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Movie poses

A short master class, "How to Sit in Style at the Movies," covers 22 types of poses.

Common poses that occur most often: normal, flirting pose (in the presence of a cute neighbor), playboy. The pose of "mom-me-fear" is typical for the female audience, a boring movie provokes a corresponding pose with snoring, and the "strongly business" viewer, who even during the session solves problems on the phone irritates everyone.

The "Hellraiser" style is very comfortable. The vertical, horizontal and diagonal pallet makes everyone extremely uncomfortable, but feels great on its own. Popcorn style, pirate style, extreme style - explore them all and choose the most comfortable option!

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How not to get confused at the table

It happens that you were called to a high-society dinner or a holiday, you sat down at the table and ... confused. How to manage with all the tools? For what there are so many forks, knives and plates? How to properly use these many spoons?

On the other hand, perhaps you yourself wanted to make a nice banquet, decided to set the table according to etiquette. Our little instruction will help you very quickly cope with all the devices and tell you how to beautifully fold napkins for guests.