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Transportation in major cities: the largest subway in the world

The emergence of a large number of cars and carts in cities raised the question of a new form of public transport, which would help to cope with the resulting traffic jams and congestion on the roads during rush hours. Back in the late 19th century in Moscow there was talk of building an elevated subway.

Let's look at the top of the largest subways in the world by number of stations, passenger traffic and length. Let's talk about the history of the world's subways.

Top 10 largest subways in the world

The subway is technically similar to rail transport. The first subway arose in London in 1863. It is noteworthy that initially there was a dispute over the financing of the English branch of 6 kilometers, but the railway companies covered the costs and did not fail. In the first year of operation, the number of passengers exceeded 9 million people.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, subways had sprung up in other European cities. In Asia, this mode of transport began to come much later, after World War II. Let's look at the size of modern subways and find out what is the largest subway in the world.

New York City Subway

The New York City subway has the largest number of subway stations in the world, but is second to other systems in terms of annual passenger traffic. There are currently 472 stops. The New York subway was originally built as an elevated subway, and today nearly half of the stations are at road level.

New York

Brooklyn Bridge Station

Visitors and residents of the city prefer to move around the "Big Apple" it is the subway. It is not expensive, convenient. The lines have a letter and number designation. In contrast to our usual Moscow subway here is not accepted by the colors. The annual passenger traffic exceeds 1.8 billion people.

Shànghǎi Dìtiě

The Shanghai subway is the largest subway in the world in terms of total length of lines. It is 676 kilometers. The choice of this mode of transport is due to the fact that in one of the largest cities in the world traffic jams are very common.


The Shanghai subway is always very crowded

One of the youngest subways in the world was built in 1993. The number of passengers using the subway to get around Shanghai is 3.508 billion a year. Those arriving in eastern China for the first time should remember that Shànghǎi Dìtiě trains are no longer running at 23:00, you should count on cabs.

The security system at the entrance to the Shanghai subway is closely monitored, which is the reality today.

Saul Chihachol

The subway in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has nine lines and 316 stations. It is half the length of the Shanghai subway. Nevertheless, passenger traffic reaches 2.9 billion people a year.

South Korea

The Seoul subway is considered one of the most comfortable in the world

The doors of the first stations were opened in the mid-1970s. Today, construction is still underway and the Seoul subway is expanding. The cost of a trip here depends on the distance. A person chooses a route and a certain amount is deducted from their card. For day trips, it is recommended to purchase a single ticket that cannot be thrown away until the end of the trip. The journey from one end station to another can take over an hour, so trains are equipped with wireless internet.

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Běijīng Dìtiě

A diagram of the Beijing subway shows that it is one of the largest subways in the world. It is the oldest in the country and was built with the support of Soviet engineers. The first stations opened their doors in 1969.


Traffic jams in Beijing force residents to descend daily into the subway

After 22:00 the number of trains decreases sharply, by midnight the subway closes. As in Shanghai, there is a strict system of checks at the entrance, metal detectors installed, scanners for checking luggage. The length of underground transport lines of the Chinese capital is 608.2 km. When buying a ticket it does not matter where the passenger is going. The cost of the ticket is the same.


The Tokyo subway is one of the largest in terms of the number of passengers carried over an annual period. It ranks among the top three in the world for this indicator year after year. In Tokyo, the first stations opened in 1927. Over nearly a century of history, 13 long lines have appeared.


Tokyo subway trains

It is noteworthy that in Japan's capital the underground rail lines are operated by two independent companies:

  • Toei (serves 4 lines and the elevated transport system);
  • Tokyo Metro Co. (operates nine underground rail lines).

Stops are announced in English and Japanese, which is convenient for visitors.

Métro de Paris

The largest subway in Europe is in Paris. The system covers the entire French capital and the nearest suburbs and has 383 stations. The opening hours on weekends increase to 01:40. During peak hours, the interval between two trains is no more than 2 minutes.


All metro stations in Paris are modestly decorated

The Paris subway opened in 1900, the daily passenger traffic exceeds 4 million people. Despite the fact that Paris is a city of palaces and historic architecture, the subway is modestly decorated, it will not impress travelers. The main feature is the high cost of tickets. Even visitors prefer to buy cards to save money.

Metro de Madrid

The city of Madrid is the capital of Spain, the local subway system is one of the largest in Europe. It is also one of the most comfortable in the world. In total length of lines ranks sixth in the world. The year of opening - 1919.


Metro station layout in Madrid

It has 12 lines, and the last line is served by a separate company, connecting Madrid with the suburbs. The traveler will have to buy a separate ticket to pass on it. The busiest line is the 10th.

London Underground

Despite the name, only 45% London Underground lines go underground. The rest are above ground. Transport collapse happened in the British capital back in the 60's of the XIX century, so in 1963 opened the first branch of the subway. Today it includes 11 lines of 402 kilometers. Seven branches of the subway are considered to be very deep.


London Underground station

It is noteworthy that it was in London that the first electric trains were run to serve the city's residents.

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Moscow Metro

Despite the fact that discussions about the subway were conducted for a long time, projects appeared annually, there was no hurry to build it. A huge traffic jam in the center of Moscow prompted the government to finally resolve the issue. The first branch opened in 1935, it was 11 kilometers long from the station "Sokolniki" to the station "Park Kultury" with branch lines.

Moscow Metro

Once at Mayakovskaya station, look up: the vaulted ceilings conceal unique mosaics

Today the Moscow Metro continues to expand, new branches and stations are put into operation. The total length of the network exceeds 400 kilometers. The subway is represented by 14 lines covering the entire city.

Sistema de Transporte Colectivo Metro

The Mexico City Metro is one of the first in Latin America and one of the largest in the world. It consists of 12 lines with 195 stations. The daily passenger traffic is about 5 million people.


Brightly colored trains in the Mexico City metro

Notably, for low-literate Mexicans on the subway, stations are marked with a picture of an animal or other logo. During peak hours, trains run with extra cars designed to carry women and children.

The largest subways in Russia

In addition to the length of lines and passenger traffic, other qualities of the subway are often evaluated. For example, the most beautiful subway in Russia and in the world is considered the Moscow subway. Here each station has its own unique design. Built in Stalin times, they have a majestic decoration. Consider other subway stations.

Admiralteyskaya station (St. Petersburg Metro)

The subway in St. Petersburg has a unique feature - it is very deep. The reason is the ground. Of the 67 stations, 60 are on the list of deep. The subway scheme is simple, it is very easy to use.

St. Petersburg

Central panel of Admiralteyskaya station

Here is the deepest station in Russia, which is called "Admiralteyskaya". Officially, the depth is 86 meters.

Vorobyovy Gory station (Moscow Metro)

Located on the Sokolnicheskaya line, the Vorobyovy Gory station is considered the longest in Russia. It takes 4 minutes to walk from start to finish.


The longest subway station in Russia

The total length of the platform with the transition - 282 m. The station has other distinctive features: it is the highest in Moscow, as located at a height of 10 meters above the ground. It is the world's first above-water station.

The largest escalator in the Moscow subway

It is not uncommon to find stations without escalators. For example, the Beijing metro does not have them, and passengers have to carry their bags in their hands while walking down to the trains. This is inconvenient. The metro in the Russian capital is considered not only beautiful, but also convenient. Trains run frequently, on schedule, and passengers descend to the platforms using escalators.

Victory Park Station

One of the oldest stations in the capital's subway was ready to enter the Guinness Book of Records in 2016. The longest escalator was installed here. At its lowest point, it is 68 meters deep, but it is 130 meters long.

Moscow Metro

The appearance of the platform at the "Park Pobedy" station

This is a new escalator purchased by the city and installed for the convenience of passengers.

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The biggest metro station in Russia

After the Moscow subway was laid, other major cities of the USSR began to provide their own projects. The subway in Nizhny Novgorod began to be built third, in 1977. Here the largest station in the country was soon laid.

Moskovskaya Station, Nizhny Novgorod Metro

"Moskovskaya" became known as the largest station due to the area it occupies and due to the presence of 4 tracks. Passengers can directly at the stop switch from one branch to another, which is called a cross-platform transfer. It is convenient. The Nizhny Novgorod metro system has two branches, red and blue, and "Moskovskaya" is the only linking point for them.

Nizhny Novgorod

View of the largest underground station in Russia


  1. The largest subway in terms of the number of stations is the New York City subway, the Shanghai subway in terms of length for 2019, and the Tokyo subway in terms of the number of passengers carried.
  2. The first subway in the Urals was Yekaterinburg, the deepest in Russia is considered to be St. Petersburg.
  3. The largest escalator was installed in 2016 in Moscow at "Park Pobedy" station. On the map it is easy to find by the blue color of the line.
  4. The largest station in the world is located in Nizhny Novgorod and is called "Moskovskaya".
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