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At what age people retire in different countries

The Russian government has announced a plan to raise the age of disability (the threshold of retirement), which will be implemented in several stages. The reform period is 16 years. Changes in pension legislation are painfully perceived by citizens. The authorities, trying to smooth the way, compare Russia to other states. It is not without curiosities and mistakes.

The peculiarity of the Russian pension system is that it is quite young. Let's try to understand the subtleties, find out what the maximum and minimum retirement age is in the countries of the world. It is no secret that many states are revising the laws in this area.

Features of the pension systems of the world

Достигнув старости, человек мечтает проводить время с пользой, заниматься своим здоровьем, наслаждаться жизнью, путешествовать. К сожалению, низкий уровень …
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Pension Infographics

Прикольная инфографика, рассказывающая о пенсиях в разных странах.

Автор: Кирилл Хачатуров

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