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The World's Largest Hands - Description, Features, and Interesting Facts

The biggest hands in the world

Top 10 people with the biggest hands Sultan Kösen - biggest hands and tallest height Leonid Stadnik - Ukrainian bogatyr with big hands Robert Wadlow - historical giant with huge hands Liu Hua - big and nasty problem Hussain Bisad - biggest man Duangjay Samaksamam - big problem of a lifetime Jeff Daib - handy guy from USA Denis Tsyplenkov - big Russian champion Denis Sester - huge biceps Greg Valentino - negative consequences of big limbs ...Full List Shortened List

There are all kinds of people in the world, there are the tallest, the lowest. Throughout history, millions of people have been born with unusual and unique looks, admired by all. Who has the world's largest hands?

Top 10 people with the biggest hands

  1. Sultan Kösen is a Turkish giant.
  2. Leonid Stadnik - huge hands and great height.
  3. Robert Wadlow is a world record holder from the Book of World Records.
  4. Liu Hua is the world's biggest left hand.
  5. Hussein Bisad is a kind and cheerful giant with big hands.
  6. Duangjay Samaksamam is a woman with huge limbs.
  7. Jeff Dabe is strong and resilient.
  8. Denis Cyplenkov is the strongest hands in the world.
  9. Denis Sester - unrealistically big biceps.
  10. Greg Valentino is in pursuit of huge hands.

Sultan Kösen - biggest hands and tallest height

A man from Turkey topped several ratings at once, including "The World's Tallest Man" and "The Biggest Hands." Sultan's palms are 27.5 cm long and his upper limbs reach 3 m. The man is a professional basketball player, where his height and large limbs come in handy. Kösen was an ordinary kid until he was 10, then he had brain surgery to remove a pituitary tumor and the boy began to grow rapidly. At 26, his height was already 2 meters 46 cm. Of course, such an unusual height attracts

Today the guy is 251 centimeters tall, thanks to his fame, specialists from the University of Virginia Medical Institute decided to deal with him. Since 2010, the man with the world's largest limbs is undergoing treatment, during which doctors control growth hormones. They managed to bring the production of hormones to normal, to stop the growth of Sultan.

Leonid Stadnik - Ukrainian bogatyr with big hands

The man from Ukraine had even more impressive size of hands - 30 cm. His size came in handy in the household, sitting on the chair Leonid easily changed the bulbs in the chandelier. The reason for such size of the body is a problem of the pituitary gland, which began to produce an excessive amount of growth hormones. He grew up as an ordinary boy in a Ukrainian village, he did well in school and in first grade was even lower than his peers. At age 12 doctors discovered a tumor in the brain, they removed it, but they hurt his pituitary gland. Leonid began to grow strongly, by 18 years old was already over 2 meters tall. Mother had no time to

The man did not like the hype surrounding him, the fame that came after his name was entered in the Guinness Book of World Records. The man with the largest hands in the world preferred to live peacefully in his village. The last few years Leonid's height increased by about 3 cm per year. Because of his height, it was difficult to move around the house, gradually it became difficult to walk, he used a prop. Died in 2014 of a brain hemorrhage.

Robert Wadlow is a historical giant with huge hands

Unfortunately, the owner of the world's largest hands lived a very short life, only 22 years. But the world remembered him as the tallest man in the Guinness Book of Records. The palm from wrist to middle finger tip was as long as 32.4 centimeters when Robert was 21. He suffered from gigantism, caused by a pituitary tumor. Active growth began at age 4. His two sisters and two brothers grew normally, nor were his parents abnormal height. At age 9 Wadlow could easily pick his own father up and carry him up stairs, even then his height would

But fame was accompanied by health problems, the incredible height and size had a negative impact on the joints of Robert, he moved with crutches. The man worked in the circus, with which he toured the United States, surprised people with their size. He died because of sepsis, which developed because of a wound on his leg, rubbed by a crutch. 40,000 people came to the funeral.

Liu Hua is a big and unpleasant problem

The world learned about the young man from China because of the disease that caused him a lot of inconvenience. Liu was born with an injury to his left limb, as a result of which it began to grow strongly and reached just incredible size. The disease is called localized gigantism, in which not the entire body increases, but a separate part. The left limb weighed about 10 kg, the length of the fingers was different:

  • thumb - 26 cm;
  • index - 30 cm;
  • medium - 15 cm.

Luckily, doctors recently performed an operation and removed 5 kilograms of his hand, bones and tendons, leaving two fingers on his palm. Liu Hua hopes that the surgery will help him to live normally, because with such a difficulty it is absolutely inconvenient to work, do everyday things, and Liu does not look like everyone else. It upset him, sometimes people around him were scared by his ugly hand. The surgery took 7 hours and after some time he will have to go under the knife again. He can no longer use his hand fully, but its weight became less, his life became easier.

Hussein Bisad is the biggest man

The current record holder for the world's most gigantic hands, whose palms reach a size of 26.9 cm. Hussein lives in Somalia and in 2008 entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest man. Amazingly, the man continues to grow little by little, today his height is 236 cm. The reason for the Somali's size is hypophysial gigantism. Huge growth requires lots of food. The lunch of Bisad consists of the following menu

  • 2.5 kg of pasta;
  • half a loaf of bread;
  • 3 cans of tuna;
  • 2 cans of refried beans.

To avoid dehydration, men drink about 13 liters of water a day.

Duangjay Samaksamam is a big problem of a lifetime

World fame is good, of course, but for the resident of Taiwan it is a real problem. She gained her fame in the world because of a serious, incurable disease that has accompanied her all her life. As a child, Duangjei avoided meeting people around her, did not play with children in the street, was very shy about her huge hands. Gradually she got used to the pathology and started trying to lead a normal life. Specialists have studied the woman's limbs, doctors around the world are interested in her. Many even tried to use surgery to reduce her limbs, but there was not much progress

The problem is that a thick layer of fatty tissue is deposited in the woman's arms from her shoulders to her hands. If you remove it, it will still accumulate, so surgery has not brought anything good. Her extremities constantly look excessively swollen and weigh about 20 kg. Today Duangja is 65 and works in her parents' store. The doctors cannot help her, and she does not want to amputate, because she would rather live like this than without any limbs.

Jeff Dabe is a handy guy from the U.S.

The man has very large hands, he decided to turn his feature into an advantage and for many years has been engaged in professional armwrestling. The American has a huge number of victories to his credit. After examination, specialists did not reveal any health problems, elephantiasis or gigantism. Jeff is perfectly healthy, just his arm muscles are unusually large. But this only helps him in everyday life and sports. Forearm volume is 50 cm, he has no problem to hold a basketball with his hand.

In armwrestling Jeff is a legend, despite breaking his right arm in 1986 during the fight, he continues to do what he loves, at the competitions the man uses only his left leg. Every day the American does a lot of physical work, he chops wood, digs the earth, works with heavy machinery at home. He does not even need to train before the fight. He has no particular technique, he just presses the wrist of his opponent with force.

Denis Cyplenkov is the big champion of Russia

The Russian guy is also a professional arm wrestler, because by nature he is one of the owners of the largest limbs. He is the absolute champion of the World Cup among professionals in 2010. Cyplenkov is also a member of the Strength Extreme League. This strong man was born in Krivoy Rog, he started going to sports clubs at school and was a weight lifter. While still in school he became a candidate for master of sports in weights, but this sport was not in great demand, so he started arm wrestling. Cyplenkov wrist size - 23.5 cm, bicep

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Some people think that the athlete's hands are the result of taking growth hormone, but that is not true. The man inherited such limbs - all the representatives of the stronger sex had such features from his father's side. In the country Tsyplenkov was nicknamed the Russian Hulk. Denis can easily crack walnuts with his two fingers.

Denis Sester - huge biceps

This athlete is distinguished by the enormous size of his biceps - 77.8 cm. Such a world record was registered in the Guinness Book of Records. And this is the size of biceps in unheated form. Denis began to engage in intensive muscle building in his teens, on his parents' farm he wrestled with pigs.

Gradually engaged in training began to make progress in bodybuilding. Around the name of the athlete does not cease controversy that he injected into the muscles synthol, took anabolics. Nevertheless, the record is written in the Book of Records and became a historical record.

Greg Valentino - the negative consequences of large limbs

The athlete strived for record results for more than a year, strength training contributed to building large muscles. The first time he came to the gym as a 13-year-old boy. Then he dreamed of the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger, his idol. All his efforts Valentino focused on increasing body weight, developing strength. Biceps Greg in girth after 10 years of intensive training was 71 cm. This historical record was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Constant training only brought better results, at some point the body weight stopped growing. Ra.

But fame and such an incredible result brought negative consequences. Steroids, by increasing muscle mass, lead to health problems, weaken the functions of the body. Muscles began to die off, it is very painful. The athlete took photos of himself, posted photos to the network to show the negative consequences of using drugs for muscle growth. Gradually the problem became serious, had to operate. The Greek Valentino managed to pull himself together, resume his career, wrote a book with important tips for those who dream of a relief, pumped up

The largest biceps in the world

Sport not only has a positive effect on health, but is also the only way to make your body beautiful. It is this factor that influences the popularity of bodybuilding, both among men and women. The biggest biceps in the world is the goal of many bodybuilders. Some are delighted with them, others are disgusted. Anyway, to achieve outstanding results, athletes have to work on themselves, overcoming their own laziness, and this is impossible not to admire. So who has the world's biggest biceps?

Gregg Valentino

Gregg Valentino

The record among athletes around the world belongs to a young man with a passion for bodybuilding, Gregg Valentino. To achieve results, Gregg started working out at a young age. At 13 he was already lifting weights. At first Gregg, like all boys his age, only went to the gym, dreaming of having a beautiful male body. But over time the young man became so interested in training that he attended the gym for fun, although Valentino was also focused on results. His passion gradually turned into determination and a real pro

Gregg Valentino

But when Gregg started taking aids, his biceps began to grow by leaps and bounds, literally inflating. As a result, he managed to reach a record size of 71 centimeters. Currently, Valentino has the largest biceps in the world - 84 cm. It is difficult to imagine a hand of such volume, but it is real. Thanks to his efforts Gregg managed to get into the Guinness Book of Records, his results may be the envy of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

It is an interesting fact that bodybuilders often cannot boast of tremendous strength, but only the volume of their limbs. As a rule, because of their body weight it is more difficult for them to move around, so they lose their reaction and agility.

Gregg Valentino

Gregg managed to develop a unique system, including the most effective biceps exercises, consisting of bending movements in the elbows of the arm with a weight. For such training any weights can be used: both dumbbells and a barbell. If you want to increase strength, perform exercises with full amplitude; if your task is to increase the volume and muscle peak - with a limited amplitude. That is exactly what Gregg Valentino recommends. By the way, he recommends working out three times a week, combining biceps exercises with training the broad muscles of the back. And

In general, Gregg Valentino causes discontent of many skeptics. Some believe that he achieved success thanks to synthol, so he has no right to be called a bodybuilder. It is possible that this athlete is not perfect, but at the same time he was the record-breaker.

Mustafa Ismail

Mustafa Ismail

Moustafa Ismail, no less striking figure in the world of sports, also stands out for his achievements. He is originally from Egypt, currently residing in the U.S. Despite his youth (he is only 24), Moustafa has the biggest forearms in the world and a huge biceps at 79 centimeters.

Mustafa Ismail

Mustafa has earned taunts from his friends with his appearance reminiscent of the cartoon character, Sailor Popeyea, though he is not at all offended by them.

Mustafa became friends with the sport when he was 14 years old, when he was still living in his homeland. His goal from the beginning was his big biceps, which later made him famous. Even after moving to the United States with his parents, Mustafa did not stop training. Now the maximum weight he can lift is 226 kilograms!

Mustafa Ismail

Mustafa follows a strict daily routine, waking up at 4 a.m., training starts an hour later and doesn't end until 8 a.m. After training, he runs to his first job, where he stays until lunch. After eating lunch at home, he rests for a while and then runs to his second job again.

What is the reason for Mustafa's success? According to him, it is not only grueling training, but also a special diet. per day Mustafa consumes about 3 kilograms of protein, 4 kilograms of carbohydrate foods, and drinks at least ten liters of water a day. His diet usually consists of 1.5 kilos of meat, several cups of nuts and three liters of protein drink.

Mustafa Ismail

Ismail shared that his motive for going to the gym was to make fun of his friends - he used to be quite overweight. But over time, the guy managed to get rid of excess weight, gaining muscles instead. And his physique, according to Mustafa, he owes to his father, who was engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling for a long time.

According to the athlete, he never took any illegal drugs, and he achieved such a huge biceps size only by hard and consistent training. Although most experts doubt his words, they say that it is possible that his achievements involved synthol, or silicone implants. Despite all this, Mustafa plans to become the next record holder to enter the Guinness Book of Records for the most impressive biceps size.

Nasser El Sonbati

The German athlete was not interested in bodybuilding - as a teenager he was not interested. When he was a student, curiosity led Nasser to the gym. He came out of there one of the most famous strongmen on the planet.

The guy had a real natural aptitude for bodybuilding - his muscles were growing very fast. The results that other athletes had been achieving for years, the athlete demonstrated after a few months. The first competition in Germany did not bring him glory. Not wanting to give up, the young man went to Yugoslavia, where his forms were appreciated - he became a real star. Nasser could boast not only of his muscle mass - he has several degrees in history, political science and sociology. He was fluent in seven languages. The athlete left early

the world's largest synthol hands

Jean Pierre Fuchs

The bodybuilder from Switzerland began to train at the age of 16. A year later he noticed that he was quite different from his peers - his weight had already reached 100 kilograms. In 1993 he took part in the world amateur bodybuilding championship, where he took fourth place. The next year he again appeared before the judges and took the champion title.

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The guy began a career - he began to shoot for the covers of magazines and received a lot of lucrative offers from various companies. But a tragic accident broke all his plans - one day while training he failed to lift 310 kg and fell, breaking his leg. Followed a difficult recovery process, but to return to the previous strain the young man was unable. 4 more years he participated in various competitions, showing the world his strength and resilience.

The biggest hands in the world of bodybuilding

"You can never have too much synthol

In order to speculate about the safety of Sintol, it is worth finding out what it consists of. Until now, no one knows the true formula of this substance, and anyone who makes it himself risks not only being without results, but also without hands. The approximate composition of Sintol is 85% oil (sesame or coconut oil, caprylic acid), 7.5% lidocaine, 7.5% benzyl alcohol. How safe can such a rattling mixture be? While Western "strongmen" give shots in a clinic or after consulting an experienced doctor, Russian "heroes" brew Sintol at the

the biggest hands in the world

Impressive results of modern heroes

For those who did not manage to achieve such high results, as the two previously voiced characters, there are also a couple of lines in the article. They could not overtake, but came close to champion volumes.

  • Canadian athlete Greg Kovacs - 67 cm.
  • Two-meter bodybuilder Noah Steere - 66 cm.
  • British Zach Khan - 61 cm.
  • The Lithuanian athlete Robert Burneika - 61 cm.
  • Phil Heath and Lee Priest - 56 cm.
  • Wrestler Robert Swenson and Manfred Heberle - 63 cm.

Women's record holder

Renee Toney

Of course, among the bodybuilders there are also women, some of them also achieve unprecedented results and turn their bodies into real rocks. It is impossible not to mention women who became record-breakers among the fair sex. You can argue about the beauty or ugliness of the pumped female body, but, nevertheless, there are those who appreciate the female biceps, the largest, by the way, belongs to Reni Toni.

Renee Toney

Today there are many women who excel in bodybuilding, they can show off their pumped-up bodies, impressing the whole world in every way. But the greatest results in this sport have been achieved by the bodybuilder from Brazil, Reni Toni, who in 2006 set a record - she owns the largest bicep among women. Its volume of 51 centimeters is almost equal to the volume of Gregg Valentino's biceps until he started taking steroids. So Reni can safely boast of an unprecedented work on herself and her body, proving to everyone skeptical of the

The best biceps in bodybuilding history

Want to know how the best biceps in bodybuilding history were created? You don't have to look any further! In this article, you'll see not only 35 samples of amazing biceps, but also tips for training them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

"When I was 15, I undressed and looked at myself in the mirror. As I contemplated myself, I realized that in order to have perfect proportions, I would need arms 20 inches long to match my entire body."-Arnold Schwarzenegger
The 35 best biceps in bodybuilding history

Exercise Approaches Repeats
Lifting the bar on the biceps 6 6-10
Dumbbell biceps curls in a sitting position 6 6-10
Concentrated bends 6 6-10


Joel Stubbs

"If you had to pick one biceps exercise a bodybuilder can't do without, I'd say it's the standing biceps barbell lift. The most important thing is to add weight while maintaining proper form and technique, and the biceps barbell lift is the best way to do that. This exercise helps move more weight, so try to hone your technique. Of course, if you have wrist problems, the EZ barbell lift is a pretty decent alternative."-Joel Stubbs
The 35 best biceps in bodybuilding history

Exercise Approaches Repeats
Lifting the bar on the biceps 8 12
Dumbbell biceps lift 4 12
Isolated arm bends on an exerciser 5 12
Concentrated flexion 3 12


Albert Beckles

"I like to emphasize the peak contraction phase during flexion. I resist supination until I get close to the moment of flexion, and turn my wrists outward as much as possible the moment I reach the peak of flexion. This creates the strongest contraction, and I hold it for a couple of seconds."- Albert Beckles
The 35 best biceps in bodybuilding history

Exercise Approaches Repeats
Dumbbell biceps curls in a sitting position 4 8-10
Arm biceps curls in a block 4 8-10
Isolated arm bends 3 8-12
Alternating isolated arm bends 3 8-12


Robbie Robinson

"I do a concentrated barbell bend, using a narrow grip and bending over so that my body is parallel to the floor. I slowly do a barbell bend upward, feeling resistance with every millimeter of movement. At the peak of the movement, I hold the weight for a few seconds, flexing and squeezing my biceps. It is hard and painful work, but it helps achieve tightness."-Robbie Robinson
The 35 best biceps in bodybuilding history

Exercise Approaches Repeats
Lifting the bar on the biceps 4 6-10
Isolated arm bends with a barbell 4 8-10
Concentrated bends 4 8-10


Larry Scott

"I did 4 different biceps exercises, 5-6 sets of each, with 8-10 repetitions. That's 24 sets per biceps. If I trained biceps, triceps and deltoids in the same day, I would do 4 sets for each muscle and 5 sets of each exercise, 60 sets total. A workout like that takes 2 hours. I don't rest too long between exercises or sets, and I try to move more." - Larry Scott
The 35 best biceps in bodybuilding history

Exercise Approaches Repeats
Arm bends with dumbbells on a Scott Bench 3 6-10
Isolated bends with the EZ bar 3 6-10
Isolated reverse grip bends with EZ bar 3 6-10
Lift on biceps lying on an inclined bench (on stomach) 3 6-10


Mike Matarazzo

"Old-school bodybuilders have always been my idols. They didn't need cool equipment. They trained with purpose and intensity, regardless of gym equipment or other limitations. They could do presses with buckets filled with concrete, and it was still a great workout."- Mike Matarazzo
The 35 best biceps in bodybuilding history

Exercise Approaches Repeats
Isolated bends with the EZ bar 4 10-12
Alternating dumbbell lifts in a sitting position 4 10-12
Concentrated bends 4 10-12
Biceplifts on a Scott Bench 4 10-12
Isolated reverse grip bends with EZ bar 4 10-12


Phil Heath

"Personally, I like isolated one-arm bends with dumbbells. You don't have to do 100 pound lifts to feel the burn. Heck, I can get results on 35-40 pound dumbbells. Also, this is a great option for those who travel. After all, this is the type of equipment that almost all hotels have."- Phil Heath
The 35 best biceps in bodybuilding history

Exercise Approaches Repeats
Dumbbell or barbell bicep raises 4 10
Isolated arm bends 4 10
Arm bends with dumbbells on an incline bench 4 10
Biceps exercise "Hammer" 4 10


Freddy Ortiz

"I don't count repeats, I just work until my body gets tired."- Freddy Ortiz
The 35 best biceps in bodybuilding history

Exercise Approaches Repeats
Lifting the bar on the biceps 5 10
Alternate bicep dumbbell lifts in a sitting position 5 10
Lifting the bar on the biceps with a narrow grip 4 8
Arm bends in the crossover (upper blocks) 5 10


Lee Priest

"A guy came up to me one day during a workout and told me that arm bends should be done differently. I looked at his arms, they were about 15 inches. It's the same as if I walked up to Tom Platz and started teaching him how to do a squat!"-Lee Priest
The 35 best biceps in bodybuilding history

Exercise Approaches Repeats
Lifting the bar on the biceps 5 6-8
Dumbbell biceps lift 5 6-8
Isolated arm bends 5 6-8
Arm bends in the lower block while standing 5 6-8


Paul Demayo

The 35 best biceps in bodybuilding history

Lifting the bar on the biceps

Alternate bicep dumbbell lifts in a sitting position

Biceps bends on a biceps isolation machine

Leroy Colbert

"I, Leroy Colbert, became the first person to build arms with 21 inches of muscle without doping, and I'm proud of it."-Leroy Colbert
The 35 best biceps in bodybuilding history

Exercise Approaches Repeats
Alternating dumbbell lifts on biceps 4-5 6-10
Concentrated bends 4-5 6-10
Bench press on biceps in sitting position 4-5 6-10
Reverse barbell lift on biceps 4-5 6-10
Slowly lifting the bar with a light weight 4-5 6-10


Ronnie Coleman

"Well, it was a long and hard road, but I enjoyed every moment of it. I enjoyed the challenges. The path to the Mr. Olympia title is in the mind. Everyone emphasizes the physical component, but really, only those who are spiritually strong can succeed."-Ronnie Coleman
The 35 best biceps in bodybuilding history

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Exercise Approaches Repeats
Lifting the bar on the biceps 4 12
Alternate bicep dumbbell lifts in a sitting position 4 12
Isolated arm bends 4 12
Arm bending in a standing block 4 12


The largest hand in the world: palm 40 centimeters

Strongman and arm wrestler Jeff Dabe is famous all over the world for the size of his hands: his palm is almost 40 centimeters and his forearms are almost 50 centimeters in circumference.


With such parameters Jeff simply could not pass by armwrestling. He got into the sport in the 70's, when he noticed that the amateur victories were very easy for him - the opponents simply could not resist the power of a strongman.

The giant hands made it possible to begin the journey up very quickly.


In principle, Jeff is not a small man himself - his shoulders are wider than many armwrestlers. But it was the record size of his arms that made him world famous. Even Poddubny had a forearm of 46 centimeters - and he was the greatest strongman 100 years ago.

However, size doesn't stop Jeff from being a good-natured guy. He shakes hands with his fans with a smile and is always ready to throw in a joke.

The longest arms in the world

Sultan Kosen

Naturally, the biggest hands should be those of the biggest person

Rating is a delicate and thankless business. What algorithm is used to determine the most beautiful woman in the world, or the most fashionable outfit, or the most interesting book? As they say, as many people, so many opinions. But mathematics is the queen of sciences, so some ratings are hard to argue with. A ruler will help to understand who has the biggest nose in the world or the smallest feet. The difficulty is that almost 7.5 billion people in the world today, all can not be measured ... But still try to understand who has the longest arms in the world.

From the Guinness Book of World Records

In 2010, the Guinness Book of World Records recorded that today Sultan Kosen has the longest arms - 27.5 cm. In addition, the former Turkish basketball player is also the tallest man in the world.

Until the age of 10 the young man was an ordinary child. But then as a result of a brain surgery (Sultan had a tumor removed) his pituitary gland was affected, which led to a malfunction. The boy began to grow literally before his eyes. At the age of 26 his height was 246.5 cm. The main thing that upsets the young man is his inability to get involved with girls. Yes, any girl can hardly reach above his waist, in addition, Sultan Kosen probably has not only the longest arms in the world...

Before Sultan, the record holder for arm length and height was a Ukrainian boy Leonid Stadnik. The reason was the same - disorders of the pituitary gland. His height was 257 cm, and his palm length was 31 cm. But these records are not officially registered, because Leonid Stadnik refused official measurements and asked for peace and quiet.

For reference: the pituitary gland is the brain appendage that produces growth hormones. It has an average size of 1.3 * 0.6 * 1.0 cm and weighs only half a gram. It's such a tiny but important organ.

Let's look back at the past

In the last century, the longest arms had the American Robert Wadlow (1918-1940). His arms span was 288 cm, and the length of the palm - 32.4 cm.

The story of the record-breaker is not very funny. At the age of 3 he was a very ordinary boy, and at age 4 he suddenly began to grow very fast. So fast that already at age 8 he was 190 cm tall, and in 2 years he reached 198 cm and weighed 100 kg. The doctors did not delay with the diagnosis and immediately determined that the boy has a rare disease of the pituitary gland - the section of the brain that is responsible for growth.

Robert Wadlow

After high school, the American Gulliver (in the land of Lilliputians) went to university. He was still growing. By this time he was 263 cm tall and weighed 223 kg! Therefore, Robert became known as the tallest man in the world.

He performed in a circus. The number was very simple. The giant simply went on stage and measured his height with the audience. The tallest barely reached his waist. He also easily picked up adult men and women, like toys. With this number he traveled to every state and became an American celebrity.

He died very young, at the age of 22, of sepsis. The fact is that Robert Wadlow had difficulty walking because of his enormous weight. He had to lean on a crutch. While speaking at the US Independence Day in Manistee, he rubbed his leg with the crutch, which caused severe inflammation with fatal outcome.

His 500-kilogram coffin was carried by 12 people (six on each side).

As the popular wisdom says: "He has long arms"...

The expression "long arms" should not always be taken literally. In a figurative sense, it means that the person so spoken of is very influential. The word of this person has a huge weight, millions of people listen to him (and the CIA also looks closely). Is there such a person in the world?

Vladimir Putin

According to Forbes magazine, it is Russian President Vladimir Putin, not surprising when you consider that he is at the helm of the largest country in the world, the country with the greatest human resources, with the greatest nuclear potential, with truly inexhaustible natural resources - land, forest, water, with huge reserves of minerals, including hydrocarbons. With his political will he is changing the course of history.

In second place after Vladimir Vladimirovich is U.S. President Barack Obama, and Angela Merkel is one step down.

The ten most influential people in the world also include computer geniuses Bill Gates, one of the creators of Microsoft, and Lawrence Page, the developer of the search engine Google. At the same time, they are called the "longest arms", in other words, the most influential people of the computer world. It is surprising that Mark Zuckerberg, who invented Faсebook, was not included in any rating of the most powerful people in the world, but he headed the list of young billionaires in the world, which is also very honorable...


Long Arms

This photo clearly shows that Justin Timberlake has the longest arms in the world. You have to hug the shoulders of each arm two people at once! I wonder if this picture is random or a lucky prank?

And this photo was accidentally taken at the 2006 FIFA World Cup, during Australia's game against Japan. It clearly shows that player #13 Mark Viduk, who was a striker on the Australian team, has a very long right arm, by far the longest arm in the world.

Long Arms

The lucky picture immediately became very popular on the Internet and literally went viral on social networks.

What can the length of your fingers tell you?

The easiest way to find out a person's character is by the length of his fingers. For this test, all you have to do is compare the ratio of the ring finger to the index finger.

The first type.

The ring finger is longer than the index finger. The possessor is charismatic and attractive. It is pleasant to communicate with him, he knows how to present himself. A crowd of friends and admirers follows him everywhere. He is distinguished by his active character and love for risk. In his life there are no problems that he can not solve. Even financial difficulties bypass him. The developed intellect allows him to reach heights in the profession of engineer and surgeon. The learning process of this individual lasts throughout life.

The second type.

The ring finger is shorter than the index finger. This person is independent and self-sufficient. A person who enjoys solitude with himself. They are often called loners. They will not make the first steps. If you want to establish contact with him, you will have to be the initiator of this cooperation. These people are often greedy for flattery and praise.

The third type.

Equal length of ring finger and index finger on the hands tell about a person friendly and benevolent. They do not put up a fight and try to smooth over sharp edges. They try to make friendly contact with everyone. They are focused, collected and responsible. Men will be good workers, working for the enterprise. In girls this finger length will tell about her loyalty and faithfulness. She can be a wonderful wife, who keeps the family home. Despite all the spiritual kindness, you should not test the strength of the nerves of this person. If

The Longest Fingers (Matthew McGrory)


Matthew is the world's most gigantic man, and on top of that he has gigantic fingers, the biggest of which is 13 cm long. Naturally, this is a world record.



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