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The world's largest hotels and the top huge hotels with first-class service

The largest hotels in the world

The largest hotels in the world are located all over the world, from the Middle East to Europe and the U.S. These hotels have an impressive number of rooms, from 3,000 to 7,000 hotel rooms.

Palazzo Megacenter, Las Vegas

Las Vegas has several huge hotels with thousands of rooms. Palazzo MegaCenter is one of them, offering no less than 7,117 hotel rooms. It features 19 restaurants with award-winning chefs, 80 boutique international brands and plenty of entertainment venues.

First World Hotel, Malaysia

First World Hotel is a giant 6,118-room hotel in Malaysia, located next to the Genting Theme Park, near the forested mountains and an hour and a half drive from Kuala Lumpur. First World Hotel has a casino, fitness center, bars and restaurants with Malaysian music and food.

Izmailovo Hotel, Moscow

Izmailovo is a 3-star hotel in Moscow, built in the late 1970s. The hotel can accommodate more than 1,000 tourists thanks to its 7,500 rooms. Izmailovo was renovated in the late 1990s and is a suitable destination for travelers on an average budget.

The Wynn & Encore

Looks like Las Vegas decided to break the world record for the number of trendy hotels. So be it, because its The Wynn & Encore ranks 5th on the list of the best.

Notre Dame de Paris is one of the world's most majestic buildings

The Wynn & Encore hotels

The colossal building, located on 87 hectares, offers 4,748 rooms for guests to choose from.

It has everything you could want when staying overnight, like a golf course or a Ferrari dealership.

The minimum price for a room is impressive. for the economy will have to pay $ 120.

Escalibur in Las Vegas

Escalibur in Las Vegas

At the top of the list of giant hotels is Hotel Excalibur. It was named in honor of King Arthur's sword. Its power is captured not only in the name.

On the territory of the huge building there are almost four thousand rooms. There are both economy versions and luxurious suites.

First-class service includes:

  • restaurants and cafes;
  • theater and cinema;
  • stores, boutiques, grocery stores;
  • state-of-the-art parking;
  • casino.

Little Venice

Venetian Hotel

Another giant of hospitality is located in the same Las Vegas, this time offering more than just a bed and breakfast, but a whole theatrical showGondolas float on the canal around the building, on which you can ride.

The Venice Hotel is the most expensive hotel complex in the city, but there are budget apartments. The cheapest room over the water can be rented for $163. The hotel has over 4,000 rooms, including suites and fancy suites.

An extraordinary place - the Mountain of Crosses in Lithuania

Luxor Las Vegas

3900 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Ambassador City in Pattaya

Thailand is a mecca for beach lovers. Here is a huge complex, which can simultaneously serve 4,200 rooms. This is one of the oldest hotels in the country. However, service in it remains first-class.

Ambassador City in Pattaya

The main attraction of the complex - the sea, which opens the view from the windows of expensive rooms. In addition, visitors can relax:

  • in the pool;
  • at the spa;
  • in entertainment centers.

The cheapest room here is really an economy option. It costs only $38 per night.

Asia Asia Hotel, Dubai

Asia Asia is a 6,500-room luxury hotel in Dubai with a 5-star rating and is a luxury oasis in the financial and historic center of the city. Asia Asia Asia is considered one of the most important destinations in the Middle East.

MGM Grand Las Vegas, Las Vegas

One of the largest hotels in Las Vegas is the MGM Grand Las Vegas. The casino hotel has 7,372 rooms and is one of the largest hotels in the world. When it opened, it was the largest hotel in the world, and today it ranks number one in international rankings. The hotel has its own pools, rivers and waterfalls, spa facilities, numerous stores, nightclubs, restaurants, exhibition halls and much more.

Mecca Clock Tower

Oum Al Qura St., King Abdul Aziz Endowment Abraj Al Bait Complex, 24231 21955, Saudi Arabia

The largest hotel in the world is considered to be Mecca Clock Tower, also known as Abraj Al-Bait Towers The hotel is very popular with pilgrims to Mecca as well as tourists and businessmen. Mecca Clock Tower The hotel has the title of the world's tallest clock tower, which also has the largest clock face in the world. The hotel consists of three towers with 8,000 rooms and suites.

Leader of the honor roll

Gold in the ranking of the largest hotels in the world gets the Moscow hotel Izmailovo. 7,500 rooms are concentrated in its five buildings. Each block was named after the letters of the Greek alphabet.

Izmailovo Hotel.

The hotel was built to accommodate guests and athletes in 1980. The Olympics allowed the hotel to test its own service immediately after opening.

Huge hotels are a reflection of the city's hospitality. The list of the largest boarding houses features true giants of coziness and comfort.

The most luxurious hotels in Dubai

Luxury and expensive hotels in Dubai attract many tourists and business people. But not everyone can afford the expense of staying in five-star hotels in Dubai. If you have the opportunity, be sure to stay in one of these hotels and get a taste of luxury life.
The United Arab Emirates consists of 7 emirates, and Dubai is one of them. This selection contains the most expensive hotels in Dubai. It is one of the most beautiful and wealthy emirates of the UAE, and most people come here for leisure, business and work. Among the many hotels in Dubai are really unique places, with luxury that no other hotel in the world can compare. The most expensive hotels in Dubai are in famous places like Dubai Marina, Burj Khalifa. These hotels are designed by world famous architectural firms and each of them has unique design.

Armani Hotel Dubai

The Armani Dubai Hotel is unusual if only for the fact that it is located in the tallest building in the world, occupying eight floors of the Burj Khalifa. The owner of the hotel is the central figure of fashion, Giorgio Armani, after whom one of the most expensive hotels in Dubai was named. He personally checks everything in this hotel, from spoons to interior furnishings.
Address: Burj Khalifa, Burj Khalifa area, Dubai City Center, United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 4 888 3888

Jumeirah Creekside Hotel

One of the newest hotels in Dubai is the 5-star Jumeirah Creekside Hotel with 292 suites and rooms. The design was carefully considered by the world's best architects, who placed a Cuban lounge bar on the roof with a 25-meter pool. There are also many other activities, including a private cinema, cultural programs, cooking school and several high-end restaurants. No wonder Jumeirah Creekside is among the most expensive hotels in Dubai.
Address of the hotel: Casablanca Street, Al Gharoud, near the Irish Village. Phone for reservations: +971 4 230 8555.

The Ritz Hotel - Carlton

The Ritz Carlton is a 5-star hotel located in Dubai Marina. Just by the name of the luxury chain it is clear that this is one of the most expensive hotels in Dubai. The Dubai Ritz Carlton includes 138 rooms, in each of which you will not leave feeling as if you are in your own private plane with your own butler. The hotel environment and atmosphere is also very peaceful.
Address: Al Makta - UAE Tel: +971 2 818 8888

Raffles Dubai Hotel

The Raffles Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Dubai, located on Sheikh Rashid Road, offering its guests 248 luxurious rooms and occupying a vast area. This Dubai hotel was designed with inspiration from the colonial architecture of Singapore and Egyptian structures of antiquity. The hotel is built in the shape of a pyramid, which can be easily recognized from the plane window during take-off and landing at the airport. It is one of the most expensive hotels in Dubai, with the most luxurious clubs in the city on top of the pyramid.
Address: 13th Street, Sheikh Rashid Road, Wafi City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 4 324 8888.

Grosvenor House Hotel

The Grosvenor House Hotel is suitable for those who love food. The sleek and modern hotel is designed in an unusual way and located on Dubai Marina Beach. One of its two towers houses British chef Gray Rhodes' restaurant Mezzanine, along with other popular establishments. The other tower houses the famous Embassy nightclub and Provencal 45 restaurant.

Other culinary highlights include the Toro Toro restaurant by Mexican celebrity chef Richard Sandoval. The hotel itself has 422 rooms and is rated 5 stars. Fantastic amenities and an observation deck make Grosvenor House one of the most expensive hotels in Dubai.
Address: Al Sofuh Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 4 399 8888

Dar Al Maysaf Madinat Jumeirah

With 283 luxurious rooms, Dar Al Maysaf Madinat Jumeirah is considered one of the most expensive five-star hotels in Dubai. Its large villas provide guests with an atmosphere of intimacy and privacy. The hotel offers guests rooms with private pools and meals in private mini-restaurants.
Address: Al Sufouh Road - United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 4 366 8888

Burj al-Arab

Burj al Arab is a symbol of wealth and extravagance in Dubai. Located on Jumeirah Beach, it offers 202 rooms and has been listed as one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world. The list of hotel services is endless and even includes personal valets, large suites, privacy, privacy, pillow selection menu and breathtaking views of Jumeirah. Not everyone likes the artistic decoration, but a stay at Burj al Arab makes everyone happy and satisfied without exception. Burj al Arab is also called a seven-star hotel

The luxurious Burj el-Arab hotel on an artificial island in Dubai

The Burj el Arab, popularly called the Sail, is a luxurious hotel and also the most expensive in the world. It is built on an artificial island and 280 meters off the coast.

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 3

Originally, they wanted to create it as a symbol of the city, so to speak, a calling card, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, the Statue of Liberty in New York or the parliament building in Budapest.

Architect Tom Wright came up with the idea for the "hotel-sail" out of the blue. While drinking a beer in a bar, he saw a Doe boat with a sail slowly sailing by at sea.

Here's a simple, unusual, easily recognizable form!" exclaimed Tom.

Thus, after a while, a huge and capacious "boat" was built right at sea.

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 4

At the very entrance to the hotel there is a stair fountain, which from time to time "plays" with visitors and splashes water in different directions.

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 5

Walk a little further and you can get into the heart of the hotel - the lobby, the height of which is a whopping 180 meters.

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The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 6

If you lift your head up, you can see an unearthly "kaleidoscope of floors.

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 7

Gold frames, staircases, chic carpets, labyrinthine corridors, restaurants, swimming pools, expensive fountains - all this can be seen while walking to your room.

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How much is a room at the Burj el-Arab

Previously, in order to stay in one of the hotel rooms, you had to book several months before arrival. But with the onset of the economic crisis, the number of those wishing to settle in decreased.

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 8

The price per night per person:

  • One-Bedroom Super Suite - $2,300
  • Two-Bedroom Super Suite - $4,500
  • The average price ranges from $1,000 to $15,000
  • And the most expensive room at the Burj el-Arab is $28,000.

Of course, not everyone can afford such a luxurious vacation, but those who still dare to go there, do not regret and will remember this trip for life, and maybe even longer!

What the Burj el Arab Hotel looks like from the inside

On the floors there are no boring long dark corridors. On one side there are the entrance doors of the rooms, and on the other side there are no walls and a chic view of the foyer of the expensive hotel.

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 9

There is a reception and concierge on each floor.

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 10

All 202 rooms are two-story suites. Beauty and chic is all that can be said about this most expensive hotel.

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 11

The area of the most common room is 170 square meters, and the most luxurious - as much as 780 square meters!

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 12

Helipad and tennis court at the Burj el-Arab hotel

Almost at the very top of the Burj el-Arab is a helipad, which, if necessary, turns into a tennis court. Cleverly done!

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 13

Would you like to play tennis at 200 meters?

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 14

Some guests enter the hotel from a helicopter.

Soaring Restaurants at the Burj el-Arab

On the other side of the heliport is the highest restaurant "Al Muntaha"("The Highest"), which literally "hovers" over the bay.

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 15

Al Mahara - The seafood restaurant, which is located underwater, is brought here by submarine.

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 16

Tables in it are arranged around a huge round aquarium.

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The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 17

There is also a cafe-restaurant Bab Al Yam (Gateway to the Sea).

And the restaurant Juna lounge (Eye of the Sun.) A variety of goodies, great food, and 3 outdoor and 2 indoor pools.

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 18

Everything is organized so that vacationers feel comfortable, and the time as varied as possible.

Where is the Burj el Arab hotel on the map

The chic Burj Al Arab - the most expensive hotel in Dubai - 19

Al Maha Hotel

Al Maha is a 5-star hotel in Dubai's desert of the same name, called a sandcastle in the desert with skyscrapers, shopping malls and off-road vehicle safaris. Guests are invited to stay in one of 40 rooms, and one night stay in the Presidential Suite costs 2.250$. Al Maha offers activities like camel riding, horseback riding, archery and desert strawberry champagne. You can use your own chef and order a mini bar, heated pool and three bedrooms. This resort is located

JW Marriott Marquis

The JW Marriott Marquis opened recently and has 1,608 rooms that are divided between two towers. It is officially the tallest hotel in the world. When you wake up in the morning, you feel above the clouds. The top floor of the hotel is 400 meters above the ground. The beauty of the JW Marriott Marquis is that it avoids the signature wastefulness of Dubai, with some of the best views of Dubai. Its restaurants feature the best Michelin-starred chefs in the world.
The address of the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel is Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 4 414 0000.

The Address hotel in Dubai

Located in the city center, The Address is the most luxurious and expensive hotel in Dubai. A 5-star hotel with 196 rooms. Despite the lack of a view of the beach, the hotel provides excellent views of the city architecture and the tallest building in the world. High-class furnishings and luxury are evident here in literally everything. This business center hotel attracts mainly business people.
Address: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 4 436 8888

Ranking of the best hotels according to tourist reviews in 2019 - 2020!

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Beach Albatros Resort 4*

Four-star resort hotel located on the beach in Hurghada. Travel time from the airport is 15-20 minutes, the same amount of time it takes to get to the city center.

The hotel provides visitors:

  • private beach;
  • 24-hour parking;
  • stores;
  • bars and restaurants;
  • transfer.

The price of each room includes:

  • TV with satellite TV;
  • air conditioning;
  • minibar;
  • free wi-fi;
  • balcony or terrace;
  • phone;
  • Personal bathroom with all the necessary accessories.


  • swimming pool (outdoor and indoor);
  • fitness center;
  • mini-golf;
  • table tennis;
  • tennis court;
  • darts.

For a fee

  • Turkish bath;
  • hot tub/jacuzzi;
  • spa center;
  • sauna;
  • massage;
  • diving;
  • billiards;
  • windsurfing.

The price for a week-long vacation in a family room is 57,200 rubles in June. In July the room will cost you 66,600 rubles, a little more expensive in August - 72,000 rubles.

Grand Hotel 4*

The four-star hotel is located on the Promenade, where there is an amazing green garden that has settled right by the seaThe proximity to the airport is less than 20 km.

The hotel offers a lot of amenities:

  • beach (first line);
  • Many bars and restaurants;
  • stores;
  • Internet access;
  • transfer.

The rooms have everything you need:

  • air conditioning;
  • TV and cable TV;
  • minibar;
  • refrigerator;
  • phone;
  • balcony/terrace;
  • Personal bathroom with hygiene products and a hairdryer.


  • table tennis;
  • beach volleyball;
  • water polo;
  • pool;

For a fee

  • gym;
  • tennis court;
  • sauna, Jacuzzi, massage;
  • diving, surfing, water skiing, canoeing;
  • non-motorized water sports;
  • billiards.

The price for a one-week hotel stay with the family is 37,300 rubles in June, 41,100 rubles in July, and up to 50,000 rubles in August.

Reef Oasis Beach Resort 5*

A five-star resort hotel in Sharm el-SheikhSurrounded by the Sinai Mountains, it is close to the international airport.


  • beach (first line);
  • parking;
  • bars and restaurants;
  • transfer;
  • car rental;
  • stores;
  • free wi-fi.

In any room:

  • TV and satellite TV;
  • phone;
  • bathroom with the appropriate accessories;
  • balcony/terrace.


  • outdoor pool;
  • fitness center;
  • sauna;
  • Jacuzzi;
  • waterpark;
  • table tennis;
  • tennis court;
  • darts;
  • diving;
  • billiards;

For a fee

  • spa and wellness center;
  • massage;

Paying for a family room for a week will be 53 900 In July the price will go up to 63 700 rubles, and in August the family vacation will cost 71 900 rubles.


Sindbad Club Aqua Hotel 4*

Resort hotel in Hurghada with a pool and beach is located just 15 minutes from the city airport. The way to the beach will not take more than 7-10 minutes.

Amenities on site:

  • transfer;
  • private beach area;
  • bars and restaurants;
  • stores.

Everything you need is in every room:

  • phone;
  • minibar;
  • TV and cable TV;
  • balcony/terrace;
  • bathroom and toiletries.


  • pool;
  • table tennis;
  • waterpark;
  • steamy;
  • tennis court;
  • billiards.

For a fee

  • sauna;
  • canoe;
  • diving;
  • spa and wellness center;
  • massage;
  • fitness center;
  • windsurfing.

travel kit

The price for a one-week stay in a family room in June is 69 400 In July - 72,000 rubles, in August - 78,000 rubles.

Hilton Hurghada Resort 5*

A five-star hotel with a function "All Inclusive located at HurghadaIt takes no more than 5 minutes to get to the beach and no more than 10 minutes to the airport.

On the premises:

  • private beach (first line);
  • transfer;
  • free internet;
  • paid parking;
  • bars and restaurants;
  • nightclub;
  • stores.

The numbers contain:

  • TV with cable TV;
  • minibar;
  • phone;
  • balcony / courtyard;
  • Bathroom with the necessary appliances and accessories.


  • pool;
  • waterpark;
  • fitness center;
  • canoe;
  • table tennis.

For a fee

  • indoor swimming pool (works all year round);
  • Turkish bath;
  • massage;
  • wellness center;
  • sauna;
  • squash;
  • diving;
  • windsurfing;
  • billiards;
  • darts;
  • tennis court.

This hotel allows pets.

A week of accommodation with the whole family in June costs 75,400 rubles, in July the price rises to 82,000 rubles, and in August the family vacation will cost you 87,100 rubles for 7 nights at the hotel.


Hilton Long Beach Resort 4*

A four-star resort hotel with its own beach in Hurghada is located near the city center.

Guests are provided with:

  • transfer;
  • car rental;
  • free parking lot;
  • private beach (first line);
  • spacious courtyard with an outdoor fireplace;
  • stores;
  • bars and restaurants;
  • paid wi-fi.

Comfortable rooms include:

  • phone;
  • minibar;
  • TV with cable TV;
  • Balcony overlooking the garden or pool;
  • air conditioning;
  • modern bathroom.


  • outdoor and indoor pools;
  • fitness center;
  • squash;
  • mini-golf;
  • windsurfing;
  • diving;
  • table tennis;
  • tennis court;
  • billiards.

For a fee

  • masseuse services

Prices for a week's stay at the hotel vary From 73,600 to 83,900 rubles rubles for 7 nights in a family room and depends on the month of arrival.


Titanic Palace 5*

The five-star hotel is located 11 km from the international airport (Hurghada) and 18 km from Giftun Island, 15 km to New Wharf.

On the premises:

  • Private beach (first coastal line);
  • picnic area;
  • transfer;
  • stores;
  • bars and restaurants;
  • private parking;
  • nightclub.

There is no internet access in the hotel.

Inside each room:

  • TV;
  • phone;
  • minibar;
  • air conditioning;
  • bathroom with hygiene products and a hair dryer.


  • pool;
  • waterpark;
  • mini-golf;
  • table tennis;
  • fitness center;
  • darts;
  • game room.

For a fee

  • windsurfing;
  • diving;
  • tennis court;
  • bowling;
  • spa center;
  • Jacuzzi;
  • sauna.

The price for a week-long family vacation starts from 49,300 rubles and reaches 72,000 rubles for June and August, respectively.

Sharm Plaza 5*

The five-star hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh is conveniently located 15 minutes by cab from the airportIt only takes a minute to reach the beach, and Naam Bay is 19 km away.

There are a lot of amenities on the territory of the hotel:

  • private beach;
  • restaurants and bars;
  • stores;
  • free wi-fi;
  • transfer;
  • secure parking.

Simple numbers contain:

  • TV with cable channels;
  • minibar;
  • air conditioning;
  • Bathroom with the necessary appliances and accessories;
  • balcony.


  • pool;
  • fitness center;
  • game room;
  • evening program.

For a fee

  • sauna;
  • massage;
  • wellness center;
  • diving;
  • tennis court;
  • table tennis;
  • billiards;
  • darts.

Best hotels in Moscow

You came to the capital of Russia and do not know where to stay?

We've put together for you a list of the 10 best hotels in Moscow, where you can have a great vacation.

These are buildings that fascinate the eye with their gorgeous exterior and interior. Once you visit these beautiful places for recreation, you will want to return here again and again.

In the "hot ten" the best hotels in Moscow are provided for you. Study the information and appreciate the conditions offered by the cheerful Russians for a comfortable stay for guests of the capital.

Information is provided in full for guests who decide to stay in the heart of Russia.

Four Seasons Hotel Moscow

The cozy Four Seasons Hotel Moscow is a 10-minute walk from St. Basil's Cathedral and the historic Lenin Mausoleum.

Good transport interchange along the building allows you to quickly get to the right place. Very close to Kazansky railway station and several metro stations.

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Four Seasons Hotel Moscow is famous for its unique offers for families and regularly held contests. Currently the hotel has an offer for lovers and newlyweds "Breakfast for Two".

Guests also have the opportunity to get lessons in figure skating, relax in the spa, located in the hotel building and swim in the indoor pool with a glass roof.

Hotel interior features

  • The hotel has a number of advantages:
    Great interior, large halls
  • Italian cuisine from the famous chef Christian De Nadai
  • The homely atmosphere of the rooms
  • Huge suite on the 7th floor of the hotel with a view of the Kremlin

These and other virtues of the hotel can be judged by looking at the reviews of guests. Praise in honor of this place passed from mouth to mouth. Come here yourself and realize that it is a paradise on earth, created especially for you.

Marriott Royal Aurora Business Hotel

You wanted to see the best hotels in Moscow? Visit the Marriott Royal and you will understand what it means to really relax in Russia's capital.

The hotel is located in a picturesque place on Petrovka Street, 11, in the very center of Moscow. Red Square, the Bolshoi Theater, and the Kremlin are within walking distance. The building's main entrance is decorated with majestic domes above the signboard.

  • Marriott Royal Aurora is one of the best hotels in Moscow 5 stars, which received this title by right. Its main advantages are:
    Private pool and fitness center
  • Unique lobby bar with excellent menu
  • Hospitable staff
  • Excellent transport interchange
  • Atmosphere

The hotel's superb interior and majestic atmosphere literally captivate visitors. 232 rooms and 35 individually designed suites are available. Free Wi-fi and non-smoking rooms are available and pets are allowed.

Visitors speak of the hotel as the best place for a good rest in the heart of Moscow.

Holiday Inn Moscow Sokolniki

Want to visit the best hotels in Moscow? Be sure to come to Holiday Inn Moscow Socolniki.

This majestic hotel is located at 24 Rusakovskaya St. A huge building towers over the famous Moscow park Sokolniki, which gives the feeling of being in the bosom of wild nature.

  • The hotel is famous for its unique offerings:
    Kids Stay program (room and board for children under 17 years old free of charge)
  • "Orange Fitness" (a place to exercise)
  • "Atrium" (cafe for children and parents)

Interior Style

Comfortable rooms are decorated by designers in blue and brown colors, which creates an atmosphere of real home comfort.

Executive rooms with a lounge area and suites include not only free use of the Internet, but also a small kitchen with the necessary appliances. The room can accommodate several people.

Guests of the capital speak warmly of this place, saying that they had the opportunity to relax in nature and admire the beauty of Sokolniki Park.

Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel

Have you ever been to a real spa hotel?

Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel is a place where you can really feel the effects of beneficial spa treatments. The hotel is located near the Bolshoi Theater and Red Square.
Hotel Features

The spa hotel does not welcome smoking and other bad habits. It is a place famous for its wellness treatments. Art deco style decorates the luxury rooms. The cost of recreation is quite high, but the goal justifies the means. In 2019, "Mameson All Suites Spa Hotel" was included in the rating of the best hotels in Moscow.

  • Hotel guests are provided with:
    Spa center for wellness procedures
  • MEAT&MORE Restaurant
  • Swimming in the pool, relaxing in the spacious sauna
  • Business center for customer services

On the hotel website you can read rave reviews from guests about this amazing place.

Hilton Garden Inn Moscow Krasnoselskaya

The hotel is located on Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya Street, 11 A. Muscovites talk about it as a good business hotel, where you can not only relax, but also protect your money and jewelry. The hotel is famous for its special security system (video cameras and safe in the reception room). Take a break from the daily bustle in the business hotels Hilton Garden and enjoy the peace and quiet prevailing around.

Recreation features and interior:

  • The hotel has 292 rooms for vacationers
  • Business center and a large storage room
  • Huge conference room for business negotiations, meetings
  • Gym for sports

In the reviews about the hotel one can see only praise. A great place for businessmen to make financial deals without taking a break from rest and contemplation of the sights of Moscow.

Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Centre

Majestic high-rise buildings are located on Krasnopresnenskaya and Naberezhnaya, 12. Huge buildings rise above the city, captivating in their splendor.

There is a variety of dishes in the hotel restaurant menu. There is a possibility of individual ordering for gourmets who have their own preferences in food. Guest rooms are located in a "quiet" zone - nothing will disturb your rest and sleep.

  • The hotel provides several services for vacationers:
    A hall with treadmills for people who are into sports
  • Parking for people with disabilities and provision of wheelchairs
  • Free use of the Internet during the holidays
  • Plaza Garden Café for vacationers
  • Lounge Club
  • Providing premises for business conferences

Guests leave good reviews about the hotel and promise to return here at the first opportunity.

Novotel Moscow City

Want to visit Moscow hotels with a good view? Come to Novotel Moscow City and enjoy the unique panorama from the windows of the super hotel!

The buildings of the Hotel are located on Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 2. Huge skyscrapers of the brand hotel tower over the Moscow City business center. It is a great place for holding important negotiations, concluding business contracts and at the same time for a terrific vacation.

Interior and Atmosphere

  • The hotel provides the following services for vacationers:
    Gym and huge spa
  • Bath and shower in every room
  • Household appliances necessary for a comfortable stay
  • Large parking lot for vacationers and their guests
  • Free Internet for the duration of your stay

The reviews of Novotel Moscow City are overwhelmingly positive. Native Muscovites and guests of the capital speak of this place as the best hotel in Moscow.

Sadovnicheskaya Hotel

The hotel's location on Sadovnicheskaya Street, 20, makes it possible to get to the very center of Moscow.

Within a kilometer is St. Basil's Cathedral and Moscow's greatest landmark, Red Square.

About Benefits and Atmosphere

  • Vacationers at the hotel have unique opportunities:
    Rent a room with a guest area
  • Use a company car
  • Speak your native language (service personnel know many languages)
  • Visit a small bar and relax in the spa
  • Choose any room: Suite, Junior Suite, Standard

The interior of the hotel is in a variety of colors. Cozy rooms are flooded with soft light sconces. If you want you can turn on free Internet and connect to the network at the expense of the hotel. Each room has air conditioning, the latest TV and constantly replenished minibar for fans of exotic liquors.

Guests of the hotel consider this place to rest amazing. Good transport interchange allows you to quickly get to any district of Moscow and enjoy the sights of the capital.

Design hotel StandArt on Tverskaya

The modern hotel StandArt is located on Strastnoy Boulevard in Moscow, a place of which the great Russian poets Pushkin and Lermontov wrote, a historic district with numerous cultural monuments, green alleys and theaters.

  • Walking to Red Square and the Kremlin takes only 15 minutes. The hotel offers comfortable conditions for its guests:
    Hammam and sauna, wellness pool
  • Massage room (modern massage techniques of any points)
  • The newest TVs in the rooms
  • Coffee machines and bars
  • Safe for storing valuables


In StandArt there is a unique design. Zest is present in every room, on the corridors and in the lobby of the hotel. Guests can order food and drinks in the room. Also the administration gives out additional bedding for those wishing. Resting in this hotel, you get the maximum comfort and convenience.

People vacationing in StandArt note that this is the best hotel in Moscow. Despite its location in the center of the capital, the hotel is quiet and peaceful. Sturdy plastic windows with noise insulation ensure blissful silence for the hotel guests.

Lotte Hotel Moscow

Royal Lotte Hotel is located in the historical district of Moscow - at the intersection of the Garden Ring and the Old Arbat, on Novinsky Boulevard, 8. In the history of the hotel there are many prizes and honored awards. People look with admiration at the huge building, stunning view with its magnificence.

Attractions nearby

Not far from the hotel there is a huge Lotte Plaza store selling fashionable clothes for all seasons and accessories. A walk along the Garden Ring and Old Arbat brings special pleasure to the guests of the capital. Tours around the area allow you to learn the history of the creation of the capital, imbued with its spirit of freedom and greatness.

  • At the Lotte Hotel guests can:
    Enjoy the Royal Suite (the largest hotel room in Moscow)
  • Attend the hotel's special events for guests and earn points (bonuses for free admission to the bar, pool, spa and other entertainment)
  • Hold a business lunch in a special room
  • Relax in the sauna or play golf

Hotel Lotte has earned the title of the best Moscow hotel from guests of the capital. Tourists note that this place speaks of the history of the capital, and thus gives the opportunity to be in the origins of the creation of the great city.

Abu Dhabi's Best Hotels with Beach

Abu Dhabi is the largest and richest city in the United Arab Emirates. It rightfully belongs to the status of one of the most luxurious cities in the world. On the coast it is impossible to find a hotel below three stars. The level of comfort in hotels of the capital is much higher than in many European cities. Many hotels in Abu Dhabi with its own beach offer service much higher than in hotels in Europe. As noted by experienced tourists, a traditional 4 star hotel in the UAE capital is more than worthy of any European hotel of 5 stars.

The best hotels in Abu Dhabi with a private beach

Emirates Palace Hotel, 5 stars

Hotel Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi was built on the shores of the bay, the distance to the sea is easy to overcome in four minutes. The length of its own beach is almost 1.5 km. The hotel complex belongs to a picturesque bay.

The Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi

At the disposal of tourists:

Room in 5* Emirates Palace Hotel
  • rich interior, decorated with mosaics;
  • 14 places to eat;
  • comfortable beds;
  • fully equipped marble bathrooms;
  • The amenities of each room can be controlled by a special tablet;
  • high-speed internet and TV;
  • butler service.
Sports complex in the hotel

Residents of the hotel in Abu Dhabi need not abandon an active lifestyle, because the Emirates Palace has a sports complex, two swimming pools, a salon with a wide range of cosmetic procedures, a massage room. While adults actively spend time doing sports, the children can relax in the children's center.

It takes no more than half an hour to get to the airport. Popular shopping and entertainment venues are within walking distance.

  • Hotel rates start at $299 USD.
  • The rating on Bucking is 9.4.

Useful information about the hotel, accommodation conditions can be found here.

Interesting fact: The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi entered the Guinness World Records as the most expensive hotel on the planet.

Le Meridien Abu Dhabi, 4 stars

Hotel Le Meridian in Abu Dhabi is built right on the shore, has direct access to the sandy beach. The hotel has a garden, free parking and the Abu Dhabi Shopping Mall is built nearby. Services of the hotel complex:

Le Meridien Abu Dhabi Hotel Beach
  • private beach;
  • well-groomed garden area;
  • free internet;
  • parking.
Room at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi

Luxury apartments are equipped on the principle of zoning - there is a working area, comfortable living room, bathroom. For all apartments selected an elegant, modern style.

The hotel has 15 restaurants, if you want to keep in shape after a hearty dinner, visit the gym, the bassinet, take a walk in the garden. The spa treatment salon offers a huge range of services to maintain beauty and rejuvenation.

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Abu Dhabi Airport is located 35 km.

Prices for accommodation start at 65 USD.

Saadiyat Rotana Resort and Villas, 5 stars

Saadiyat Rotana Resort and Villas Beach

A remarkable feature of the hotel - localization. The hotel occupies part of the beach of more than nine kilometers on Saadiyat Island. Residents note a special inexpressible atmosphere, modern oriental architecture, picturesque area. For the construction was selected a good part of the coast, which grows palm trees.

Room at Saadiyat Rotana Resort and Villas

The hotel has a capacity of 327 suites, 13 villas with access to the beach. You can book a club room with special privileges available only to selected guests.

You can have a meal in one of 8 restaurants, where they cook not only traditional oriental and European cuisine, but also offer original, author's treats. The hotel provides facilities for banquets, conferences, weddings. Complement the comfortable atmosphere:

Spa at Saadiyat Rotana Resort and Villas
  • sports complex;
  • spa;
  • baths and saunas;
  • tennis courts;
  • mini-golf course.

Children enjoy spending time in the children's center.

  • You can rest at the hotel for the price from 223 USD.
  • The hotel is rated 9.5 on Bookings.

The St. Regis Abu Dhabi, 5 stars

It recreates the oriental flavor, authenticity of Arab culture. The hotel was built with its own beach on the capital's Corniche embankment. It takes a few minutes to get to the largest shopping center, a walk to the beach - for three minutes. A walk to the Great Mosque will take about 15 minutes.

The St. Regis Abu Dhabi with a private beach

The hotel has 283 rooms, among which there are rich suites with stunning views of the waterfront. Tourists can use the help of a butler.

Dinner overlooking the blue bay

The hotel provides a network of restaurants, where you can order a variety of dishes:

  • with an international menu focused on modern cuisine;
  • with Italian cuisine;
  • lively establishments with outdoor terraces;
  • establishments that serve fresh salads and tasty burgers.

The hotel owns the Nation Riviera Beach Club in Abu Dhabi, easily accessible by a special air-conditioned underground passage. The beach club is 200 meters of comfortable, clean sandy shore, secluded cabins, comfortable pool, well-kept garden, bar, sports facilities are provided.

Nation Riviera Beach Club
Nation Riviera

The children's center, where the kids have a great pleasure to relax, is decorated in the form of a pirate ship. There is a slide, swimming pool and other attractions for the pleasure of children. Little vacationers are under the constant supervision of teachers.

Relax and undergo modern cosmetic procedures invites beauty salon.

The distance to a major shopping center can be covered in ten minutes. There is also free parking and Internet access.

  • Room reservations from 156 USD.
  • The hotel's rating according to guest reviews is 9.3.

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas, 5 stars

The hotel complex was built on the beach of Saadiyat Island, 9 km long. At the disposal of tourists is not only its own comfortable beach, but also spacious rooms with a terrace, equipped with air conditioning and everything you need to relax. A wellness center was built on the territory.

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas on Saadiyat Island Beach

All apartments have a recreation area with TV and docking station. Designers and stylists used soft, muted colors for decoration, the distinctive feature - huge windows on the whole wall. The bathroom has a tropical shower, and for full, relaxing hygienic procedures - a large bathtub.

Room at the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas

If you want to improve your health, visit the center, which offers spa treatments, massages, gym. Three restaurants invite you to eat, each serving international cuisine. After a hearty dinner, be sure to take a walk in the garden.

The trip to the airport takes about 35 minutes, if you travel in your own vehicle, you can leave your car in the free parking lot.

  • Room reservations from 197 USD.
  • The hotel's rating among visitors is 9.3.


Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, 5 stars

Built on the beach, to leisurely walk to the beach will take a few minutes. If you want to undergo cosmetic procedures, visit the beauty center, swimming pools, massage. All vacationers can take a fascinating ride on the gondola.

Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri
Room at Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri

The apartments are decorated in a traditional oriental style, with exquisite furniture. Each room has a balcony. French, Chinese and Asian cuisines are served in the restaurants.

It takes only 20 minutes to get to the airport, and it's an easy quarter-hour walk to the Sheikh Zayd Mosque.

  • Staying in a hotel will cost from 164 USD.
  • The hotel is rated 8.9/10 according to tourist reviews.

Bab Al Qasr Hotel, 5 stars

The hotel complex has the longest private beach in Abu Dhabi. The hotel has a health center, a gym, a comfortable pool and a cozy terrace where you can sunbathe. On-site parking is available and there is 24-hour access to the Internet.

Bab Al Qasr Hotel
Room at Bab Al Qasr Hotel

The hotel has 677 suites, including premium suites, all furnished in traditional Moroccan style and all have a seating area.

If you are attracted by the classic and author of Peruvian and Latin American cuisine, be sure to visit the restaurant Limo. Here you will be offered traditional oriental dishes, as well as dishes prepared by their own recipes chefs. There are conditions for the organization of weddings.

The hotel can rent a car, outdoor gear. Qasr Al Hosn fortress is 5 km away, Al Wahda shopping center is 6 km away, and the airport is 34 km from the hotel.

  • Hotel accommodation will cost from 119 USD.
  • The hotel is rated 9.2 on Bookings.

Author: Julia Matyukhina

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