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Is there life in the Universe: Earth-like planets

For hundreds of years humanity has been in search of new life on other planets. In the twentieth century, the world made enormous discoveries in space, expanding knowledge. However, we know so little about neighboring and distant planets that most discoveries lie ahead of us.

Earth is the most beautiful planet in the solar system, it has life. Our celestial body is inhabited by animals, birds, insects, there are oceans, seas, a rich world of flora. Let's talk about other planets in the universe that are similar to Earth.

Exoplanets: what they are, types

Исследование космоса не ограничивается получением знаний о Солнечной системе, в которой открыто всего восемь планет. Астрономы всего мира нацелены на открытие других …
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The biggest planet in the solar system: where is Earth?

A large star named the Sun attracts all naturally created space objects, including the planets that orbit around it. A planet is a round-shaped celestial body that orbits the star. Its very shape is shaped by this rotation.

We know from our high school astronomy course that there are eight planets in the solar system. Some of them have satellites. Not everyone remembers which of them are the largest planets in the solar system. Let's refresh our memories and tell us some interesting facts.

A comparative table of the characteristics of the planets

There are two groups of planets in our system:

  • terrestrial (4 closest to the star);
  • gas (4 remote).

Существуют также карликовые планеты, они слишком малы и слабы, поэтому другие объекты …
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