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The highest paid professions in Russia

Every year the highest-paying occupations in the country change, so many people follow market trends with interest. Statistics and applicants who are deciding where to study usually need this information.

In recent years there has been a shortage of blue-collar jobs in the country, so the next few years they will be in demand. If the situation does not change during the year, the salaries of engineers, construction workers, designers, mechanics and other blue-collar jobs may increase significantly. Then they will enter the list of the highest-paid professions in the country.

Rating of professions in Russia by size of salary

В 2023 году ТОП-10 самых высокооплачиваемых профессий в России не сильно изменился. В него по-прежнему входят главы крупных корпораций и их советники, а также специалисты в некоторых узких областях.

Profession Paid per month What to do
Top Managers 900 000 Negotiating, defining the company's development strategy, solving fundamental questions about the company's management
Officials at the federal level 250 000 Making decisions about the development of a particular area, passing laws, working with the public, the development of accountable areas, writing reports on the work done
Auditors 170 000 Implementation of external and internal inspection of the company for compliance with the requirements of current legislation
Civil aviation pilots 150 000 Transportation of passengers by air transport
IT Professionals 125 000 Software development, network administration within the company, bug fixes in programs, writing applications for various operating systems
Chief Accountant 100 000 Keeping financial records, dealing with foreign currency accounts, making payments, paying salaries to employees
Geneticists 80 000 Conducting medical tests, conducting research activities
Doctors in subspecialties 65 000 Identifying diseases and prescribing an effective treatment plan
Teachers at universities 60 000 Creating a curriculum, coursework and diploma works, lectures and seminars, participation in research activities
Builders, engineers, designers 40 000 Design and construction of communications, construction of buildings

This is the top highest paid professions in Russia today. For many people it may be surprising that lawyers, traders and many specialists in the banking industry are not included in the table. There is now a downward trend in their income, as the number of employees in these areas exceeds the needs of existing companies.

It is worth noting that the highest-paying occupations for girls are auditor and chief accountant. According to statistics, about 90% jobs in these areas are occupied by women.

Самые востребованные профессии в 2023 году

It is worth considering the most popular professions in Russia to understand where it is easiest to get a job. They are not always considered to be the most highly paid. But it's much easier to get a job here because there are the most open positions. All data taken from from the official site of Rosstat.

The most popular professions in Russia

The most popular professions in Russia. See it live →

Heavy Industry

Today, heavy industry enterprises experience a shortage of personnel, so it is not difficult to find work in this area. The average salary here is 32,000 rubles. In the northern regions, it can go up to 50,000 rubles. Most often, jobs are required:

  • welders;
  • locksmiths;
  • turners;
  • repairmen;
  • adjusters.
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Depending on the company, many additionally receive a VMI policy and other intangible benefits, which makes working in this field quite attractive.

Today, just over 4.1 million people work in this industry, which is 6% of the total number of economically active residents of the country. The older the specialty, the more highly paid it is. Specialists are especially valued at military and shipbuilding enterprises.


Самые высокооплачиваемые профессии в России в 2023 году в этой отрасли – это преподаватели в ВУЗах. Они зарабатывают до 50 000 рублей. Зарплата складывается из уровня нагрузки, поэтому каждый сам для себя решает, какой доход ему необходим.

Finding a job in this field is not difficult. It is always needed here:

  • teachers in schools;
  • Teachers at universities and colleges;
  • educators in kindergartens.

The average salary in the country is 30,500 rubles. Today more than 4.4 million people work in various educational institutions, which is about 7% of the total working population of Russia.


Managers of any level are always needed by companies, so they are involved in all areas of the economy. They are responsible for performing analytical work, compiling reports and executing plans. The average salary is 35 t.r.

Here, according to Rosstat, just over 4.6 million people work, or 7% of the total number of able-bodied Russians.


These specialists must have special skills and know how to properly negotiate with counterparties. They also decide on the strategic and tactical development of the organization. For their work they receive about 65,000 rubles.

Almost 5 million people work in managerial positions, which is almost 8% of the total working-age population of the Russian Federation.

Trade area

Salespeople are needed to sell the goods and services produced. In most cases, no special training is required to master this profession. But then it will be difficult to get a salary over 25 thousand rubles. Performing a number of additional functions can increase it to 40 thousand rubles. Such functions include preparing reports and drawing up an individual sales plan.

More than 5.6 million people sell goods and services. This is about 9% of the total number of workers. However, this occupation cannot be called a high-paying one.


One of the most in-demand and highly paid professions in the country is logisticians. There is a strong shortage of qualified specialists, so firms are willing to overpay employees. The average salary is 32 rubles, but in some cases the employee's income can go up to 60 rubles.

The field employs 7 million people, or 10% as a percentage.

Новые профессии в 2023 году

New professions in the rating The highest paid in Russia were:

  • Engineer;
  • IT Specialist;
  • robotics;
  • architect;
  • design engineer;
  • web designer;
  • agroengineer.

Today there is a shortage of working professions in the country, so in the coming years it is these professionals who will receive increased salaries. Managers, salespeople and lawyers are quite numerous, so their average income level each year decreases.

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В 2023 году ТОПовые специальности являются высокооплачиваемыми. Но количество открытых вакансий активно сокращается. Поэтому есть высокий риск остаться без работы в попытке освоить одну из этих высокооплачиваемых специальностей.

Gender and Regional Differences

Traditionally, the top 10 highest-paid occupations are compiled based on income throughout Russia. However, there are differences in income levels by region. Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg receive the highest salaries. Northern regions can also compete with them in terms of their income levels.

Comparison of average salaries of men and women

Comparison of average salaries of men and women. Source:

They earn a little less in the Far East, but prices there are much higher, so most of their salaries have to be spent to maintain their standard of living.

Siberia and the Urals are characterized by a high level of income disparity. For example, specialists in high-demand occupations can earn large salaries, while salespeople and employees with no specialty rarely earn more than 20,000 rubles per month.

In the south of the country, the situation is such that the agricultural and tourism industries are developing dynamically. Here you can earn enough. But in a number of other industries there is stagnation. Therefore, there are few high-paying jobs there.

Experts' Forecast

Experts believe that the list of the highest paid professions in the next year will not change much. However, teachers at universities and doctors of narrow specialties may be excluded from it, as the need for technical specialists is increasing. Salaries of the employees mentioned above will not decrease. Most likely, it will remain at the same level. Displacement will occur due to an increase in pay for technical specialists.

To the question of which profession is the highest paid, the answer will be the same. The first position will continue to hold the top managers of large corporations. But it is quite difficult to get this position, so young professionals need to look for more down-to-earth options. International companies guarantee high-paying professions with annual indexation of wages.

Thus, choosing where to go to study, it is necessary to carefully examine not only the current state of affairs, but also the forecast of experts. Over several years of training the chosen specialty can come to the top or, conversely, be unpromising.

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Mikhail, the data is mostly from the official Rosstat website. The infographic shows the data sources at the bottom.

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