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A rare bird can fly: the world's widest rivers

Ecologists, limnologists, hydrologists, potamologists study the structure, condition, biological and chemical composition of water bodies, watercourses of the planet. If we talk about water arteries, the most full-flowing, deep, long rivers in the world are identified. They are famous for flora, fauna, importance for humans.

Let's talk about the widest river in Russia and in the world, and find out if the channels are suitable for river navigation.

How are rivers divided by width?

The channel of a waterway is formed by the movement of water. The process lasts for centuries, the area of the passage often changes due to natural or environmental reasons. When talking about the width, we mean the maximum distance between two points of different banks, including island areas. The maximum is taken as the basis. The nature of the flow is important ...
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Across the river: the world's largest bridges

People learned how to build bridges in ancient times. The main purpose of engineering structures is the ability to cross water obstacles: swamps, lakes, straits, rivers. The prototype of the bridge in ancient times - a trunk of a tree, which was thrown from one bank to the other to get across.

Modern bridges are strong, reliable and beautiful, although over time the latter quality becomes an exception. Let's look at the record structures of this type and find out what their size is.

Top 5 largest bridges in the world by height

All bridges in the world are divided into several categories depending on their capacity and purpose. In addition to the known railroad, pedestrian, vehicular and combined bridges there are:

  • viaducts (bridges over roads);
  • акведуки (для переноса воды из одной точки в …
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Catching Luck by the Tail: the biggest lottery winnings in Russia and the world

Who doesn't dream of winning an apartment or a car in the lottery? It's an easy and quick way to suddenly change their lives, so people are increasingly buying tickets and waiting for their luck. However, only a few are lucky, and they become known throughout the country.

Let's talk about the world's biggest lottery win, find out what country it happened in, and how the life of the lucky man changed.

All over the world.

Gambling has always been attractive. Lotteries involve random selection of a number or numbers, another important "plus" is the low cost of tickets. The first lotteries originated in ancient times, later they were actively used by private individuals and political parties.

После Второй мировой войны в Европе число …
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Long-livers of the planet: the oldest man in the world

The average life expectancy of a person in the world statistics is about 70 years. Everyone who has reached this age will say that this is very little. But there are long-livers on the planet, whose age has passed the mark of 100 years.

Let's talk about the oldest man on earth and find out how he managed to live to such an advanced age.

The world's greatest age of man

Each of us wants to know the secret of longevity and preservation of health. In every country there are people who live exceptionally long. About them are composed legends, myths, but not all of the stories are true. In the study of human life expectancy there is one difficulty: to document the dates of birth and death.

Там, где …
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Bogatyr's might: the strongest man in the world

Since ancient times the main trump card of men has been strength. They used it in battle, in hunting, in long campaigns, conquering territories. Today almost nothing has changed. Men bet on strong muscles and a beautiful body, attracting the attention of the weak half of humanity.

The Guinness Book of World Records allows us to find out who among the people on the planet was able to move a car by hand. Also, every year since 1977, the "World's Strongest Man" competition takes place. Let's find out who the strongest man in the world is and what he does.

How is a person's strength determined?

Для оценки мощи конкретного человека существует параметр мышечной силы. Он заключается в преодолении внешнего сопротивления за счет силы мышц и является …
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The most expensive brands of clothing

Over time, human clothing has undergone significant changes. Today it is important not only the comfort of wearing, but also the quality of fabrics, style, fashion trends and cost. In the XX century, fashion houses appeared, which managed to conquer the whole world. Today, not only women, but also men follow the trends in this area.

Let's take a look at the most expensive clothing brands in the world, focusing on the cost of items and accessories.

Лидер рейтинга на 2024 год

The most expensive clothing brand by far is. "Gucci.". Мало кто знает, что история итальянского модного дома началась с чемоданов и сапог для верховой езды. Основатель корпорации, флорентинец Гуччио Гуччи в молодости работал официантом в лондонском отеле «Савой», …
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Новейшие технологии в спорте: самые дорогие кроссовки в мире

Обувь сегодня не только защищает ноги, но и во многом определяет стиль. Дороговизна обуви обусловлена тем, что над каждой партией усердно трудятся лучшие дизайнеры, применяются качественные материалы, проводятся испытания на прочность. Особенно это касается профессиональной спортивной обуви.

Рассмотрим самые дорогие кроссовки в мире, узнаем, как и кем они были созданы. Высокая цена не назначается с потолка и обязательно имеет под собой определенные основания.

ТОП-10 самых дорогих кроссовок

Человек, обладающий большим капиталом, хочет одеваться красиво, модно и дорого. Это касается и спортивной обуви, цены на которую могут достигать нескольких тысяч долларов. Представляем десятку наиболее известных, выпускающихся в ограниченном количестве.

10. Nike ParaNorman Foamposite (2985-8000$)

Оригинальный дизайн …
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Удар ценой в миллион долларов: самая дорогая авария в мире

Ежегодно в авариях на дорогах гибнут десятки тысяч человек по всему миру. Общественная организация World Life Expectancy собирает статистику со всего мира и проводит анализ сложившейся ситуации. Согласно ее данным, чрезвычайно остро проблема стоит в ряде стран Латинской Америки, в Африке, Азии. Высок процент гибели людей на дорогах и в России.

Рассмотрим самые масштабные и дорогие аварии, случавшиеся в мире, поговорим о причинах и последствиях. Подобные катастрофы всегда попадают в ленты новостей.

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The Powerful: The World's Most Influential People

Forbes magazine annually publishes a list of the most influential people. Politicians and representatives of big business are always at the top of the list. Sometimes over a long period the top three do not change. It is no secret that big politics takes place behind the scenes. Strategic decisions and the geopolitical game that has always been conducted in the world are also important.

Consider the rating of the most influential people in the world at the end of 2018, learn what achievements allowed them to get into the review of the authoritative edition.

Рейтинг Forbes 2024 года

Аналитика forbes опирается не только на политически важные решения и перестановки на политической арене, они также изучают рейтинговый список американского журнала Time, который весной каждого года публикует список 100 …
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