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The 10 most expensive hotels in the world

Traveling around the world, the rich and famous want to live in the usual luxury and comfort. The VIPs of expensive hotels offer all possibilities for comfortable accommodation. Individual helicopter pad, conference halls, room decorations by world famous designers - all to make their stay pleasant and unforgettable. The daily cost of such apartments is estimated at tens of thousands of dollars.

Для тех, кто еще не достиг вершин богатства и известности, пребывание в президентских номерах – возможность повысить статус, заявить о претензиях на верхнюю строчку в рейтингах доходов и популярности. Проживание в самом дорогом номере одного из лучших отелей в мире прибавляет очки любой знаменитости. Рассмотрим ТОПовую десятку лидеров …
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The Underground: The World's Deepest Subway

Great Britain is the country where the first branch of the subway was built and launched in the 60's of the XIX century. Since then, this mode of transport has conquered the cities of the world. To relieve the burden of capital cities, megalopolises, people began to build underground tunnels.

Here are the statistics on the depth of the platforms and find out what is the deepest subway in the world and where it is located.

The deepest metro station in the world

Everyone who has gone down to the platforms of the capital and St. Petersburg metro, unwittingly compared the depth of the stops, the length of the escalators. The subway of the northern capital surpasses the Moscow subway in this respect. The decision to build a station as deep as possible is not spontaneous, engineers are forced to do so, taking into account the features of the soil.

Узнаем, где расположена самая глубокая станция …
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A rare bird can fly: the world's widest rivers

Ecologists, limnologists, hydrologists, potamologists study the structure, condition, biological and chemical composition of water bodies, watercourses of the planet. If we talk about water arteries, the most full-flowing, deep, long rivers in the world are identified. They are famous for flora, fauna, importance for humans.

Let's talk about the widest river in Russia and in the world, and find out if the channels are suitable for river navigation.

How are rivers divided by width?

The channel of a waterway is formed by the movement of water. The process lasts for centuries, the area of the passage often changes due to natural or environmental reasons. When talking about the width, we mean the maximum distance between two points of different banks, including island areas. The maximum is taken as the basis. The nature of the flow is important ...
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Man's friend: rating of the most expensive dogs in the world

A dog is first and foremost a friend of man. They are great guards, hunters, and companions that can brighten up the lives of lonely people and entire families. A pet brings a lot of positive things into the life of the owner, especially if the owner raises it from an early age.

Before getting a dog, many people think about whether to give preference to a dog without documents or to choose a purebred. The latter are expensive, the choice should be taken seriously, considering the character, the rules of maintenance. We suggest you read the rating of the most expensive dogs in the world and find out what the prices of pets today.

Why are some dog breeds more expensive than others?

Самые дорогие собаки попадают в руки обеспеченных хозяев, где их правильно кормят, покупают им одежду …
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Across the river: the world's largest bridges

People learned how to build bridges in ancient times. The main purpose of engineering structures is the ability to cross water obstacles: swamps, lakes, straits, rivers. The prototype of the bridge in ancient times - a trunk of a tree, which was thrown from one bank to the other to get across.

Modern bridges are strong, reliable and beautiful, although over time the latter quality becomes an exception. Let's look at the record structures of this type and find out what their size is.

Top 5 largest bridges in the world by height

All bridges in the world are divided into several categories depending on their capacity and purpose. In addition to the known railroad, pedestrian, vehicular and combined bridges there are:

  • viaducts (bridges over roads);
  • акведуки (для переноса воды из одной точки в …
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Catching Luck by the Tail: the biggest lottery winnings in Russia and the world

Who doesn't dream of winning an apartment or a car in the lottery? It's an easy and quick way to suddenly change their lives, so people are increasingly buying tickets and waiting for their luck. However, only a few are lucky, and they become known throughout the country.

Let's talk about the world's biggest lottery win, find out what country it happened in, and how the life of the lucky man changed.

All over the world.

Gambling has always been attractive. Lotteries involve random selection of a number or numbers, another important "plus" is the low cost of tickets. The first lotteries originated in ancient times, later they were actively used by private individuals and political parties.

После Второй мировой войны в Европе число …
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Long-livers of the planet: the oldest man in the world

The average life expectancy of a person in the world statistics is about 70 years. Everyone who has reached this age will say that this is very little. But there are long-livers on the planet, whose age has passed the mark of 100 years.

Let's talk about the oldest man on earth and find out how he managed to live to such an advanced age.

The world's greatest age of man

Each of us wants to know the secret of longevity and preservation of health. In every country there are people who live exceptionally long. About them are composed legends, myths, but not all of the stories are true. In the study of human life expectancy there is one difficulty: to document the dates of birth and death.

Там, где …
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Bogatyr's might: the strongest man in the world

Since ancient times the main trump card of men has been strength. They used it in battle, in hunting, in long campaigns, conquering territories. Today almost nothing has changed. Men bet on strong muscles and a beautiful body, attracting the attention of the weak half of humanity.

The Guinness Book of World Records allows us to find out who among the people on the planet was able to move a car by hand. Also, every year since 1977, the "World's Strongest Man" competition takes place. Let's find out who the strongest man in the world is and what he does.

How is a person's strength determined?

Для оценки мощи конкретного человека существует параметр мышечной силы. Он заключается в преодолении внешнего сопротивления за счет силы мышц и является …
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Небо под крылом: самый дорогой самолет в мире

Самолет — дорогая техника, производство занимает годы, в нем участвуют десятки компаний и тысячи специалистов различных областей. Сегодня авиация прочно вошла в нашу жизнь: каждый человек может купить билет, приехать в аэропорт и отправиться в любую точку планеты. Узнать цену на рейс очень просто, но сколько стоит сам самолет?

Рассмотрим наиболее дорогие авиационные модели среди частных и военных судов, узнаем, почему стоимость некоторых из них настолько велика.

ТОП-10 самых дорогих самолетов мира

Разработка самолета — сложный процесс, который длится годами. Все предшествующие строительству процессы закладываются в стоимость. Наиболее дорогими считаются новейшие военные разработки, оплатить которые могут единицы государств в мире. При проектировании пассажирских …
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Giants in their class: the largest excavator in the world

Экскаватор — одна из основных машин для карьерных и строительных работ. Доподлинно известно, что идея создания экскаватора как и многой другой сложной техники принадлежит Леонардо да Винчи. В его бумагах найдены чертежи устройства для черпания земли.

Рассмотрим современные карьерные экскаваторы, самые большие машины этого типа в мире, узнаем, для чего они необходимы и как работают.

Карьерные экскаваторы

Первый в мире экскаватор не был поворотным и не мог самостоятельно передвигаться. С течением времени техника десятки раз дорабатывалась для того, чтобы стать устойчивой, надежной, уметь перемещать руду большого объема. Развитие горнорудной промышленности требовало создания более мощной машины.

Р&Н-4100 ХРС

Первое место рейтинга занимает экскаватор производства американской компании …
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