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Whispering waves and cries of seagulls: the largest port in the world

Порты с древних времен являлись центрами торговли. Сегодня через крупные города на берегу моря или океана проходят миллионы тонн грузов, и объемы ежегодно растут. Размер порта также позволяет заходить на стоянку крупным судам.

Рассмотрим самые большие порты по грузообороту в мире и расскажем, почему европейские страны теряют свои позиции в пользу азиатских.

ТОП-10 самых больших портов в мире

Статистикой портовых грузооборотов занимается Американская ассоциация портовых властей. Они собирают данные и выпускают ежегодный отчет как по объему грузоперевозок, так и по трафику контейнеров. Данный отчет, выпущенный в конце 2018 года наглядно показывает, что центром морских грузоперевозок стала Азия. Ведущие места в ТОП-10 занимают гавани …
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Immense vastness: the world's largest ocean

About 71% of the surface of the globe is occupied by the waters of the world ocean. It is a single system that interacts with the atmosphere, the Earth's surface. Oceanologists distinguish 5 huge water bodies on Earth, distinguishing their boundaries by continental shores, island groups and clear lines of currents.

The largest ocean in the world is the PacificIt is considered not only the largest by area, but also by depth. Let's talk about its features, characteristics and climate.

Description of the Pacific Ocean

It's hard to say today who discovered the Pacific Ocean. The first Europeans were the Spanish conquistadors who crossed the Isthmus of Panama. It was named by the Portuguese navigator Fernand Magellan, who crossed it in 3 months and 3 weeks without encountering a single storm...
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Fire element: the largest volcano in the world

The ancient Romans believed that the destructive fire was commanded by the god Vulcan, hence the name of the geological heights. Today, scientific discoveries have made it possible to describe the origin of volcanoes, the nature of eruptions, the danger to the population living nearby.

Consider the largest active geological hills and give them a description. On the surface of the land their number exceeds 900 units, hundreds more are located under the waters of the oceans.

The largest eruption in history

All terrestrial volcanoes are divided into two types:

  • acting;
  • extinguished.

Depending on the activity of the eruption, it can last either a few days or indefinitely. It is noteworthy that the atmosphere on planet Earth arose due to the strongest eruptions, during which huge amounts of soot, steam and carbon dioxide were released into the atmosphere.

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The Powerful: The World's Most Influential People

Forbes magazine annually publishes a list of the most influential people. Politicians and representatives of big business are always at the top of the list. Sometimes over a long period the top three do not change. It is no secret that big politics takes place behind the scenes. Strategic decisions and the geopolitical game that has always been conducted in the world are also important.

Consider the rating of the most influential people in the world at the end of 2018, learn what achievements allowed them to get into the review of the authoritative edition.

Рейтинг Forbes 2024 года

Аналитика forbes опирается не только на политически важные решения и перестановки на политической арене, они также изучают рейтинговый список американского журнала Time, который весной каждого года публикует список 100 …
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Source of renewable energy: the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world

Первые прототипы гидроэлектростанций появились к концу XIX века. Это были небольшие генераторы, число которых увеличивалось с каждым годом в связи с ростом промышленного производства. Первая ГЭС Томаса Эдисона, увидевшая свет в 1882 году, вырабатывала 12,5 киловатт, что можно сравнить с показателями современных гигантов.

Рассмотрим самые большие ГЭС в мире, расскажем, где они находятся. Использование энергии воды для получения электричества — экологически безопасный способ получить ресурс, не загрязняя воздух и воду.

Самые большие ГЭС в мире

Гидроэлектростанции строятся на реках с большими запасами энергии воды. Это позволяет быстро выработать необходимое количество энергии после ввода объекта в эксплуатацию. Первые ГЭС появились в Западной Европе и …
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One mistake and you're sailing: the smallest island in the world

Islands, as a rule, we associate with recreation, endless beaches, quiet and carefree. There are also places on the planet where no man has set foot. Uninhabited islands are often those where people can not survive: they have a small area, they have no sources of fresh water.

Consider the smallest islands on earth, tell us where they are located and how people survive on the tiny area.

The Inhabited Islands

An island is a piece of land surrounded on all sides by water. Life on a small plot in the middle of the ocean may seem romantic, but in fact it has a lot of complications:

  • hurricane winds, from which it is difficult to hide;
  • the emergence of high waves, bringing destruction;
  • Lack of fresh water sources;
  • difficulties in obtaining food.

Them ...
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Surrounded by continents: the smallest ocean

The largest water body on the planet Earth is the ocean. Hydrological resources are in constant interaction with the atmosphere and the Earth's surface. Previously, four water bodies were distinguished, which together represented the World Ocean, occupying 71% of the planet's surface. In 2000, the International Hydrographic Organization distinguished the Southern Ocean as a separate body.

Let's look at the list of water areas and find out what the smallest ocean in the world is called.

What are the oceans?

The science of oceanology deals with the study of hydrological processes. The waters of individual water areas have distinctive characteristics, their own unique flora and fauna. The boundaries are determined by currents and the location of the continents.

The Pacific (178.68 million km2)

The largest by area and volume of water in the world, accounting for 53% of the volume of water of the entire world's oceans.Otherwise called ...
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On the crest: the biggest waves in the world

Surfing is a unique sport in which a person must curb a big wave. It first appeared in Polynesia and became part of the life of the local people. Europeans also loved surfing, transforming it into other sports (windsurfing, wakesurf). But the main thing remains - a big wave.

Those who want to test their strength in gliding through the water should find a place where the biggest waves meet.

Top 10 places with the biggest waves

The quality of waves in the sea and the ocean is influenced by the strength and direction of the wind. The bottom topography also plays an important role. Surfers all over the world are always looking for the perfect wave: big, high, stable. Let's tell you what points ...
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Close to the shore: the smallest sea

A sea is an isolated part of the ocean, separated by groups of islands, land areas, and currents. There are 73 water areas of this type in the world, not including the lakes that are commonly referred to as the Aral Sea, the Caspian Sea, and others.

Consider the smallest and shallowest seas in the world and in Russia, and find out what their volume, depth, and surface area is.

Washing the shores of Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world, washed by three oceans:

  • Tihogo;
  • Atlantic;
  • Arctic.

Let's find out which of them is recognized as the smallest. Azov Sea - the smallest sea in Russia, which is also the smallest on Earth. Surface area - 39 thousand square kilometers. Refers to the basin of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Без воды здесь не выжить: ТОП-10 самых больших пустынь в мире

Мы привыкли считать, что пустыня — место жаркое. На самом деле данное понятие в географии означает равнинную местность, где почти полностью отсутствует растительность. На планете земля существуют десятки пустынных зон.

Различают арктические, глинистые, песчаные, солончаковые, каменистые пустыни. Самой большой арктической пустыней на Земле считается Арктическая. Рассмотрим площадь иных зон планеты, отличающихся жарким засушливым климатом.


Пустыни мира на карте

1. Сахара …
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