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Automotive super giants: the biggest car in the world

The size of the car does matter. Giants on our roads are able to carry a large amount of cargo, passengers, to withstand enormous loads. There are also passenger models that can surprise us with their cross-country ability and size.

Let's talk about the giants of the automobile industry and find out the name of the largest truck and car in the world.

The biggest trucks

The car is not only a means of transportation, but also a technique for transporting goods. It is used in construction, for intercity communication, in the industrial sector. Let's look at photos and videos of the largest trucks in the world.

Tipper BelAZ 75710

The Russian holding Siberian Business Union needed a reliable vehicle with a high load capacity to work in coal pits. The Belarusian Automobile Plant fulfilled the order by producing a vehicle with a load capacity of 450 tons in 2014. By this indicator BelAZ surpassed the American and German competitors.


Comparison of the largest truck with the Volga

Dimensions of the monster are amazing: 20,6*9,75*8,17 m. Today it is the largest machine in the world. In addition, the record of load capacity was broken, after what the truck was in the Guinness list. The machine drove over the polygon with a weight of 503 tons. Since the beginning of production, three machines were produced.

It is equipped with a Siemens traction unit and two fuel tanks with a total volume of 5,600 liters.

Liebherr T282B dump truck

It is a dump truck made in Germany, in cooperation with Siemens, which developed the electric powertrain. It was first released from the assembly line in 2004 and is still in production today. The cost of one piece of equipment is about 4 million euros.

Liebherr T282B

Monster designed to carry goods in the quarry

Payload is 363 tons, the maximum total weight of the machine with cargo - 600 tons. The dimensions of the giant are as follows: 15.3*9.52*7.84 m. The buyer has the right to choose the power of the dump truck. The most powerful is a 20-cylinder with a capacity of 90 liters.

Designed to work with rocks, at one time it overtook the American Caterpillar 797B dump truck in terms of lifting capacity.

Terex 33-19 Titan

The Titan, which came off the assembly line back in 1974, was for many years the largest truck in the world, manufactured by the Canadian construction equipment company, opened as a division of the General Motors giant.

Terex 33-19

Today the Titan is a museum piece

The car was used until 1991, its length was 20 meters. It moved at a speed of 35-48 kilometers per hour. Today "Titan" is exhibited as a museum piece in Sparwood, where everyone can see the car and take a picture to remember it.

LTM 11200-9.1 crane

The German Liebherr mobile crane is equipped with a telescopic boom. The machine chassis has nine axles and is used for installing loads weighing hundreds of tons.

Mammoth LTM 11200-9.1

The records of the liebherr crane tried to be broken by manufacturers from China

It is considered one of the most powerful cranes in the world. The boom extends up to 100 m. It can handle loads weighing up to 1200 t. The manufacturer has equipped it with a modern safety system.

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Counterweight is represented by plates of different weights, the total - 202 tons. The length of the machine during transportation is 19.9 meters, in working condition - 28.2 meters.

Caterpillar 797F

The predecessor of the American dump truck model was the legendary 797B, which for a long time was considered the largest in the world with a manual transmission. It is noteworthy that the most load-carrying BelAZ 75710, which was mentioned earlier, belongs to the number of diesel-electric vehicles.

Caterpillar 797

The most recognizable quarry truck in the world

Produced by the American company Caterpillar, the most popular in the U.S. and Western Europe. It is designed to work in quarries and deliver raw materials to the destination. F-Series has been produced since 2008.

Komatsu D575A-3

Komatsu D575A-3 is a crawler bulldozer-excavator with the weight of 142 t. It is produced by Japanese company "Komatsu" since 1991. It is purchased by companies from Australia, USA and Canada.

Komatsu D575A-3

The Komatsu bulldozer is in operation all over the world

The inconvenience of operation is that to move the machine from one site to another it is required to disassemble it and transport it on separate trucks. The number of operating machines in this case reaches 8. The bulldozer length is 11.7 m.

Nicolas Tractomas TR

The largest tractor in the world was produced in a quantity of 60 pieces. For 35 years it has managed to conquer the world and get into the world record book. It is able to pull a train weighing up to 600 tons.

Nicolas Tractomas TR

Nicolas Tractomas TR on the road

The French company Nicolas Industrie specializes in the production of semi-trailers and tractors. The wheel formula - 10*10 allowed the machine to fit into the rules of the road. The main customer of the monsters was the Republic of South Africa. Especially for the tractor the manufacturer created an 11-axle trailer. The main purpose is the transportation of heavy road stations.

The largest passenger cars in the world

In addition to the representatives of the trucks their size can boast of passenger cars. They are designed for those who prefer the space inside the cabin. Such representatives are sold in limited quantities, they are not light, they are difficult to maneuver on city roads.

Maybach 62

The executive limousine was withdrawn from production because the manufacturer was not satisfied with sales. The assembly was produced in Stuttgart, Germany, until 2012. The platform is Mercedes Benz. The body length is 6.165, width - 1.981, height - 1.575 meters.


Maybach 62 executive car

The car can reach speeds of 250 kilometers per hour despite the fact that the concern updated the engine for it. The concern paid special attention to interior details. The Maybach Landaulet with granite interior trim was produced on the basis of the model according to individual orders.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase

Rolls-Royce Ghost is a direct competitor to Maybach limousines. It embodies sophistication and comfort, is considered one of the best executive cars in the world. The design is classic, all elements of the body and the interior have been thought out to the finest detail.


Rolls-Royce of this series is very popular in Russia

The hull dimensions are 5,569*1,948*1,55 m. Each of the cars produced is considered a work of art, descended from a picture: sheep's wool mats, champagne glass holder, noise insulation system. The 6.6-liter engine provides fast acceleration.

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Bugatti Type 41 La Royale

This model was called the elephant in the circus for its imposing size. Despite the nickname, the luxury car was considered the pinnacle of technical thought at the time. The years of production 1926-1933.


The main disadvantage of the Bugatti Type 41 La Royale was its price

The length of the car body is 6.2 meters, 1.65 of which was given under the hood. The car was equipped with an 8-cylinder engine. Power under the hood was impressive - 300 horsepower. The cabin accommodated 5 passengers. Only 6 copies came off the assembly line, all of them are still in the hands of their owners to this day. One of them can be admired in the French National Museum.


  1. The huge machines do difficult work in quarries, help to install windmills. The largest machine today is the Belarusian BelAZ 75710, which carries 450 tons of cargo per trip and is distinguished by its gigantic size.
  2. The biggest passenger cars are executive limousines, like the Bugatti Type 41 La Royale, which was produced in the first half of the 20th century and is 6.2 meters long.

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