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The Underground: The World's Deepest Subway

Great Britain is the country where the first branch of the subway was built and launched in the 60's of the XIX century. Since then, this mode of transport has conquered the cities of the world. To relieve the burden of capital cities, megalopolises, people began to build underground tunnels.

Here are the statistics on the depth of the platforms and find out what is the deepest subway in the world and where it is located.

The deepest metro station in the world

Everyone who has gone down to the platforms of the capital and St. Petersburg metro, unwittingly compared the depth of the stops, the length of the escalators. The subway of the northern capital surpasses the Moscow subway in this respect. The decision to build a station as deep as possible is not spontaneous, engineers are forced to do so, taking into account the features of the soil.

Let's find out where the deepest subway station in the world is located.

Where is it

The Kiev subway consists of three branches, construction began in 1938. Today the subway unloads the city, coping with the duties entrusted to it in the Soviet period.

Arsenalna station in Kiev

Arsenalna station in Kiev

Here is also the deepest station, bearing the name - "Arsenal". The Arsenal plant gave it its name, today it is part of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex. Construction was suspended in the 40's, after the end of WWII it continued again. The first train left the platform in November 1960. Since during the construction party required a total economy, it was decided to make "Arsenalnaya" atypical for the Soviet metro. It has an English type design: three halls independent from each other are connected by passages. These same passages are called pylon

The vestibule of the deepest subway station in the world is modestly decorated, as are the halls below.


The main characteristics of "Arsenalna" in Kiev are collected in the table.

Characteristics Indicator
Depth of embedding 105,5 м
The line Svyatoshinsko-Brovarskaya
Location area Pechersky
Platforms Two straight, size 19.7*100 meters
Architects Krushinsky S.I., Granatkin G.I., Shchukina N.M.
Outputs One for Arsenal Square
Working time daily from 05:38 to 00:10

Sculptor Makogon worked on the design of the lobby and lower halls of one of the first stations. Facing is made with pink and white marble. Classic columns, marble benches for passengers - the traditional elements of the time.

Interesting fact: this is the only platform of the Soviet subway, made in the English style. By that we mean the format, in which individual halls are connected by pylons. It is noteworthy that at a depth of 105.5 meters the next station "Dnepr" meets passengers on the very surface of the ground.

In the Moscow subway

A network of underground tunnels was as necessary to the growing Moscow as air in the distant 1900s. Architects proposed projects, but most of them were not developed. The impetus for the construction was the Soviet regime.

Today Moskovsky is considered the most pompous and original subway in the world. All the interiors of the platforms and lobbies have a unique and inimitable design. This is especially true of those that were opened during the Stalin era. The majestic Stalin Empire assumed expensive decoration and splendor of architectural forms.

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The Moscow subway is not the deepest subway in Russia. The type of soil allowed stations to be built near the surface. Today, construction continues. Let's talk about how many meters deep the deepest Moscow subway station is laid.

Moscow's subway continues to expand today. Its construction is not finished, as the boundaries of the capital have expanded, and congestion on the roads is commonplace. It is not clear today whether the subway can reduce traffic jams in the future. The Moscow "Victory Park" platform is considered the deepest in the capital. It is located 73 meters from the ground.

"Victory Park" in the Moscow metro

It opened its doors in the spring of 2003, and now passengers can get to Victory Park without transferring to ground transportation. The project engineer - V.A. Schmerling. It should be noted that it was being built for 13 years, the work stopped for various reasons. The opening of the station took place on the eve of Victory Day.

The deepest metro station in Moscow is equipped with cross-platforms of two lines:

  • Solntsevskaya (yellow);
  • Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya (blue).

To transfer from the blue line to the yellow line, just go to the second platform, you do not need to cross the long aisles.

Sculptor Tsereteli took part in the decoration of Victory Park. He created panels dedicated to the victories of the two domestic wars:

  • over the French Empire;
  • over Hitler's Germany.

Gray, black marble and granite were used to decorate the walls and floor. It should be noted that the fourth deepest metro station in the world is "Park Pobedy" in Moscow.

In the St. Petersburg metro

The subway in Leningrad was laid before the war, although the first projects were presented in pre-revolutionary times. It is noted that Nicholas II was presented several elevated designs, which he rejected. According to scientists, this type of transport could not work long because of the features of the soil and weather conditions. For the construction of deep stations there was no money.

The deepest metro station in St. Petersburg is laid 86 meters from the ground. It is called "Admiralteyskaya". It was built in the 90s of last century, but the official opening was held 13 years later. Postponed due to the settlement of the house in Kirpichny Lane, where today the lobby is located, with restructuring and legal complexities.

Admiralteyskaya Station, St. Petersburg

Admiralteyskaya Station, St. Petersburg

Admiralteyskaya station is a classic Soviet design of a three-vaulted section with columns. It belongs to the Frunzensko-Primorskaya line and in summer is open for travel at night when the bridges of St. Petersburg are open. It is often used by tourists, being the nearest to the popular attractions of the northern capital:

  • Senate Square;
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral;
  • Palace Square.

The decoration is devoted to the formation of the Russian fleet, used mosaics, stained glass. On the walls between the columns passengers see portraits of the great Russian fleet admirals. The decoration abounds with a lot of granite, marble, polished brass. This is not only the deepest metro stop, but also one of the most beautiful.

Top deepest stations in the world

To summarize, let's talk about the five deep-laid stations.

  1. The first line is the above described "Arsenalna" in Kiev. The depth is 105.5 meters.
  2. The second deepest station (about 100 meters) is Puheung, located in Pyongyang, DPRK. The North Korean subway was laid as deep as possible for fear of nuclear attack. The exterior is decorated with marble panels depicting Communist leaders. It ranks among the top 15 most beautiful platforms in the world.
  3. The third deepest station is Admiralteyskaya in St. Petersburg, described in detail above.
  4. The fourth line belongs to "Victory Park" in the Russian capital's subway. The construction took 14 years, but the result exceeded expectations. Today it is the deepest stop of the Moscow subway.
  5. At the end of the five deepest platforms Washington, Oregon (USA) is 79 meters underground. It has access to the park of the same name. It is noteworthy that the transportation system uses streetcars moving on four lines. It was opened in 1998.
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The subway is a modern type of transport. Engineers are working on new creations, trying to make them safe, comfortable, concise in design terms. No one will compete for the title of the deepest platform.


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