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Bogatyr's might: the strongest man in the world

Since ancient times the main trump card of men has been strength. They used it in battle, in hunting, in long campaigns, conquering territories. Today almost nothing has changed. Men bet on strong muscles and a beautiful body, attracting the attention of the weak half of humanity.

The Guinness Book of World Records allows us to find out who among the people on the planet was able to move a car by hand. Also, every year since 1977, the "World's Strongest Man" competition takes place. Let's find out who the strongest man in the world is and what he does.

How is a person's strength determined?

To assess the strength of a particular person there is a parameter of muscular strength. It consists in overcoming external resistance through muscle strength and is a consequence of certain movements. Over time, the strength of a person fades: he becomes older, muscle mass decreases. Also, strength is affected:

  • hormonal surges;
  • individual characteristics;
  • a person's work on himself;
  • psychological factor.

Thus, power is the aggregate strength abilities of human muscles with the highest degree of agility, endurance, reaction speed. People pumping muscles for beauty are not necessarily considered strongmen. We present a rating of the strongest people on the planet throughout history, who have surprised the world.

Top 10 strongest people in the world

The world's top most famous strongman includes both women and men. The twentieth century was a period when women reasserted themselves and began to demand equal rights with men. Today it is already the norm to see the weaker sex in government, in managerial positions. However, there is no doubt that men are physically stronger and stronger than women.

10. Rebecca Swanson

Born in 1973, Rebecca is the most famous powerlifter and MMA fighter in the U.S. She has not competed since 2005, but most of the records she has set are still unbroken. Among them:

  • bench press (272.2 kg);
  • the deepest squat with a weight of 387.4 kg;
  • world record in the deadlift (315 kg).
Becca Swenson

The strongest woman in the world lives in the United States

She has the highest qualification in powerlifting according to the results of three basic exercises. At the moment she is the strongest woman on the planet. Initially she was engaged in bodybuilding, but quickly realized that she could make a fast career in powerlifting. She is 180 cm tall and weighs 110 kg.

9. arnold schwarzenegger

One of the most famous bodybuilders, who not only made a career in American cinema, but also in politics. He was elected governor of California twice. Today Arnold continues to appear in films and is engaged in business. He got into bodybuilding at 15 and quickly realized that without steroids you can not achieve rapid muscle growth. Then he stopped using them.


Similar pictures of Arnold hung above every boy's bed

The athlete is 188 centimeters tall, holds "Mr. Olympia" and "Mr. Universe" titles, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Schwarzenegger used to call the Soviet weightlifter Yuri Vlasov his idol.

8. yuri vlasov

The Soviet weightlifter was once considered one of the strongest men on the planet. He was born in the village of Makeyevka in 1935 and achieved incredible success in the sport. 31 world records and 41 Soviet records under Vlasov's belt as a heavyweight. Other titles:

  • 1960 Olympic champion in Rome;
  • Four-time world champion, six-time European champion.

Yuri Vlasov went down in history as a great weightlifter

He wrote dozens of books about how to overcome yourself, wrote short stories. In the mid-80s he became involved in political activity.

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7. bruce wilhelm

Born in sunny California in 1945, Bruce wanted a career in track and field, but fate led him to the shot put, a discipline in which he quickly became successful. He then tried his hand at discus and Greco-Roman wrestling.


Bruce lifts the bar

He was the U.S. weightlifting champion and twice won the title "World's Strongest Man." He weighed 150 kilograms when he was 188 centimeters tall.

6. Mariusz Zbigniew Pudzianowski

Born in Poland, his father was a famous weightlifter, which influenced the boy's career choice. He has done boxing, powerlifting, power extreme and MMA. He is a five-time Strongman world champion (powerlifting) and three-time European champion.


Mariusz wanted a career in rugby

Mariusz was four times the best weightlifter in Poland and is currently an MMA fighter.

5. Vasily Alekseev

Vasily Alekseev, who competed in the super-heavyweight division for the Soviet team, set 79 world records for various exercises, first breaking the 600-kilogram mark in 1970, and two years later exceeding 140 kg in the overall triathlon.


Weightlifter Alexeyev in the photo on the left

At the end of his career, he coached the national team and was successful in his duties. He passed away in 2011 at the age of 69 with heart problems.

4. Ray Williams

Called the king of powerlifting, Ray Williams is one of the strongest men on Earth. He conquered America and the world by the combined triathlon, first gaining 1,005 pounds and then raising the bar to 1,081.5 pounds in late 2018.


The king of powerlifting breaks another record. 2018.

The unbelievable results of the strongman are astounding. He is 184 centimeters tall and weighs 183 kilograms.

3. Yakub Chekhovskaya

The phenomenon of Yakuba is poorly understood, as there were legends about his strength, but very little information has survived. Jacob was born in Grodno in 1879 into the family of a sworn attorney. A high school student, he became interested in the circus and bought pound dumbbells at the market.


Preserved poster of Yakov's performance

At one point he became so strong and sturdy that he could swing a stick on his shoulders with two men hanging on either side of it. It is said that he could lift a horse and stand with it for quite a long time.

2. Alexander Zass

A strongman from Russia, Alexander Zass was considered one of the strongest men of his time. Since childhood he had outstanding abilities and was drawn to performing complex athletic exercises. In 1908 he joined the circus troupe of Orenburg, with which he toured the whole country before the First World War. Alexander was short (167 cm), but he managed to develop a special system of muscle training, whose meaning was not reduced to repeated exercises under load. Isometric exercises allowed him to develop a strong musculature.

strongman Zass

Repetition of the horse trick

He served in the infantry, after the battle carried a wounded horse, which made him famous. He was a prisoner of the Austrians and managed to escape to Hungary, where he joined the circus Schmidt. After living in England, where he was awarded the title of "The Strongest Man in the World.

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1. Joseph Rollino

A unique American strongman, born in the early twentieth century in New York, ranks first in the top 10. He lived an interesting life and died at the age of 104. Like Alexander Zaas, he had a modest build, was 165 cm tall.


Joe Rollino, war veteran, longest-lived and oldest powerlifter

Under the pseudonym "Little Dundee" he fought 100 fights in the ring, but did not achieve significant success, after which he became seriously involved in weightlifting. Among his individual accomplishments are listed:

  • Lifting a weight of 500 kg;
  • lifting a weight of 215 kg with his teeth;
  • holding 290 kilograms with one finger.

He was a veteran of World War II.

The Strongest Man in Russia

The history of our country knows dozens of unique male heroes, all of whom conquered the world in their time.

Mikhail Koklyaev

Mikhail has been involved in weightlifting since he was 13 years old and came to powerlifting. Among his achievements is the record of 1007.5 kilograms in the triathlon. He is the owner of the national weightlifting cup. In 2018 he amazed the country by moving the floating crane "Volgar" by 2.22 meters in two minutes. The crane was attached to Mikhail's body by cables. The weight of the floating crane is 10000 tons.

Mikhail Koklyaev

Mikhail continues to break Russian records

In 2019, he announced that he wants to fight the famous MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko, for which he wants to lose 40 kilograms of weight.

Man's strongest muscles

Human muscles play a huge role in movement. They support the skeleton, help us move and sit or stand in a certain position. We even breathe and swallow with the help of muscle tissue contractions.

The largest human muscles are the gluteal muscles, the longest are located in the thighs and are called the tailor muscles. Let's find out which are the strongest.

Calf and chewing muscles

Man has the strongest muscles:

  • chewables;
  • calves.

Located near the cheekbones, the chewing muscle lifts the lower jaw, lowers it, and ensures the grip of food with the tongue. Only the calf muscles, located at the back of the shin, are stronger than the chewing muscles. If it is strained hard, it can become cramped. Athletes know that developing the calves is difficult, so they are often called "lazy".


The posterior muscle group of the human leg

It is able to produce maximum force when straightening the leg at the knee. If you squat, the pressure falls on the cambalic muscle area below.

The strongest man in the history of mankind

The world knows hundreds of strongmen, athletes, great people, capable of defeating themselves. It is very difficult to choose the strongest among them. The Guinness Book of Records has put everything in its place. It contains the achievements of one athlete, which no one has managed to exceed.


Taranenko went down in history as an invincible strongman

Leonid Taranenko, a Soviet weightlifter from Belorussia, set 19 world records, two of which are in the Guinness Book and could not be broken. He lifted 266 kilograms in the jerk. He is the 1980 Olympic champion. It is notable that the USSR boycotted the next Olympics, and Leonid missed it, but that year he lifted 52.5 kilograms more than the weight of the champion.

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  1. Human strength is a set of data, by which is meant overcoming external resistance with an effort of will. Without regular training and the desire to succeed, you will not succeed.
  2. The strongest man in the world is Joe Rollino from the U.S. He lived to be 104 and lifted weights even at an advanced age.
  3. The strongest man in Russia today is Mikhail Koklyaev.
  4. The strongest muscles in humans are the chewing muscles and the calf muscles.
  5. The strongest man in history can be called the Soviet athlete Leonid Taranenko.

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