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Sleep well: the ranking of the safest countries in the world

More than 195 countries have been formed on our planet according to historical, cultural characteristics. All of them are different from each other, so they exist within their own borders. A special microclimate is formed within the state, in which citizens should feel free and safe.

Not everyone can boast of successes in the development of the economy, the development of political freedoms. Going to a particular country, check in advance whether it meets the criteria for security.

Security evaluation criteria

Рейтинги безопасности стран составляют многие авторитетные издания, ежегодно перепроверяя уровень согласно критериям. Журнал Global Finance в 2023 году опубликовал рейтинг самых безопасных стран для отдыха и проживания. В список вошли 128 государств со всех уголков …
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