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A kopeck saves a ruble: the top most expensive currencies in the world

Currency is a commodity expressed in foreign money (cash, non-cash). We can buy many things with the money we hold in our hands every day: food, clothes, tickets, services.

For the common man money is not happiness, but it brings stability. So it is for the state: the more expensive and stable the currency, the more positive solutions for the economic situation. Let's talk about the impact on the value of money and present a rating of the most expensive currencies.

Factors affecting the global value of currencies

Economists separate "currency" from "money" because the latter term can be applied to goods if they are to be paid for.

There are three types of currency:

  • foreign;
  • collective;
  • national.

Коллективной валютой является та, что применяется одновременно несколькими государствами как национальная. Самым лучшим …
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