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Catching Luck by the Tail: the biggest lottery winnings in Russia and the world

Who doesn't dream of winning an apartment or a car in the lottery? It's an easy and quick way to suddenly change their lives, so people are increasingly buying tickets and waiting for their luck. However, only a few are lucky, and they become known throughout the country.

Let's talk about the world's biggest lottery win, find out what country it happened in, and how the life of the lucky man changed.

All over the world.

Gambling has always been attractive. Lotteries involve random selection of a number or numbers, another important "plus" is the low cost of tickets. The first lotteries originated in ancient times, later they were actively used by private individuals and political parties.

After World War II in Europe, the number of lottery games is increasing, the prizes reach huge amounts. Let's tell you how much you can win the maximum.

Powerball ($1.5 billion for three)

The lottery business in the U.S. is allowed in 44 states, where you can issue and sell tickets. It is noteworthy that the Powerball jackpot is always a large amount of several million dollars.


Powerball lottery ticket

The person who bought the ticket must select 5 white balls with numbers from 1 to 69 and 1 red ball with numbers from 1 to 26. When all 6 positions match, the jackpot is drawn. It grows starting at 40 million and increases until it is drawn. For other matches, the person can get a prize of $4 to $1 million for a ticket price of $2. If there are several guessers, the winnings are divided equally among them.

So it happened in January 2016. The jackpot had grown to 1.5 billion by that time, which was an absolute record for the amount. And on that day, three people in the U.S. who guessed the combination of numbers were simultaneously lucky. Until then, the maximum was winning 590500000 dollars in Powerball. This drawing is also held in other countries.

Megamillions Lottery ($640 million per person)

In the U.S. for more than 50 years such events and gambling were banned, but today this country accounts for both the largest jackpot and the largest prize that one person managed to get.


Lottery advertising poster

Founded in 2002, the Megamillions lottery quickly gained popularity with a record prize of $640 million. Remarkably, it is the largest win in the world for a single person. The event took place in March 2012 and became a sensation. Since then, the world record has not been broken.

In the U.S., a citizen has the right to choose:

  1. receive the amount in installments by non-cash method;
  2. get a smaller amount, but in cash.

As a rule, the lucky ones prefer the second way.

In Russia

People in Russia love lottery draws just as much as Americans. They are divided into two types:

  • Circulation;
  • non-competitive.
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The largest sums are drawn in circulation versions, when the drawing is carried out after the sales phase is over. According to the law, they are all supervised by the state. The creation of such a business by private individuals is prohibited, because they will not be able to provide guarantees.

Let's find out what was the biggest win in the lottery received a resident of Russia.

Nikolay Miroshnichenko from Yekaterinburg and Sergey Dorogov from St. Petersburg (1bn rubles)

Lottery "Stoloto" brought a gift to two men at the same time. On New Year's Eve 2019 jackpot drawing of 1 billion rubles was made, it was shared by two lucky men.

The first was Nikolay Miroshnichenko, a driver from Yekaterinburg, who told of his family's tradition of buying tickets on New Year's Eve and waiting for a miracle. They didn't watch the 1264 circulation, because they simply forgot.


N. Miroshnichenko and his wife came for the prize

The second lucky man was a locksmith from St. Petersburg Sergey Dorogov. He came to Moscow for the prize with his wife, checkroom attendant. By December 31, they bought 10 tickets at once and dreamed of winning a house. Now they can make their dreams come true.

Natalia Vlasova from Voronezh (506 million rubles)

At the end of 2017, on the eve of the New Year holidays, the country was shaken by the news that "Russian Lotto" played the jackpot, and it was won by a resident of Voronezh region. The woman could not be found for a long time, and then people began to reach out to her with requests for money.

win a million

Natalia Vlasova from the Voronezh Region

Natalia Vlasova is a pensioner; before she had a chance to become a millionaire, she was trading to bring extra income to her family. Income tax will be deducted from the final amount, and the rest will be transferred in several sums.

Asmik Reufovna from Sochi (365 million rubles)

A resident of Sochi purchased a lottery ticket "Gosloto "6 of 45" and on May 21, 2017 fate gave her a gift of three hundred million. At the same time, the organizers said that the woman would be able to get the prize at the main office in Moscow. She had to collect money for the trip to the capital, since her family lives poorly.

Asmik Reufovna is a cultural worker. It is surprising that along with the news about the huge amount of winnings, it was told that she wanted to donate part of the amount to the CPRF.

In Europe.

The main problem for everyone who is lucky is the excessive attention from neighbors and crooks. Poor people become popular in a flash and begin to suffer from it. Let's tell you how things are in Europe.

Euromillion Lottery (190 million euros)

Launched in 2004, the Euromillion lottery instantly became popular. It's noteworthy that worldwide demand for tickets increases in times of crisis. The rules are very simple: you must choose 5 of 50 standard numbers and 2 of 12 lucky numbers. Drawing takes place 2 times a week.

lottery ticket

The principle of drawing is the same all over the world. A person has to wait for the results at home

The jackpot prize fund is 32% of the total amount. In Europe, tickets are available for residents of the UK, France, Andorra, Spain, Austria and other countries. The biggest lottery win in the history of Europe went to an anonymous person from Spain in 2017. He purchased a ticket in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and wished to remain anonymous. Earlier this year, a resident of the county of Dublin was lucky, he received 175 million euros.

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  1. The biggest prize in lottery ticket sales history went to three U.S. residents at once, who received half a billion dollars each from the popular "Powerball." The largest amount in the United States and in the world, given out in one hand as prizes, was in the "Megamillions" lottery, it is 640000000$.
  2. The biggest lottery winnings in Russia are half a billion rubles. According to statistics, the prizes went to poor people from the provinces.
  3. The largest jackpot in Europe was drawn in October 2017. An anonymous person from Spain was lucky. Those who do not like to wait, you can try the instant type of game, in which the prize is won at the place of purchase of the ticket.

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