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Extreme Conditions: Rating of the Coldest Countries in the World

Climate is the most important geographic concept. Depending on a country's location on the globe, temperature, humidity, and air circulation change. The closer to the equator, the hotter it is, and at the poles, the colder it is in winter and summer.

Let's study this question in more detail and find out which country has the coldest climate. Of great importance in this question is the belonging of the territory to a particular climatic zone.

Extreme climatic conditions

Depending on the location of the globe and the circulation of the atmosphere, there are seven types of climate zones:

  • Equatorial (isolated zones on the equator);
  • subequatorial (circling the planet along the equator);
  • tropical;
  • subtropical;
  • moderate;
  • subarctic and subantarctic;
  • polar.
  • The boundaries of the zones are not clear, they do not coincide with the geographical parallels. In the last three belts, winters can be very cold.

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