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Reaching for the sky: the 10 tallest buildings in the world

Mankind strives to "reach for the stars". One manifestation of this desire is the appearance of more and more skyscrapers. So if a structure claims to be "the tallest building in the world", then there will be someone who will try to surpass it. Thanks to modern technology and a variety of high-quality building materials allow world architecture to regularly create original projects of unique tall buildings, bringing them to life.

Therefore, every year different countries can boast" not only the appearance of many ordinary buildings, but also hundreds of skyscrapers. So far, the height of the tallest building in the world has not surpassed the mark of one thousand meters, but in the future all is real, as a contender - Burj Al Mamlaka is already under construction. The originality and audacity of many buildings allow them to assign the status of architectural masterpieces. This article will tell you where to find the highest buildings in the world, Top 10 skyscrapers.

The world's tallest buildings

The top ten tallest buildings in the world

The top ten tallest buildings in the world

Let's take a closer look at the list of the world's tallest buildings, these unique creations of human modern civilization. Let's start with the "lowest" building, at the end of the top 10.

10th place: International Commercial Center

Hong Kong has become famous not only for its enviable economic development and standard of living, but also for the number of high-rise buildings erected. Today, there are already 316 structures in the metropolis that have exceeded the 150-meter reference point. But few rival the luxurious building of the International Trade Center.

484 meters - a figure that boggles the imagination. And originally the project was created for a building 90 meters higher! But it had to be adjusted under the current law in China, which prohibits building skyscrapers higher than the mountain peaks in the area. There are 118 floors in total. The lower 100 floors accommodate a variety of offices, stores and shopping centers. And on the top 17 (102-118) is a magnificent five-star hotel with a luxury pool at the top. This is also a kind of record.

International Business Center

The height of the international commercial center is 484 meters

9th place: Shanghai Tower

Just seventeen meters short of the Shanghai Tower to take eighth place among the tallest buildings in the world. As the name suggests, this structure is also located in China. At 492 meters, the architectural object rises into the sky. The amazing shape allows you to call it a "bottle opener". The total number of floors is just over a hundred (101).

Construction began back in 1997, then another crisis followed, and the process froze. Only in 2003 it was possible to continue construction, which was finally completed in 2008. Originally the round top of the building was designed, residents have caught in this connection with the Japanese flag and went on strike.

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At that time the designers decided on a trapezoidal shape, and in this case the costs were significantly reduced. The Shanghai Tower in 2008 became the first in the list of the tallest buildings in the world, the size of its observation deck has no rivals on the planet.

Shanghai Tower

The amazing shape allows us to call the tower a "bottle opener".

8th place: Taipei 101

It is the most famous landmark in Taiwan, with a height of 509 meters! The skyscraper was the first in height in 2004-2007, breaking the half-kilometer mark. The name clearly indicates the location and number of floors. The facility was commissioned in 2003, the designers were inspired by traditional Chinese architecture, combining it with the basics of modern postmodernism.

Protected from natural disasters is a huge pendulum - a ball weighing 660 tons, which is located between 87 and 91 floors. It is considered the largest damper on the planet. In addition, the structure is famous for high-speed elevators. Thus, in a minute up visitors fly a distance of 1010 meters, and down - 610. It is noteworthy that elevators here are two-story.

Taipei 101

The skyscraper was the first tallest in 2004-2007

7th place: CTF Financial Center

The seventh place on our list is again deservedly taken by the building from China, located in Guangzhou - the International Finance Center. The height is registered at 530 meters.

The status of "the tallest building under construction in the world" is rightly deserved - 103 floors are already in operation, four of which are basements. Elevators here, as in the previous case, can be classified as superfast - they move up at 72.4 km/h, but they go down much slower (twice as fast). The streamlined structure minimizes the danger from air currents.

CTF Financial Center

Elevators in the CTF Financial Center move upward at 72.4 km/h

6th place: WTC 1 or the Freedom Tower

In New York City, in memory of the World Trade Center terrorist attack on 9/11/2001, there is the Freedom Tower, the embodiment of the American people's courage and their opposition to world calamity. It ranks first among the highest towers of the western half of the world with 541 meters (or 1776 feet), a figure that also symbolizes the year when the country declared independence and signed the Declaration of Independence.

The design of the building took into account the experience of the terrible destruction of previous structures - each of the 104 floors has a place to hide, the location of the elevators is protected by a reinforced tier in the center.

WTC 1 or the Freedom Tower

Each of the 104 floors of WTC 1 has a place to hide

5th place: Lotte World Tower

In 2017, a building was built in Seoul, which closes the top five tallest in the world. This is a real pride for South Korea, because here she has no competitors - none of the architects could not exceed the mark of 554 and a half meters in the country.

The Lotte World Tower has 123 floors, most of which contain a variety of stores, offices, living quarters, and hotel rooms. The top four have platforms that offer stunning views of the city and surroundings. The shape resembles a high cone framed by glass panels - a famous "highlight" of Korean architecture.

Lotte World Tower

Lotte World Tower has 123 floors

4th place: International Financial Center

Pingan, the Asian skyscraper from the city of Shenzhen climbed to number four. The international financial center is called Pingan. 600 meters of beauty and grandeur are amazing. The original plan was to surpass the Shanghai Tower and erect 660 meters, but then there would have been problems with flights.

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This building is also considered a newcomer to the list under consideration, as it only appeared on the list in 2017. Exactly 115 floors contain the tall giant.

International Financial Center

The International Financial Center appeared in 2017

3rd place: Abraj al-Beit Towers

The bronze goes to Saudi Arabia, to Mecca, where there is a high-rise decorated with glass mosaics. The architectural masterpiece is called Abraj al-Beit, otherwise known as the Royal Clock Tower.

The top of the skyscraper, topped with an inconceivable tetrahedral clock, reached 601 meters. There are 102 floors. Inside is a chic hotel, often used by pilgrims from all over the world who come to visit the holy places.

Abraj al-Beit Towers

The top of the Abraj al-Beit Tower is topped by a tetrahedral clock

2nd place: Shanghai Tower

The second tallest building in the world 2018 can be seen in Shanghai - Shanghai Tower. The planned 632 meters of Chinese pride was built in the fifteenth year of this century, and contains 128 floors.

Laying of the foundation stone began in 1993. The area of the structure is 380,000 square meters. The spiraling tower consists of 9 local vertical zones. The quality glass and unique construction resist the forces of nature. The Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in the world, a testimony of the unique Chinese architecture.

Shanghai Tower

The laying of the Shanghai Tower began back in 1993

1st place: Burj Khalifa

It's time to find out how many floors the world's tallest building has - 163. The name of the "leader" is Burj Khalifa, and its grandeur extends to 828 meters above ground zero. About nine hundred residential units, three hundred and four hotel rooms, office and shopping complexes, grounds for viewing the neighborhood - this is what the architects have placed in the world champion. Therefore it can safely be classified as the highest partially residential buildings in the world.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa stretches 828 meters above ground level

The tallest building under construction in the future

The dominance of the tallest building in the world in Dubai will soon end. It is estimated that in 2020 the construction of the one kilometer tall Burj al Mamlak will be completed! Such a challenge to the architectural world was thrown by the nephew of the king of Saudi Arabia, who carries the title of Prince. Adrian Smith became the chief architect of the tallest building in the world in the future. When the projected 167 floors will be erected, this name will forever remain in world history.


Thus, we learned where the tallest building in the world is, and where a competitor that surpasses all world records will soon appear.



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