shot
velocity of shot Up to 225 m/s
weight 1100 grams

Ataman AP16

Ataman AP16
Ataman AP16

This pistol has different calibers and different modifications. 5.5 mm caliber and Lothar Walter barrel, manufactured by Russian company Ataman (Demyan Ltd.), which produces premium level products. This pistol has decent range and accuracy of 2 MOA (15 mm) at 25 meters and is a PCP class air gun with "dovetail" fastener. The model is excellent for hunting.

caliber 5.5 mm
trunk length 228 mm
barrel type rifled
ammunition type Bullets
magazine capacity 7-shot drum
firing mode semi-automatic
velocity of shot up to 200 m/s
weight 1000 grams



Despite the similar name to the previous model, it has a different manufacturer. The gun is represented by the Tula gunmakers, the company A+A. The feature of this gun is the combined principle of operation. The gun belongs to the PCP pneumatics, but in the high pressure tank you can put two cans of gas (12 grams, spouts to each other through a special spacer) and when screwing the cap gas from the can goes into the tank. The gun is a copy of Beretta92FS and designed to shoot bullets. The Weaver rail is put as an option for the pistol.

caliber 4.5 mm
trunk length 198 mm
barrel type rifled
ammunition type BB balls
magazine capacity 20
firing mode semi-automatic
velocity of shot up to 250 m/s
weight 700 grams

Hatsan AT-P2

Hatsan AT-P2

All Turkish AT-P2 pistols are known for their power, and AT-P2 is no exception. It is equipped with detachable tactical buttstock which increases accuracy and has combined dovetail/Pikatinny bar.

caliber 4.5 mm
trunk length 265 mm
barrel type rifled
ammunition type Bullets
magazine capacity 10-round drum
firing mode single
velocity of shot Up to 265 m/s
weight 2900 grams

Kral Puncher NP-02

Kral Puncher NP-02

Rifle pistol from the Turkish manufacturer. It has a stock/reservoir and additional reservoir under the barrel. The compressed air volume allows for 120 shots. Weaver/Pikatinny rail for optics and Weaver rail for a spotting scope. The long barrel and large number of shots make this gun the best for hunting.

caliber 4.5 mm
trunk length 320 mm
barrel type rifled
ammunition type Bullets
magazine capacity 14-round drum
firing mode single
velocity of shot Up to 285 m/s
weight 2950 grams

FX Ranchero

The Swedish company FX Airguns is famous for its reliability and ruggedness. The gun has a rifled FX Smootht wist (an innovative development of the company) and comes in two calibers, 4.5mm and 5.5mm. It has a dovetail mount. The principle of action - PCP. Price over 120 thousand rubles.FX Ranchero

caliber 5.5 mm
trunk length 250 mm
barrel type rifled
ammunition type Bullets
magazine capacity 8-round drum
firing mode semi-automatic
velocity of shot Up to 240 m/s
weight 1400 grams

Evanix Hunting Master AR-6

Evanix Hunting Master AR-6

The most powerful air pistol, more precisely, a revolver. The power exceeds 60 joules. The revolver mechanism has 6 cartridges. It belongs to the PCP-type. The initial bullet velocity is the same as a firearm. Produced in Korea. It has the reliability of a Kalashnikov. The price exceeds 120 thousand rubles. It is difficult to buy in Russia. Evanix company catalogs collected probably the most powerful pneumatic weapons in the world.

caliber 5.5 mm
trunk length 254 mm
barrel type rifled
ammunition type Bullets
magazine capacity 6 bullets
firing mode single
velocity of shot over 300 m/s
weight 1360 grams

Anix A-112

It is the most powerful air pistol in the world, the purchase of which would not be fraught with problems with Russian law enforcement agencies. The family of gas-powered Anixes in general has proven to be an excellent air pistol. Besides other advantages, the A-112 is very economical - the patented design allows rational use of gas.

Anix A-112

Familiarize yourself with the leader's parameters:

  • energy of 7.5 Joules (more than twice the power of most competitors); the gun balances on the verge of being approved for use by "mere mortals;
  • capacity - 15 bullets;
  • length - 218 mm;
  • weight - 980 g;
  • The flight speed of the balls is 165 m/s;
  • The maximum firing range is 300 m.

The most powerful air pistol is somewhat smaller than some of the other options in this rating. But that does not prevent it from being significantly better. The only downside is the lack of obvious similarity to its combat analogues. This is not an imitation of a particular model of firearm, but a kind of collective image of various "real" pistols.



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