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Man's friend: rating of the most expensive dogs in the world

A dog is first and foremost a friend of man. They are great guards, hunters, and companions that can brighten up the lives of lonely people and entire families. A pet brings a lot of positive things into the life of the owner, especially if the owner raises it from an early age.

Before getting a dog, many people think about whether to give preference to a dog without documents or to choose a purebred. The latter are expensive, the choice should be taken seriously, considering the character, the rules of maintenance. We suggest you read the rating of the most expensive dogs in the world and find out what the prices of pets today.

Why are some dog breeds more expensive than others?

The most expensive dogs fall into the hands of wealthy owners, where they are properly fed, buy them clothes and even take them to the beauty salon for haircuts. You can notice that among celebrities there is a fashion for a particular dog.

The cost of a four-legged friend is determined based on a number of attributes:

  • purity, the rarity of the breed;
  • Availability and number of titles, awards;
  • the appearance of the dog;
  • dog's health.

Prices on the market fluctuate, so it is difficult to determine which breed is considered the most expensive. The cost may be inflated in countries where it is considered rare. Nevertheless, all of the dogs in the rating are inherently popular.

Rating of expensive dogs

Top 10 most expensive dogs in the world according to the American edition

Top 15 most expensive dog breeds in the world

Before we talk about what breed of dog is the most expensive, let us note that the evaluation is awarded not only one type of animal, but the exclusivity of a particular dog. He can have an excellent pedigree, exterior - qualities that will increase its value.

The price of the most expensive dogs in the world is listed in U.S. dollars. So, breeders have learned to make money on loyalty and friendship. On the one hand, it is sad, on the other hand, it allows you to care about the purity of dog breeds.

Bullmastiff (15th place)


Young Bullmastiff

At the very end of our ranking is the faithful watchdog, the Bullmastiff. was first bred in the 19th century in England and is considered one of the youngest. Representatives have a large build, a broad chest, a large head. They look intimidating, although not prone to aggression without reason.

The main purpose of the dog: protection of forests from hunters and poachers. The representatives of the bullmastiff were engaged in catching trespassers in England for decades; they did not bite the person they found, but knocked him down, calling the owner for help. Bullmastiffs have not barked in vain since then.

The price for a puppy starts at $300 and goes up to $1,000.

Chinese Crested (14th place)

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested Pose for Photographer Sophie Gamand

Bred in China, today it is considered one of the most expensive dogs. It looks very cute, strongly attached to the owner.

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Refers to the class of companions, the growth does not exceed 30-33 centimeters. The body of the animal is covered with sparse hair or even bare. In the middle of last century, the breed almost disappeared, but in Great Britain it began to be engaged. The cost is due to rarity and exotic appearance. The lowest price for a puppy - $ 400. If the seller understates the price, then there is a marriage.

Sharpay (13th place)


Sharpies are dogs with a balanced disposition

Another expensive dog hails from the Celestial Empire and is difficult to confuse with the others because it has two consistent characteristics:

  • skin with deep creases;
  • the tongue has a black and blue hue.

This is a sturdy, short (up to half a meter) animal. Like the bullmastiff, it belongs to the molosser section. Originally intended for hunting and guarding grazing livestock, it was bred by peasants. There are theories of a fighting origin of the dog.

The Communist regime of Mao Zedong almost completely exterminated dogs in the country during his rule. In the 70's, the Sharpei was named the rarest breed in the world. The character of the dogs is calm, they are loyal to their owners, they are trainable. It is recommended that they be raised in the company of other four-legged dogs from childhood, otherwise the Sharpei will be aggressive against other breeds.

The cost starts at $ 400.

Akita Inu (12th place)

Akita Inu

Akita inu playing in the snow

The name comes from the Japanese province of the same name, where the dogs traditionally lived. The main purpose is to hunt big game:

  • deer;
  • bears;
  • boars.

Today this is a thing of the past, and the Akita-inu is considered the dearest friend, a companion dog. They get along both on the street and in city apartments. Large, tall, male dogs reach 67-70 centimeters at the withers.

At the end of World War II, four more breeds were bred based on the purebred Japanese. One of them is the American Akita. All of them are used as family dogs, not intended for hunting. Akita-inu and Husky are free-living representatives. They do not guard territory.

The most famous dog of this breed is a dog named Hachiko. He conquered the world by his loyalty to his master, this story was the basis of the American movie of the same name. Love and loyalty are expensive qualities. Those who want to buy a small Akita-inu should collect at least 450 c.u.

Pharaoh's dog (11th place)

Pharaoh dog

The graceful Pharaoh's dog

Perhaps the rarest breed on the territory of the CIS. Refers to the primitive, was previously distributed only on the island of Malta.

The muzzle of the dog is elongated, wedge-shaped, the body is long on high paws, reminiscent of greyhound types. Originally used as a hunting dog, even today is aggressive towards beasts and birds. Good to train, quickly remembers commands, can not be used as a guard.

Pharaoh dog - the perfect friend of the hunter, it has excellent vision, a keen sense of smell, not lost in the process of evolution instincts. The cost - from 50000 rubles.

Jack Russell Terrier (10th place)

Jack Russell Terrier

Very active dog

A true hunter, an active and fun friend. The dog of this breed can be used as a hunting dog if an animal needs to be retrieved from a burrow or a bird from the water. It is known as a companion, a dear friend, a watchman in the house and apartment.

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Outwardly small with smooth or stiff coat, color white with yellow or black spots. The price of a good specimen - 50000 rubles and above.

Rottweiler (9th place)


Rottweilers require special attention from the owner

Despite their prevalence, Rottweilers consistently rank among the most expensive four-legged animals. Bred in Germany as a ferryman and guardian of livestock.

The Rottweiler is of medium height, but the build is strong and the appearance is intimidating. Often they are breed for protection. As a loyal dog, the Rottweiler will always protect the owner. Aggression is inherent in those who from childhood are kept under lock and key, preventing socialization.

Speaking of the character of a Rottweiler, I want to quote a German proverb: "When you train a German shepherd you do nothing, but when you train a Rottweiler you do a lot. A purebred puppy is priced at 800-1000 USD on the market.

Chongqing (8th place)


Favorite dog of Chinese families

One of the rarest representatives of these animals of Chinese origin. It owes its name to the city of the same name in China. Today it is used as a guard, previously helped people hunt large and medium animals. The history of Chongqing began more than 20 centuries ago.

Infinitely devoted to the owner, active, fearless. Closed country led to the fact that the appearance of the dog has not changed over the years. Lifespan - 15-20 years, which is a record. In our country are not found very often, so the puppy is estimated at 1500 dollars and above.

Norfolk Terrier (7th place)

Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk never refuse a walk

Representatives of the Norfolk Terriers are small dogs, height not exceeding 25 centimeters. They are active, loyal to the family who raised them. Keeping them in an apartment is allowed if the terrier will walk outdoors for at least an hour daily, and once a week - 2 hours.

Can guard the house, love children. Norfolk is a dear and beloved friend of large families. It is considered a rare breed, so the cost of a puppy reaches 2000 c.u.

King Charles Spaniel (6th place)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The pocket dog that girls love to have

When the name is pronounced correctly, the word "Cavalier" is substituted in front. This species of spaniel is very small, used by wealthy families as a family friend, a favorite dog of young ladies, although it has the ability to hunt fowl.

There is an Asian component in the basis of origin. Small breeds were brought to Europe from the East, understanding how expensive they can be sold. Decorativeness is perfectly complemented by affection and absence of aggression. The average price of a decorative specimen with documents is 1500-2000 euros.

Yorkshire Terrier (5th place)

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are cheerful and active

Another representative of England, ornamental, active and cheerful. Currently the breed is at the peak of popularity. Behavioral features: inherent curiosity, courage terriers.

It is convenient for residents of small apartments. Requires careful care: daily brushing, clipping, in winter - changes of clothes before going for a walk. If the yorkie participates in exhibitions, wool grows, oiled, used special curlers.

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He is not used as a guard, because he is not aggressive. He has a good-natured character. Price - $2,000 and above.

English Bulldog (4th place)

English Bulldog

The Bulldog is the symbol of England

It appeared in England for bull riding (it used to be a popular sport). Today it is considered a relative of the mastiff. Despite its origin, the bulldog is balanced and calm.

In Britain, it is believed that breeders are lazy, because the dog does not like to walk, slow, tied to his corner. Care is not difficult. The dog is a symbol of the British nation, so it is dear to each of its representatives. You can buy a puppy for $2500.

Argentine dog (3rd place)

Argentine Dog

Strong, hardy dog

It is the only officially recognized representative in the world of Argentina among four-legged animals. It was created at the beginning of the century on the basis of ten large breeds, the main type of use - hunting on the beast.

Tall (60-68 centimeters), sturdy dog of white color, easily trained. Puppies are expensive ($3000-10000), because they are rare, until the 70's were not known in Europe.

Samoyed husky (2nd place)

Samoyed husky

Russian sled dog

A rare representative of northern medium-sized dogs with snow-white fluffy fur. Its homeland is Russia, the type is "Northern Sleddogs." Samoyeds are the oldest breed in the country.

The muzzle is cute, it seems that the dog smiles. By nature stubborn, but friendly, affectionate. In Russia the cost - 30000 rubles, in Europe - 5000 euros. Poorly tolerates the heat, it is not recommended to bring in hot countries.

Tibetan Mastiff (1st place) - the most expensive dog in the world

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is the most expensive dog breed in the world, the price of some representatives of which exceeded one million dollars. It belongs to the category of ancient dogs. It is associated with legends and myths, which affects the final cost.

Not related to the ancient breeds of sheepdogs, similar to the German Dane, used as a guard and cattle ferry. Able to guard the house, be a dear and loyal friend, watch over children. Let's find out how much the most expensive dog in the world costs. The average price in Russia is 150,000 rubles. Exemplars with a unique color sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The most expensive dog in Russia

Our country does not collect statistics on prices in the kennel market. Occasionally the media gets information about puppies sold at a high price. According to the analysis of the data, rare specimens bred abroad are valued in Russia.

The first in the top klie-kai from Alaska. Having appeared on the market not so long ago, he managed to become fashionable. The cost exceeds 300 thousand Russian rubles. Foreign dogs are used for mating, which makes them expensive.

Alaskan Kli Kai

The Alaskan Kliekai is very similar to the Huskies

Externally, the kli kai is a relative of the Husky, Russian winter is ideal for him. kept in homes and apartments. peculiarity: clean, do not emit the smell of a dog.

When buying an expensive dog, remember: loyalty, love, and not the money paid for him. Not surprisingly, among mongrels there are intelligent and loving, real guards. The most expensive dog is a loyal dog.


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