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List of richest countries in the world by GDP and natural resources

There are 246 states on our planet. In addition to climatic, territorial, ideological and religious differences, they differ in socio-economic environment and living standards. Economists regularly "measure" the level of global financial well-being to find out what is the richest country in the world. And although information sometimes differs, the top richest consists of well-known members. In 2018 the list of richest countries in the world was presented by the World Monetary Fund based on various indicators.When it comes to wealth - a spread

Calculating a country's wealth is a fascinating thing: the formula for "happiness" is composed of the unemployment rate, the percentage of cheapening money and the level of GDP. It also takes into account how much money each person can spend to buy goods and the average cost of one day of life.

The richest countries

The richest countries in the world

Richest countries by GDP and other economic indicators

Самая богатая страна в мире в 2024 году – Катар (ВВП на душу населения – $ 128,7 тыс.). В тройку вошли Люксембург ($ 110,9 тыс.) и Сингапур ($ 98 тыс.) Далее расположились Ирландия ($ 79,9 тыс.) и Бруней ($ 79,7 тыс.). Шестое место занимает Норвегия ($ 74 тыс.). Следом идут Объединенные Арабские Эмираты ($ 68,6 тыс.), Кувейт ($ 66,7 тыс.) и Гонконг ($ 64,5 тыс.). Замыкает первую десятку Швейцария ($ 63,4 тыс.).

Richest countries by GDP

Richest countries by GDP


Qatar is the smallest but richest country in the world. A hundred years ago, Qatar was in no way a contender for the title of the richest and fastest-growing country in the world, because much of the East is occupied by hopeless deserts. It seemed that this land was doomed to a miserable existence.

But on the eve of World War II, it turned out that Qatar "lies" on the chests of "black gold" - the richest amount of oil reserves allowed Qatar to become the richest country in the world within a few decades. Qatar's leading position in the world economic scene is facilitated by its huge reserves of natural gas.

Such performance also ensured the achievement in the export of minerals - Qatar is the sixth largest exporter in the world! Notably, it is second only to Russia and Iran in natural gas reserves worldwide, which, as you know - has not made the lives of Russians rich.


Qatar is the world's sixth largest mineral exporter

Curious: only the indigenous population can enjoy the many pleasures of life in the richest country. And citizenship is only issued there if you were born on its territory.

Qatar topped the list of the richest countries in the world, and took the place of one of the most attractive centers of world tourism, super-popular and in demand due to its developed infrastructure. The trade in "black gold" has allowed a smooth and rapid progress in the industry of this country.

The specific climate and soil limit the growth of the agricultural industry. However, local authorities are concerned about attracting foreign investment in non-resource industries. Qatar began this process in an effort to get rid of oil dependence.

Qatar has created an attractive environment for tourism by providing the necessary infrastructure, level of service and fashionable leisure facilities. Within a short time, a staggering number of recreational facilities, hotels, restaurants and resorts have been built here.

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Qatar has rapidly entered the top richest countries in the world. The global airline giant, Qatar Airways, brings tangible income to the state treasury. The airline has quickly gained a premium reputation among global competitors for its superior service, highest professionalism and similar level of safety. In addition, the Oriental flavor itself is an attraction for travelers. This provides a comprehensive answer to why Qatar is the richest country in the world.


Switzerland (full name - Swiss Confederation) regularly falls in the ranking of the richest countries in the world. This state is put as an example of stability and wealth. A logical question: why is Switzerland the richest country in the world?

In addition to political and geographical considerations, the Swiss success is also due to the state's policy of long-term monetary security. In addition, there is hardly a person in the world who has not heard of the unshakable Swiss banking system.

Reliability, impeccable reputation, careful attitude to banking secrecy - these factors make the Swiss banking system one of the most attractive in the world for wealthy people. If a depositor entrusts funds to a Swiss bank, he is sure of safety. Keeping the real sources of capital formation secret also adds to the popularity of this system in the world. And, of course, brings considerable income to its operators.


Switzerland is one of the world's most attractive countries for rich people

Switzerland, though rich, is a small country. The leading industrial clusters are gold mining, refining and processing, engineering, pharmaceuticals and high-tech. Global pharmaceutical brands such as Novartis and Roche are based here. However, the popularity and wealth of Switzerland is not limited to this. Cheese and watches are also recognizable symbols of the Swiss Confederation. The Swiss remain the largest watch exporters in the world.

Switzerland's geographically advantageous location makes it an attractive global tourist destination. This graceful European country is packed with historic landmarks and architectural structures, scenic views, as well as glorious ski resorts that lure millions of wealthy tourists. Tourist income accounts for the lion's share of Switzerland's GDP - 70 %.

Comparison with Russia

Russia, with a GDP per capita of $ 28,598, is located in the sixth ten (54th place) rankings of the world's richest. Moreover, over the year, this economic indicator of wealth of the Russian Federation has grown by 4 %. Notably, Russia has passed its Baltic neighbors - Estonia ($ 33,842), Lithuania ($ 34,596) and Latvia ($ 29,490) in the ranking.

Comparison with Russia

GDP per capita in Russia is $28,598

Ranking of countries by natural resource wealth

What other indicators are used to determine wealth? One of them is the indicator of natural resource wealth. According to a detailed analysis conducted not long ago, experts managed to compile a top list of ten countries with the most impressive reserves of natural resources on the planet.

So, the rating is as follows:

  • RF;
  • U.S;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • Canada;
  • Iran;
  • China;
  • Brazil;
  • Australia;
  • Iraq;
  • Venezuela.
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Russia in the ranking

It is difficult to make an accurate estimate of the value of the resources belonging to Russia. The amount voiced by experts exceeds $75 trillion, with oil reserves estimated at $7 trillion, gas at $19 trillion, timber at $28.5 trillion. This result allows the Russian Federation to dominate the list of the world's richest countries in natural resources. And if in oil we are behind the eastern competitors, Russia holds the lead in gas and timber reserves. Another thing is that the size of our country requires more spending on construction of new and modern facilities.

Russia in the ranking

Oil reserves in Russia are estimated at 7 trillion dollars

In addition to these three positions, the Russian Federation ranks second in the world in the number of deposits of coal and rare earth minerals (although they are not yet mined), and third in gold.


The rankings clearly show that the possession of huge reserves of resources does not guarantee a high ranking of the richest countries in the world. And this applies not only to Russia, but also, for example, to the United States (the States is in second place in the list of resource-rich countries, and in the rating by GDP per capita - in the second ten). Moreover, unlike these two giants, not everyone can identify Qatar on the world map without a clue.

The successful development of the economies of the world's richest countries, in addition to their gas and oil reserves, is also favored by other factors - a capable banking system, adequate administration of the territories, and tourist and investment attractiveness.


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