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In which order to watch the Marvel movies

Do you know what order to watch Marvel movies in so you don't lose the logical chain and clearly understand how the characters are connected? Because for 2018, The Walt Disney Company (the owner of the Marvel brand) has released a whole bunch of movies that tell the story of each of the characters' lives and their relationships.

It takes at least a couple of weeks to review all the pictures, but if you want to refresh your memory on some facts before the next blockbuster premiere, use our "guide" to the film universe.

In what order to watch Marvel movies: a list of major releases

Let's stipulate right away that whatever the plot, it is advisable to watch the movie in its entirety, including the scenes after the subtitles, as they can greatly clarify the perception of the series.

A chronology of the Marvel Universe movies

A chronology of the Marvel Universe movies.

For those who do not have time to review all the Marvel movies, let us outline the order of the main films, which allows you to create a general impression of the action:

  1. First Avenger. The story of how Captain America came to be, or rather, how the skinny and sluggish Rogers turned out to be a superhero.
  2. Iron Man. The events leading up to the appearance of our beloved protagonist show us what Tony Stark's life line was like. This movie is a must-see because it is impossible to imagine the integrity of the fantasy universe without it.
  3. Hulk. We are shown the formation of another character, which, however, particularly does not affect the series of events in the Marvel Universe. The only thing we can note: in subsequent films Hulk began to play Mark Ruffalo instead of Edward Norton.
  4. Tor. The backstory of Thor and Locke, the latter will be given a major role in the future, mostly tragic.
  5. Avengers. The epic reunion of the superhero gang, with viewers getting to know the Stone of Eternity and Thanos in the post credits.
  6. Another war. In essence, the order in which we watch this series will not lead to gaps in our perception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it is worth watching if only because it is a chic political blockbuster. And we also get to see what Natasha Romanoff was like before the subsequent twists and turns.
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy. The film presents the Guardians in all their glory: Starlord, Coon, Groot, Gamora, Drax and Nebula. The 2017 sequel describes their lives even more vividly.
  8. Age of Altron. We are shown Vision and the Scarlet Witch joining the protagonists. Later on, these two will be given almost key roles. In addition, these are the two strongest characters among the team.
  9. Ant-Man. The prehistory of the superhuman, whose appearance in later installments is still in question.
  10. First Avenger: Confrontation. The superheroes are back together again, however, something went wrong and they had a friendly fight. Two characters, Spider-Man and Black Panther, make their debuts in this film. A little later, individual parts were released that tell the life story of these two heroes.
  11. Dr. Strange (2016). Another fascinating tale of the rise of Dr. Stephen Strange. In the sequel to "Avengers," this figure is given a crucial mission. And it is central to the fact that Benedict Cambretch was allowed to read the entire script. Besides Benedict, only Robert Downey, Jr. read it.
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Marvel Movies: 2018 Updates

The recent sequels to the film universe are a must for avid Marvel fans, because they continue to reveal the characters of beloved heroes. It is necessary to pay attention to such pictures (what order does not matter):

  • Thor:Ragnarok;
  • Black Panther;
  • Infinity War;
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp.

If you want to spend a couple of weeks, but you do not know in what order to watch Marvel movies, look above, we wrote =) By the way, Wikipedia details the content of each part, as well as a complete list of the order in which they were launched. Avid fans should know that once Marvel began with animated cartoons and animated series. The first of which came out in the 60's and 70's. The leader by the number of films at the time was Spider-Man.

Visualizing Connections in the Marvel Universe

The Avengers have collected characters from all over the Marvel universe, and the guys at Straits Times have made an interactive infographic. It tells you who's fighting who, who has a sister from hell, and shows complete information about each Avengers hero.

Interactive visualization of the Marvel Universe

An interactive visualization of the Marvel Universe. See it live →

It should be noted that the Marvel Universe is the undisputed leader in profitability among all the multiseries movies. Its fees were about $ 17 billion, and a number of pictures are among the ten highest-grossing in the history of cinema. Apparently, the creators will long reap the benefits of their commercially successful brainchild.

Now you are fully trained and know in what order to watch the Marvel movies. And the release of the new sequel's trailer will not catch you off guard. Even if you do not want to go into detail, these pictures are worth watching at least because they are very well made and leave a lasting impression and desire to watch again and again.


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