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Departure Allowed: The Largest Airport

The world's airports meet and see off millions of passengers every day. The airplane today is the fastest, most comfortable and safest transport. Major cities, unable to cope with the growing passenger traffic, are expanding existing airports or investing in the construction of new ones.

We present a rating of the largest airports in the world in terms of area and passenger traffic. We will also tell you about the major Russian air gateways.

Worldwide rankings

The size of an air harbor is a relative concept. Some experts believe that the area of an airport should be considered the main parameter, while others insist on the size of passenger traffic.

The number of passengers passing through a single air harbor can vary for a variety of reasons:

  • seasonality;
  • weather conditions;
  • the political situation, etc.

Именно поэтому оценку величины пассажиропотока для авиации принято выставлять за год, вычисляя средний показатель. …
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