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Bouquet of Flowers: Rating of films from different years

Visualizer Shirley Wu presents her own take on the summer blockbuster ratings from 1990 to 2016. Not very easy to read, but insanely beautiful!

What's hidden in the flowers:

  • Petal color denotes the genre (drama, comedy, adventure, action, other).
  • Form - MPAA rating. G: no age restrictions. PG: viewing is recommended in the presence of adults. PG-13: age restriction 13+. R: children under 17 without adults are not allowed.
  • Size flower shows an IMDb (Internet Movie Database) rating on a ten-point scale, where "1" is very bad and "10" is a masterpiece.
  • Configuration flower - the number of votes given for the movie by IMDb users.

For example, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II" premiered in July 2011 with a rating of 8.1 (more than 644,000 users voted in total). But the final part of the tetralogy about the adventures of Batman, "Batman and Robin" (June 1997) not only got only 3.7 rating points, but also "grabbed" several nominations "Golden Raspberry.

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